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yesterday its on, today its off, same old sh**
20th Jun 2013 9:33
20th Jun 2013 9:34
"All bad news today is it lol.YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 9:41
"Here is the link fellow kopites."
20th Jun 2013 10:15
"Move on and dont conduct business with that awful club, dont you ever learn "
20th Jun 2013 10:32
"i told everybody yesterday, 5 players by the end of the week!, no chance, will be lucky to get 5 players by the end of the window. an its a whole new story weather its the players we initially wanted! come on BR an IA.... YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 11:20
"It's stories like this that make me feel the Press 'made it up' in the first place. They seem to know way too much for what, in most cases, confidential negotiations. Thought I might start up my own b^!!$#!t column!"
20th Jun 2013 11:21
"simple BR , Please don't waste the andy C. cash on crap...quality please please"
20th Jun 2013 11:34
"have a chat with him and tell him to hang on a year, then add the 3 million to his wages as a signing on fee, stick that porto you then get nothing "
20th Jun 2013 13:26
"dont move off of 3 million it looks like we are backing down then"
20th Jun 2013 15:45
"I wouldn't bother with median speculation, the only time I take an interest is when they arrive at the club for a medical."
20th Jun 2013 17:20
"surely they aint going to keep him another 12mnth and let him walk away they will take wat they can just hanging out for more,seems all our targets are problems aspas as to many agents lol we havnt been in contact with donetsk apparently are wedoing lol "
20th Jun 2013 17:58
"They are trying to force him to sign a new contract so they can ask for 7 or 8 mill, I feel sorry for the player. Unspotrsmanship from a club who treats their player in this manner.. Shame on you !!!!!!"
20th Jun 2013 18:03
"get ayew instead. much better player"
20th Jun 2013 19:26
"Believe nothing until you see with your own eyes these players putting pen to paper....I treat all these reports with caution.Need to remember most of all this bull is to sell papers...nothing more nothing do as i do dont buy them..."
20th Jun 2013 23:25
"redcrusader 20th Jun 2013 19:26 Hope people read & adhere to your comment - well said."
21st Jun 2013 9:46
"br get this guy i for one can tell that this lad will be a player for you"