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perfect replacement for assaidi
21st Jun 2013 10:04
21st Jun 2013 10:14
"GOOD YOUNG SIGNING well done br "
21st Jun 2013 10:46
"I have my doubts with this Alberto.if he never made the grade at Valencia and Barcelona decided not to use thier option to sign him.How is he any good for us?we need expectional talent to compete at the top.He wasn't even in the Spanish under 21 team that won the recent tournament.then again Coutinho is an Inter reject,and turned out to be a gem."
21st Jun 2013 13:02
"I'm glad you put that last line in SkyZA as inter didnt want PC and yet he is a class player! Lets give this lad a chance. None of us are football scouts so if BR says hes good for us then I'll take his word for it"
21st Jun 2013 13:41
"He still loks very raw and only played b team football, talent is quite clear but a first XI player I dont think so!"
21st Jun 2013 15:11
"With his excellent technique, he'll fit into Brendan's preferred style of play well. I can seen him playing regularly, in which case, he'll represent yet another absolute bargain."
21st Jun 2013 15:32
"I think the gaffer is the type of guy who sees potential in someone and is confident he can mould them into a player that fits us and can become top class!"
21st Jun 2013 16:59
"Let's wait and watch as Luis Alberto is still an untested eny. "
21st Jun 2013 19:57
"dont know much about this guy but i didnt know much about coutinho before he signed and look how he has turned out so hopefully br has found another gem i'm hopin assaidi is given more of a chance too he looks amazin from what ive seen "
21st Jun 2013 20:08
"this will be the best transfer for the summer "