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well well well well well I never pff
21st Jun 2013 9:28
21st Jun 2013 9:30
"I believe we can sign henrikh, atsu and the replacement of suarez cuz he is already not our player so let him go and give us £60m "
21st Jun 2013 9:46
"Lets hope he has the same impact as cautionio - if so happy days!! Just shows how inflated the English market is had he been British he would have cost double that fee."
21st Jun 2013 9:53
"lol another saying suarez has gone we hav not recieved 1 offer for him yet if he goes im sure br will get that money to spend which im sure he has sum1 in mind but i still wunder if hes gona stay and if he dus then what a side we will hav if henrik comes IF YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 10:22
"Dont want suerez to stay hes rubbished the club already....Could not warm to him again he s a muppet..."
21st Jun 2013 10:36
"people jumping to conclusions regarding suarez. fickle fans. im sure certain players at club would let luis know where he stands.( stevie G) no one has bid for him. its good to see us trying to get players in b4 our fans have got rid of luis. have a poll on who wants suarez to stay or go. I want him in our team if poss. until otherwise he is an LFC player. YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 10:40
"the papers are more inconsistent than we have played last few seasons. I'D expect echo to be pretty well informed if any so it sounds like discussions are ongoing when on other articles they say there hasn.t been any bid or contact from LFC. we are trying to improve the squad. good enough for me. YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 10:43
"good kuck with your medical and hope deal is concluded later today. welcome to your new family. YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 10:54
"Suerez says he dont want to stay BECAUSE WE ARE NOT IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!i wonder way luis maybe just maybe it could have been all your messing about..Once bitten twice shy is what i say it was the same wee toures....Got his name on my new born gran sons shirt and then he ed off,,,,,"
21st Jun 2013 11:23
"If Suarez want to leave then fair enough let him go, but get a good price, 50mill at least, Mkhitaryan has got to be a must, papadopoulas, well is Suarez goes then yes get him even at 20mill, Mignolet, well who is leaving, jones or pepe, Pepe says he is happy unless a big club comes for him , we all know who that is, if Barca done want him then great, "
21st Jun 2013 11:25
"Saurez to Spurs !!!!!!!"
Vosta Lee
21st Jun 2013 15:14
"The media is winning their war on Suarez. They turned the English public on him and now they have easily turned some of you. To think that all they had to do was use out of context quotes from two interviews repeatedly. Suarez may leave some day, even this window but at this point he has not asked to leave, the club has not said he is for sale and no club has bid for him."
21st Jun 2013 15:34
"I'm hoping Luis stays. Such a top player and we're trying to move forward not backwards"
21st Jun 2013 20:31
"If Suarez goes . Then go get Benteke and bring back Torres . Get rid of - Allen,Shelvey,Coates,Spearing and Borini.Also bring in Honda, Alonso,Astu,Alberto,Papadapolous,Honda, Aspas and Mkhitaryan = Great times ahead . With the rest of our great players = Gerrard,Sturridge, and Coutinho."