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well we have to have a good start losing points early always mess Liverpool up,mind you am feeling we are looking at good players and more in numbers.
19th Jun 2013 16:04
19th Jun 2013 16:08
"Not quite sure that I agree that the fixtures have been evenly spread out. Yes, for a large part BUT December looks to be a tough month. Six matches squashed in with three of those away to TH, City and Cheski. Mmmhhhh......."
20th Jun 2013 9:28
"Good set of fixtures for the start of the season but November and December are pretty tough months at a crucial time of the season. Those 2 months will define our year and we must try to maximise the points from that time. Exciting times ahead and can't wait to see what we got in the locker!!! "
20th Jun 2013 13:47
"Everton at home on a tuesday - what a joke!"
Anfield Dog
20th Jun 2013 16:54
"Common guys, we got an easy start (except for Man United)which was what we were hoping, and December is just like the rough start we had last time (harder now though), nobody can get the perfect fixture list. Plus if we win against Stoke and Villa ( i think we will) and united get a rough one (swansea away and then Chelsea)we can get to the match on better form than them."