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what a joke. International football sometimes.
20th Jun 2013 21:59
20th Jun 2013 22:04
"Good lad. Didn't see the game although I can imagine it being like a soldier fighting a man with no eyes arms/legs or weapons and the intelligence of joey Essex minus the IQ of Gedward. "
20th Jun 2013 22:47
"Well played Tahiti! No 10-0-0 for them. They tried to play, but a high back line (and lack of experience!) really cost them. Good to see Torres miss from 12 yards though! "
20th Jun 2013 23:09
"Glad Pepe got himself a cap, but if there was ever a misleading headline, "Reina helps Spain to 10-0 victory" than this is it. Any one of us could of played keeper for Spain tonight. Experience of a lifetime for the Tahitians and I would imagine some much needed funds for their federation."
20th Jun 2013 23:16
"Spectator. Not a shot to save but commanded every ball tonight well done peps honestly hope you stay "
20th Jun 2013 23:22
"yes it might have been a lot closer but for reina"
20th Jun 2013 23:27
"Ah yes thank god reina was there otherwise who knows what the score would have been"
21st Jun 2013 0:48
"If Torres can score, it shows how poor the oppostion were."
21st Jun 2013 8:21
"maybe part timers but still a clean sheet for Pepe...... All the best for the tournament Pepe"
21st Jun 2013 8:36
"Had there been no stopper, Spain still would have won 10-0. He should have stood on Tahiti's post."
21st Jun 2013 9:28
"The U21 side would've prob scored even more! Green with envy if city get Isco, green I tell you arrrrrgh...."
21st Jun 2013 10:00
"I said that Pepe is the best Spanish goalkeeper :)he show that and against better teams, it will help him to better keep score in Liverpool!"
21st Jun 2013 10:00
"nickofella i'd be even more envious if alcantara goes to man U. he's such a great player n cheaper compared to isco"
21st Jun 2013 10:51
"If it had been Brasil against the Tahitians, they would have respected their opponents and not scored more 3 goals. I guess Fernando needed to show how good he was. Pathetic."
21st Jun 2013 13:55
"Tahiti have a right to compete (well take part) in this competition. After all they won something (the same can't be said for England). Was torn though. Happy to see Reina get a clean sheet (although he didn't have much to do) but I did want Tahiti to score. Watching Torres miss that penalty was a joy to behold though."
21st Jun 2013 13:56
"Torres actually looked like Rooney does for England. Play terrible yet somehow manages to score. There is no justice in this world."
21st Jun 2013 21:23
"HELP????? Spain Could have WON by the SAME Score Line- Without a Goal Keeper!!! "