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Great signing!! Hopefully another Coutinho! Welcome, Luis! YNWA
22nd Jun 2013 11:00
22nd Jun 2013 11:02
"Super..welcome alberto"
22nd Jun 2013 11:03
"Loving all these early signings for once cannot wait for the new season where we will have the squad for all domestic competitions :D "
22nd Jun 2013 11:04
"Welcome to the family! work hard and get a place, be slack and you'll be off simplez of luck YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 11:04
"Welcome to Liverpool FC, Luis Alberto!! "
22nd Jun 2013 11:04
"Really pleased with this deal. Looks a star in the making. Welcome Luis!"
22nd Jun 2013 11:08
22nd Jun 2013 11:08
"It's great how Brendan's trying to sign these players early on, means that the new boys will get a full pre-season with us!"
22nd Jun 2013 11:09
"Loving all these early signings cannot wait for season to begin we will be competing strongly all over domestically Welcom luis "
22nd Jun 2013 11:09
"Welcome Alberto...prove Barca wrong that You'll Never Walk Alone"
22nd Jun 2013 11:10
"this guy has potential but do we need so many potetionally good players. we could end up like arsenal if we are not careful who bought alot of so called potential but where are they now. i think we need to mix with proven quality like soldado higuim henrick erickson thiago hulk "
22nd Jun 2013 11:10
"this guy has potential but do we need so many potetionally good players. we could end up like arsenal if we are not careful who bought alot of so called potential but where are they now. i think we need to mix with proven quality like soldado higuim henrick erickson thiago hulk "
22nd Jun 2013 11:10
"alberto welcome welcome welcome welcome to our family club LFC you will never walk alone...soooooo happy preparing ourselves as early as we can...good work ayre"
22nd Jun 2013 11:11
"Welcome to the greatest club on the planet! Can't wait to see him pull on the red shirt and step out at Anfield. Good luck lad! YNWA! "
22nd Jun 2013 11:11
"welcome lad"
22nd Jun 2013 11:13
"Welcome to LFC Luis Alberto YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 11:14
"Welcome to LiverpoolFC Luis!"
22nd Jun 2013 11:17
"At least early signings, not the last minute rush we have had the last few years, in early and ready for the pre-season to be up and running come august, hopefully a flying start to the new season welcome to Liverpool Luis YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 11:17
"Welcome Alberto :-) a midfield trio of Alberto,Coutinho,Suso in 2-3 years has the potential to be something special IMO. Exciting times ahead if we just be a bit patient I really feel BR will build & has started to build a quality team & squad. Clubs that have went on to dominate leagues non of the managers had instant success. BR will make us a force again I'm sure. "
22nd Jun 2013 11:25
"Alberto, Coutinho, Sturridge, ?Suarez can create havoc for any team in the epl. Add to that Sterling and Suso. A CB,LB,DM and we're virtually set. i would still like Tello. "
22nd Jun 2013 11:25
"So excited! I know it's only youtube.... but he just looks too damn good on there!! :D Welcome to Liverpool Luis!! YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 11:27
"LFC will be one of the best attacking teams next season. Need a CB, LB, DM. "
22nd Jun 2013 11:29
"Lets just bring in rest of spain u21 squad"
22nd Jun 2013 11:34
"Sikhred, where are arsenal now? Champions league. Every year. Yes we want more, but that'd be a nice start."
22nd Jun 2013 11:34
"OMG with all these quality signings I feel the t i t l e is on its way back it could be the treble next season."
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 11:37
"Good luck Alberto, not your fault YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 11:40
"Excellent!! Welcome Luis!!!"
22nd Jun 2013 11:44
"Welcome LUIS...try to be like suarez....."
22nd Jun 2013 11:52
"Welcome to LFC Luis!YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 11:53
"Great signing really have high hopes for this guy..i now expect a proven experienced striker to be signed soon.. i am hoping for samuel eto from anzi, he admires lfc, wants out of russia and a shot at epl before he retires.."
22nd Jun 2013 12:04
"welcome to the RED family! :) love from india! YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 12:05
"woooo hoooo, great signing, welcome to the LFC family! YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 12:13
"really good signing!! welcome alberto :D may your time here be full of goals and assists :p YnWa MightyRed"
22nd Jun 2013 12:16
"Well first name Luis at Liverpool is a good sign... regarding skills at least.. wonderful talent this one, excellent signing and if he breaks into the team even better.. he has less than 10 1st team starts so do not get your hopes to high. It may take him time to get used to the speed and physicality."
22nd Jun 2013 12:19
"isn't it nice to have some proper footballers again ready to entertain us, its been to long."
22nd Jun 2013 12:29
"Think outside the box.... There's a great team being built here and the young hungry players will get better and better. ..Im really happy...The future is look real good. .."
22nd Jun 2013 13:12
"bienvenida hombre, YNWA. I'm getting very giddy ! !"
Papa Syed
22nd Jun 2013 13:22
"Welcome to L4 Luis!"
22nd Jun 2013 13:25
"welcome alberto to Liverpool!!YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 13:31
"Welcome Luis! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time at Liverpool and most of all play well. "
22nd Jun 2013 13:37
"As you say if you work and "play" hard the fans will never let you walk alone.WELCOME TO LFC AND ALL THE BEST OF LUCK "
22nd Jun 2013 13:48
"The future is our! Come on Liverpool! Welcome Luis! YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 13:52
"may the real luis please stand up....welcome true luis as we say good bye to the fake traitor suarez..."
22nd Jun 2013 14:01
"Good to see we are signing young talent. I just hope these guys don't end up like Pacheco, siting around and going out on loan. If they are quality lets use them and nurture their talent to become stars and legends at this great club. Lets win some silverware this year and get in CL and it will be a good year oh and finish higher the manpooper united as well."
22nd Jun 2013 14:09
"We may not be signing the +30mill players, but we're certainly building balanced a team based on hunger, fight, att!tude & talent. Welcome to the LFC family Luis, you certainly wont be on your own as the newcomer, LFC have made great strides in strengthening the squad. Cannot wait for the season to start!"
22nd Jun 2013 14:09
"just watched alberto on u tube, similarities to beckham and giggs got giggs guile with beckhams dead ball skill his deliveries look deadly, yes very good player and remember 7 million plus for a sevilla b and barca b player is quite expensive can c why he is highly rated "
22nd Jun 2013 14:09
"YNWA Luis."
22nd Jun 2013 14:12
"Welcome Luis YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 14:12
"sikhred 22nd Jun 2013 11:10 The kind of players you're talking about don't easily get their heads turned by LFC these days. The players we are acquiring now are hungry & talented. The TW hasn't opened yet & as those who follow football know, all the main deals are in the last week of the TW. We may then see the marquee signings you crave."
Liverpool Ku?u
22nd Jun 2013 14:24
"Welcome buddy,hope you will play well.Look for prove and improve yourself!YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 14:27
"What say :) every game drop goal or assist :)"
22nd Jun 2013 14:29
"welcome Luis Alberto to our family at LFC"
22nd Jun 2013 15:14
"Welcome to Liverpool football club, Luis. "
22nd Jun 2013 15:42
"We have a great squad, best of luck this season!!"
22nd Jun 2013 16:09
"ahh finally. brilliant signing. welcome to Liverpool FC. YNWA. Also, he can fit into any formation and looks versatile. Very excited."
22nd Jun 2013 16:13
"Congratulation we are now Officially a Academy for blues, Baca and Real Madrid. "
22nd Jun 2013 16:44
"welcome luis .were doing some good business this summer for a change."
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd Jun 2013 17:16
"very inexperienced, but a good squad now done for our front line (Borini, Courtino, DS, Suarez, Aspas & now Alberto). Still need back up LB IMO I'd try Abdal? guy released from Barca, as he's on a free. contd "
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd Jun 2013 17:17
"We need a CM who can do ok defending but maybe Spearing can do the role? or move coates there. May need another CB, Wisdom too young for CB yet & Rob Jones (sorry, Kelly) has just not played enough to be ready to fill the role"
22nd Jun 2013 18:30
"grrr..without FSG we'd be signing Messi...instead they're building a club's future, which clearly suggests they're just here to make a quick buck...grrr...Fsg rubbish, Rodgers out and instant success...grrr ;p"
22nd Jun 2013 20:11
"Dont want to be negative lads but iv never seen him never heard of him -i predict he wont play 4pl games next season"
23rd Jun 2013 13:06
23rd Jun 2013 15:32
"greedy- Working Capital? Loan servicing/repayments? Scouting missions? Logistics? Running costs? Wages? Apart from that,spot on as usual"
23rd Jun 2013 20:30
"Great News! Welcome to the family"