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Good Luck Suso, give it your best. I think good things will happen for you going forward if you work hard and hopefully they can beef you pu a bit!
21st Jun 2013 9:06
21st Jun 2013 9:21
"Good luck suso, you deserve it, you'll be Liverpool class in seasons to come!!!!!!!"
21st Jun 2013 9:33
"Hope you get plenty of minutes Suso! We have a future full Spanish international on the books, and great player he is too. "
21st Jun 2013 9:37
"Is it not live on tv? "
21st Jun 2013 10:05
"Suso show them how to play football :) give its best :)"
21st Jun 2013 10:34
"Play freely and your skills will show the world what you can do! "
21st Jun 2013 11:07
"Good Luck"
21st Jun 2013 12:04
"goodluck coady,suso n flanno. make us proud"
21st Jun 2013 13:15
"I didnt think Suso was good enough by any means for Spain"
21st Jun 2013 13:36
"Cooper17 You obviously must not follow the u19's & u21's then! Suso is a great talent! Hope he starts for the Spanish as it will be great experience for him! "
21st Jun 2013 13:41
"It's live on espn2/espn3, in the states and online."
21st Jun 2013 13:53
"Good luck to all our lads going off to the U20 World Cup. Have a good tournament and come back stronger."
21st Jun 2013 14:25
"The kid has all the attributes, even strength, question is does he have the character to fight for his place and keep it?"
21st Jun 2013 14:57
"I think we forget this kid's 19... "
21st Jun 2013 16:09
"cooper17: you obviously dont have a clue then as suso is always the stand out player! hes gonna become a top player he just needs to work harder for the team"
21st Jun 2013 17:06
"Eurosport have the comp on from 4pm gmt to 9pm gmt, 3 matches, france v Ghana, then cuba v s korea and last is spain v usa"
21st Jun 2013 17:32
"Sorry, Suso, but...GO USA!!!"
21st Jun 2013 19:47
"Suso is looking incredible so far"
21st Jun 2013 20:56
"class act this suso lad everything he did came off, get him in first team. suso> albertoo"