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Well spread fixture list. I am very optimistic..over to you BR and the lads
19th Jun 2013 11:34
19th Jun 2013 11:43
"Like the look of the fixtures we've got. We definitely need all our transfer business sorted in the next 3-4 weeks. All the players linked are ideal replacements and good additions to our squad. We're starting to get a true picture of how we're going to play and it looks good! Could just do with another class CB with experience."
19th Jun 2013 11:45
"Also would like to see an alternative to Lucas come in, for me he lacks pace and strength, 2 V important attributes you need to get through a season in the prem."
19th Jun 2013 11:49
"let the battle commence"
19th Jun 2013 11:50
"Was weird seeing you on Sky this morning Carra, specially as you now work for the same man who owns the S.Hope you come back to the club one day."
19th Jun 2013 11:57
"Those xmas fixtures look tough, defining part of the season"
19th Jun 2013 12:20
"I think we can get off to a great start,tough december but I think we should be fresher due to no Europe.Top 4 here we come!"
19th Jun 2013 12:26
"we need some proven quality brough in too though especially if suarez leaves"
19th Jun 2013 12:32
"I was the first to mention our buying Henrikh Mkhitaryan. If we do get him we will truly have a world class team to compete against the best in the league. He is something special! I just pray Suarez stays as he will be awesome in the company we are assembling.."
19th Jun 2013 13:01
"I am really pleased with the way business is being done early. Gives the team a chance to gel before kick-off = a good start which is absolutely essential for pl success"
19th Jun 2013 13:18
"we ant have a worse start than last season. stoke are a dogged team but would expect to take 3pts. and if we could follow that with a victory against villa then confidence would be high for the utd game. don't expect them to be pleased with 3 difficult games out of 1st 5. ha. come on redmen and future redmen. hit the ground running & show some consistency. YNWA J4T96"
19th Jun 2013 13:25
"buddha1935; agree entirely with you,hope saurez stays and gives it one more season and if no significant progress is made then fair enough let him go. but we will progress and i am very confident about next season. ynwa"
19th Jun 2013 13:43
"Hope you return to the dugout in the future as a coach Carragher. The fixture lists seems easier this season, no season with all the top 7 clubs in one massive go. Seems like it could be a tricky start but if our progress is anything to go by we should have a good year."
Red David
19th Jun 2013 13:52
"Much better start of the season then last. If Suarez stays or not, then the almost certain addition of Henrikh Mkhitaryan, together on the midfield with Coutinho and Gerrard with Sturridge as lone striker, then any of the midfielders can score goals. I am very optimistic. YNWA."
19th Jun 2013 14:04
"brendan should go n buy mata..he very good..he is for sale..n he's still young..go get juan mata brendan..."
Mr Ostrich
19th Jun 2013 15:15
"Annoyed that Suarez is going to miss the opening 6 games, providing he stays."
19th Jun 2013 15:33
"Fixtures look good compared to last season. Hope we have all our signings in early and get a good start to the season. Look forward to welcoming Moyes and Utd to Anfield by destroying them!!"
19th Jun 2013 16:29
"First time for me to see 'Former' Liverpool player.... Sigh time flies, miss you a lot Carra"
19th Jun 2013 16:33
19th Jun 2013 16:45
"Buy Torres & Mata, now that might just put the cat ast the pigeons, wonder how much we could get them for. If they talked of splashing out 23mil for Miktarayan but Torres available for 15mil then surely it would be mad not to go for Torres. "
19th Jun 2013 16:48
"Even if Suarez wants to go he can't, we own him, it's up to us, we call the shots, he signed the contract, either he knuckles down and gets stuck in or he sits on the bench as long as it takes to humble him."
19th Jun 2013 17:35
"We need to get Wanyama as DM!"
19th Jun 2013 17:47
""Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher". I don't know when I'll get used to that"
19th Jun 2013 17:48
"Yea Carra its looking like there won't be much relaxation at the Ayre and Rodgers residences this summer.."
19th Jun 2013 18:02
"It feels to read "former Liverpool defender" Jamie Carragher. He has been in the squad since the first day I watched Liverpool Play.."
19th Jun 2013 18:16
"I completely agree :)"
19th Jun 2013 18:41
"Elephant in the room is the fact carragher doesnt mention Suarez when talking about strikers"
19th Jun 2013 20:18
"Erikson would seem a bargain if we got him for 15mil, I still can't believe we paid 15mil, yes 15mil for Joe.....Allen???"
Bib l f c
19th Jun 2013 21:54
"What are he chances of Carra being pundit for the Everton and Utd games...... Looking forward to the season kicking off with an exciting new squad."
19th Jun 2013 21:59
"With great possession and attacking stats from last season, I'm optimistic for next season. CL finish and a cup would be great, but let's just win every game we can possibly win!"
20th Jun 2013 0:29
"buy honda he is great"
20th Jun 2013 0:53
"Definitely think we should buy Honda, he looked great tonight against Italy. Also he's just turned 27 and he's available on free plus standard charter would be pleased. YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 0:59
"Try and get Honda. He can play across the midfield. I've been saying this before tonights game."
20th Jun 2013 2:49
"I hope we are not going to be force fed all Carras `Devils Advocate` utterances now he his taking Murdochs shilling. One thing is for sure this is the last post ever for me concerning Carra."
20th Jun 2013 2:55
"You do not know who to believe, now being reported we have not even been in touch with Mickitarians club.Two days ago we were told he is taking a medic......"
20th Jun 2013 5:01
"Just because we get our work done early does not mean we have a team now capable of a top 4 spot. I for one hope we do by the time the season kicks off. But lets be serious out of all the recruits only Sturridge and Coutinho have experience at the highest level. Allen, Borini, aspas and if alberto comes in, have more experience playing in what we would call the championship. Fact!"
20th Jun 2013 7:22
"Don't let Wisdom go on loan,we need him."
20th Jun 2013 8:01
"Whether Suarez leaves or not, LFC will be stepping up a gear next season. The players linked to us now are quality and can fit very well to the way BR wants the team to play. It will be back to the days where Barnes, Beardsley used to terrorise defences. Good times ahead. Thanks BR and FSG. "