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Again fringe players why not go for 2-3 15m players rather than 5-6 fringe players in the. 5-8m we need 4th spot plus
20th Jun 2013 12:18
20th Jun 2013 12:19
" Lets just wait for SSN i reckon"
20th Jun 2013 12:25
20th Jun 2013 12:40
"hmmm wonder why imhaving trouble believing this?"
20th Jun 2013 13:02
"ESPN don't get me wrong or anything but i believe this is the 90th time this week you've published the same crap"
20th Jun 2013 13:15
"xactly 5starkop"
20th Jun 2013 13:19
"get it done soon"
20th Jun 2013 13:42
""5STARKOP" There's two options as to why we don't spend 15 million per player. It's like you... having a job as a bin man, but buying a ferrari? Very unrealistic, we can't afford to create of hole squad of players that expensive. The other option is that FSG are just tight."
20th Jun 2013 13:46
"Man there are som stupid people on here. Lucky for LFC you are not incharge of scouting. You base your thought the more a player costs the better he may be. Then Carroll is a superstar just because he cost 35m. This is real life not FIFA 2012. As for me I am older then 5 and support the club and BR as the does this for a living and some of you need to get back to the daycare center. "
20th Jun 2013 13:47
"Matt1966 - Great comment and hopefully it shuts fans such as that thing up. It is pathetic fans like that who do not understand that all these players are being bought in and we have not even sold any of our big name players yet. In BR I trust!"
20th Jun 2013 14:19
"not believing till confirmed on our website"
20th Jun 2013 14:21
"Stop all these news of close deals. Let me know when it is done. And concerning most of our early deals, they are young players that are not expected to start immediately except they are exceptional. Hopefully we'd buy Mkhitaryan and two other worldclass players for the starting places. "
20th Jun 2013 14:38
"5starkop its always good to say that but one thing you have to know is the money does not play the game its the players who do play the matches and if you really like football then believe this 5-8m player will surprise you this season its the best technique that BR is using "
20th Jun 2013 14:40
"I don't care how much the players, costs free or 50 million. It's what the do on the field that counts. Why is everyone so concerned about the fee???"
20th Jun 2013 15:02
"5starkop this lad isn't coming to be a fringe player he will be an important first team member. The lad is very good with the ball in tight spaces and can plat left wing as well as behind the stricker . He is just what we need and unless ls leaves we have to be creative in the transfer market. In Bucky boy I trust. Ynwa"
20th Jun 2013 15:06
" ITS B/S B/S B/S "
20th Jun 2013 15:06
"5starkop......please read the tomkins article"
20th Jun 2013 15:07
20th Jun 2013 15:08
"5STARKOP so you think 15 millions for Joe Allen is a good business?"
20th Jun 2013 15:26
"5starkop- whats the point? spend 45-50 mill on 3 players, what if they flop? some waste"
20th Jun 2013 15:38
"So Downing is a better player than Coutinho then? If by what yousay the more money we spend the better a player???? DOH!"
20th Jun 2013 16:42
"NO! They are NOT "fringe" players. They are young, currently good players with lots of potenial. When we get them and play them they will get a lot better and help us get back in to Europe. Look at Coutinho and Sturridge, people thought they would'nt be any good, but they are, so let Brendan Rodgers do his job, he knows what he's doing more than you do!!"
20th Jun 2013 17:21
"why 6 million for alberto when there are players out there that are young and good for half that price? DON'T over spend in over hyped players again pls..remember andy carrol Isn't it better to have a good cb / lb / dmf bought for an average of 3 million each instead of spending 8 million on Luis Alberto and 20 on the armenian?"
20th Jun 2013 18:01
"enough of this speculative nonsense. when are we going to get some facts. this issue has dragged on for far toooooo looooong. Boooooring."
20th Jun 2013 18:11
"This as come from ssn Reports in Spain claim Sevilla winger Luis Alberto has arrived in England to undergo a medical at Liverpool. Liverpool are believed to have agreed a fee of â"
20th Jun 2013 19:29
"Vassbear , please name those players ? "
Save us Kenny
20th Jun 2013 19:53
"Because you usually get what you pay for. Its like having a ferrari and fitting skoda tyres"
20th Jun 2013 19:54
"This guys are not all fringe players. The Armenian guy is pure class and Aspas would run through a brick wall for the team..if scouting team can get these guys on board they will have done a great job in my view"
20th Jun 2013 19:55
"Skoda tyres have come a long long way in 20 years!"
20th Jun 2013 19:57
" If you believe this b/s "
20th Jun 2013 19:58
"WhelanR Liverpool fc havent though ??"
Bib l f c
20th Jun 2013 20:15
"Vassbear, I have a lad that plays up front for my U12's he scored 34 goals in 21 games this season! I would take £3million for him..... Give Ian Ayre my number to start negotiations, i can guarantee he will score more goals than Borini....."
20th Jun 2013 20:43
"It's on 5live sports bulletin that he's having a medical tomorrow and I'll go with that :) to the whingers on here, please stop! We've got to trust BR and the squad he assembles and I for one am feeling quite positive going into 2013-14 :D Come on . . . YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 20:45
"we are now very close to getting luis alberto, just read it on football headlines it great we are now building a bigger team for next season."
20th Jun 2013 21:23
"Vassbear - have to agree 6.8m for him is poor. We could get diame for half that"
20th Jun 2013 22:11
"I suggest 5starkop reads Peter Tomkins article, he might think again."
20th Jun 2013 22:57
"isnt this guy going to have a medical tomorow i think bbc wrote something anyway if we had loads of money we would be like man city with a bunch of mercenaries not playing for the club but for the money "
20th Jun 2013 23:12
"Why is it all the gossip about all the linked players to us says "deal close or agreed in principal" but not deal done. This is getting stupid BR was reported as wanting all his business done quickly but this aint quick and the season is getting closer."
20th Jun 2013 23:56
"libertine. The clue is in the word "gossip". If it was "deal done" then it would be news. Have patience!"
21st Jun 2013 7:59
"don't care about the pricetags on these players but a reported 23mil on the Armenian guy , WAKE UP MR ROGERS !! another andy C. overhyped "
21st Jun 2013 14:01
"Diego Lopez please. He is cheaper and better than Mignolet"