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I've being trying to buy 4 tickets since Mon, it's not sold out but still I can't buy as we don't have enough members numbers. Seems crazy to me.
20th Jun 2013 13:26
20th Jun 2013 22:03
"Got mine and cant wait, instead of doing a 24 hour crusade to Anfield I only have to travel 3.5 mile or so,,, fab,, YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 22:12
"I don't think this will be displayed but I would like to know why Liverpool fans in the South of Ireland are unable to see the 3rd kit when I can view it on a link sent to me from my nephew in Oz ???? And seeing how the tickets for the Celtic game sold out in 45 mins,, "
21st Jun 2013 8:44
"Why bother having an international phone line if you not going to answer it. Every time I try buy tickets via general sale over the phone is the same. When you eventually get a ring tone it just rings out. Have highlighted it before but still nothing changes"
21st Jun 2013 8:49
"Can you get Ian to give me a call back have rang over 150 times , got a ring tone 11 times and every time it rings out. Looking for 3 tickets for LFC v Celtic, Mark"
21st Jun 2013 8:51
"Answer the PHONE"
21st Jun 2013 14:25
"Thought we had a big following and fan base in Ireland, where are these fans then, we only got 10,000 tickets should be sold out. Or are the just the type of fans who say they support a team but have no intrest in going. The Ireland fans can't even use travel excuse now as it's in their country."
2nd Jul 2013 12:31
"been trying to ring the international number as im from ireland and although im been charged for each call all i get is our opperators are busy call back later.. been tryin for three days and getting the same result.. :( hint of a rip off.."