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There is a problem now with Henrikh Mkhitaryan some ownership i am totally phissed of with this constant media b/s on here and im sure there are other kopites thinking the same. Can we have a vote count who feel the same we can get through to the clown who updates this b/s.
21st Jun 2013 9:08
21st Jun 2013 9:09
"We Sign Alberto 1 game for Spain U21 and City signing Isco Spain U21 Star player?"
21st Jun 2013 9:09
"Too much crap being written, when Alberto signs and LFC acknowledge it then Im happy, outside of that I couldnt care less."
21st Jun 2013 9:09
"Lets just hope we get some of these deals done, will be a great shame if reina does leave as he is still quality, come on BR and u red men YNWA"
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 9:10
"If him and Aspas are supposed to be adequate replacements for Suarez, FSG are taking the p****"
21st Jun 2013 9:11
"Boss Brendan Rodgers is also progressing with a move to sign Shakhtar Donetsk's Armenia midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan but there may not be a swift resolution to this transfer with Liverpool facing competition from a number of European clubs. ONE WORD !!! GUTTED!!"
21st Jun 2013 9:13
"Please just sign the guy and stop messing annoying to read the same garbage day in day out!!!!"
21st Jun 2013 9:20
"welcome to the family lad "
21st Jun 2013 9:25
"We have to sign Henrikh, he is one of the players that can push liverpool forward to the top four"
21st Jun 2013 9:36
"dont think we'll get henrik. the lub wont spend more than 15mils for any player even if they're quality."
21st Jun 2013 9:37
"would like to see us sign two that will definitely be in the starting 11 as we want to climb the league,"
21st Jun 2013 9:43
"come on guys all of us true fans know LFC conduct there biusnes behind the scenes not in the press if no1 else was intrested in this guy every1 would be saying why are we going for him just let BR do his job either we sign him or not if hes money grabbing then we dont want him in a red shirt anyway "
21st Jun 2013 9:45
"We should sign Thiago together with Mkhitaryan if we want to win PL 2-3 years later."
21st Jun 2013 9:46
"why is every1 saying that fsg wont spend more than 15 mil on a player hendo suarez carroll drowning just to name a few and if u are byeing a 20 year old at 10 mil then what will he cost when he is established maybe 30 to 40 mil so come on guys get off brendans back and let him do as he knows IN BRENDAN I TRUST 100% YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 9:47
"Thiago release cluase is 15M which is same as Henderson and 5M cheaper than Downing. If we want to be in top 4, we need big changes... Henderson is improving but take too much time...Downing must go."
21st Jun 2013 9:53
"coutinho-magiic- heres my vote. absolutely sick of the bull stories everyday. always the same just rehashed. "
21st Jun 2013 9:55
"I think we need to buy players now who will slot in, use the surez money ok 2-3 world class additions to compliment the aspas's alberto's to get the balance right as like with Torres surez ssus he loves the club but he is wanting to leave if that is correct lets sell and spend the money on some quality replacements like ericson maybe villa Martinez etc "
21st Jun 2013 9:56
"we.all.8.mancs- people are saying that because they wont. look at dempsey last year. ever since kenny wasted their money theyve holding back. those three signings could cost us soooo much in the long run. were going to miss out henrick, i can feel it. "
21st Jun 2013 10:00
"henrikh for 22m or eriksen and alderweierld for 22m??"
21st Jun 2013 10:01
"get eriksen!"
21st Jun 2013 10:05
"we all 8mancs 9.43 totally agree. let LFC do their business their way and wait for the club to inform us. unless free agents most players are signed to june 30th so contracts will be sorted after this date. that's not to say deals cant be agreed in principle.come on you reds. in Brendan I trust. YNWA J4T96"
21st Jun 2013 10:11
"nooulbuck-city signing isco for 21m we signing luis just for 6.8m and let me tell u something coutinho will be much better player next season than isco and we bought him for just 8.5m money is not the case its all about how the player fit in for a manager playing style"
21st Jun 2013 10:14
"Why do people get SO ed off with the transfer rumours page ?! Don't you get it? This is just a round up of what the papers are saying. Of course there's rubbish, rehashes, strung out frustrating threads that never come to anything ('smoke screens' for conspiracy theorists), but that's the point..."
21st Jun 2013 10:14
"...there isn't someone at making it all up, they're just saving us the trouble of trawling through the sports pages looking for the word 'Liverpool'. Get a grip - the transfer window isn't even officially open until the 1st of July!"
chima samson
21st Jun 2013 10:30
"hmmmmmmmm,why dont u get d deal done?"
21st Jun 2013 11:18
"sunderland keeper not coming to sit on the bench, so were is reina going to sit ?"
21st Jun 2013 11:28
"Carroll has gone, use the 15mil we got for him and add another 5-7 mill, so in truth Henrilh would only cost us 5-7 million what a steal for that price he has got to be a must , remember FSG spend this season and get 40-50 million next season when we get top 4 and CL games spend now to aculate after "
21st Jun 2013 11:46
"Alberto to liverpool Isco to city FSG think they are doing good deals but the longer we are out of the champions league the harder its going to get for our great club I just wish all the yanks would just go and stick with Base ball at let real football people run our club before we end up like Leeds.if you don't agree I don't give a xxxx I just want what I seen in the 70s and 80s trophys."
21st Jun 2013 11:54
"Eriksen deal should have been done long ago and if Madrid want Suarez they need to pay 30 mil and higuain or Benzema but now it looks like the gunners have higuain in the bag,won't be to shocked if I hear that we are in for Christy fagan of st pats here in Ireland .well he scores goals."
21st Jun 2013 12:00
"Half the people here have never seen most of these players on a regular basis yet dismiss them because the price isnt big , its ability not price that counts look at coutinho. Shevchenko came to chelsea with a big price tag and flopped. its about buying players that fit , trawling the transfer market looking for the highest price players available then whining why dont we get them is ludicrous. "
E M D!!
21st Jun 2013 12:22
"Your not wrong C_M."
21st Jun 2013 13:59
"I tink instead of Mignolet we should go for diego lopez. A far better goalkeeper"
Vosta Lee
21st Jun 2013 14:48
"It's funny in a sad way that some fans are now selling Suarez and using his money to fund signings not interested in playing for LFC. SMH."
21st Jun 2013 15:36
"I dont listen to our fickle fans. We're liverpool NOT arsenal"