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All the best AC
19th Jun 2013 14:11
Kaushik Bose
19th Jun 2013 14:12
"Good Luck Andy!"
19th Jun 2013 14:13
"All the best Andy..YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 14:13
"Bit of a shame you didn't get a chance under BR to see if you could adapt your game but this move is best for all parties to involve. £15 is a more realistic fee and TBH it was going to be hard to recoup any more than that. Good luck at West Ham and don't come back to haunt us."
19th Jun 2013 14:13
"Good luck to you Andy."
19th Jun 2013 14:13
"How much for? Anyway.... Best of luck Andy! Sorry it didn't work out for you!"
19th Jun 2013 14:14
"Good luck Andy! "
19th Jun 2013 14:14
"YNWA, big Andy. You gave your all, and we thank you for that. "
19th Jun 2013 14:14
"Gutted you never got a chance under BR. Good Luck at West Ham, hope it works out except when you play us."
19th Jun 2013 14:15
" lets hope the sale proceeds are used wisely"
19th Jun 2013 14:15
"its a shame that carroll didnt a proper opportunity to shine in a red of Liverpool..back end of the 2011/12 season he was awesome, esp in the fa cup final..but after that he was unjustly loaned off"
19th Jun 2013 14:15
"Finally. get Henrikh Mkhitaryan now!"
19th Jun 2013 14:15
19th Jun 2013 14:16
"Good luck andy, I'm extremely dissappointed things never worked out for you. All the best and I wish you a great fortune of luck at West Ham. Complete Gent!"
19th Jun 2013 14:16
"Thank the gods"
19th Jun 2013 14:16
"Good Luck Andy"
19th Jun 2013 14:16
"good luck andy in the future. Y.N.W.A"
19th Jun 2013 14:16
"Good Luck to Ya Andy. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 14:16
"Best of luck Andy"
19th Jun 2013 14:16
"All the best Andy, and thanks for that goal against Everton at Wembley last year. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 14:17
"Good luck Andy."
19th Jun 2013 14:17
"Best of luck, Thanks for your goal against Everton in Semi."
19th Jun 2013 14:17
19th Jun 2013 14:18
"best wishes Andy...wish it had worked out for you here"
19th Jun 2013 14:19
"Really gutted to see any leave, was really hoping BR would give him a proper chance, lets just hope he's allowed to spend the mere 15m we got for him. GOOD LUCK ANDY, u deserved better, MUCH BETTER "
19th Jun 2013 14:19
"good luck 4 the future andy except when u play against LFC. would have liked you to have been given more of a chance but wasn.t to be. we move on. TNWA"
19th Jun 2013 14:19
"All the best big man!"
19th Jun 2013 14:19
"This means we can buy that player which, I can't spell or pronounce for 22 million :). Very good news indeed, Luis alberto, atsu, the big signing and other. VERY GOOD NEWS! GOOD LUCK ANDY "
19th Jun 2013 14:20
"Goodbye Big Andy :(( You will be badly missed. YNWA!!!"
19th Jun 2013 14:21
"Good luck Big Andy.....not too sure how much we go for him..15, 16??still a good price..don't know wat Daglish was doing splashing 35 for this dude"
19th Jun 2013 14:22
"HIP HIP HURRAY !! Now, Henrik Mkhatryan plz (sorry for the spell) :)"
19th Jun 2013 14:22
"good luck lets hope he doesnt bite us. it was a rushed transfer and waste off 20mill- i think the club has learned form this.and lets hope we get what we need for this season .ynwa"
19th Jun 2013 14:22
"Best of luck Andy (except when you face us). He may not have fit our style of play but he was a good striker."
19th Jun 2013 14:23
"disgrace in my opinion big andy has shown over the past year and a half he is a hard working and very good player i think he could adapt to are style of play easily and i think BR will make very mediocre signings this summer but anyway good luck at west ham big man YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 14:23
"I'm very happy"
19th Jun 2013 14:24
"Good luck to him... Can't believe we got £15m for him, wow"
19th Jun 2013 14:24
"To sad for Andy he just want to play football regulary better for us and for him to go wish u all the best and I wish u will miss the target when u play against us"
19th Jun 2013 14:24
"We will be seeing him on December 7th"
19th Jun 2013 14:24
"Good luck Andy! YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 14:25
"Halleluja, Halleluja Henrikh mkhitaryan here he comes!!!"
19th Jun 2013 14:25
"Good Luck Andy,You are very great person,always support us even when your situation unclear,your loyalty and hard work will always remembered ,YNWA :)"
19th Jun 2013 14:25
"Awsome news, more money to spend in the transfer window not. Hopefully Mhkitarian comes to liverpool now."
19th Jun 2013 14:26
"Goodbye Big Andy :(( You will be badly missed YNWA!!!"
19th Jun 2013 14:26
"Thanks for the Everton header Big Andy! Wish you all the best."
19th Jun 2013 14:27
"No mention of figures. On pure monetary terms, the biggest financial mistake in the history of the club....or was it Robbie Keane, or Aqualani or Dossena or Adam or Diouf or Dicks or Speedy and so on and so on. At least now we can have a new number 9 at the club."
19th Jun 2013 14:27
19th Jun 2013 14:28
"Good luck to Andy at west ham, but for LFC lets put that potential 17.5 millionto good use and officially sign Alberto, mignolet, atsu, and mkhitaryan"
19th Jun 2013 14:28
"good luck big andy just wasnt meant to be"
19th Jun 2013 14:29
"Shame, was never given a chance under BR, good player to have but wish him all the best! "
19th Jun 2013 14:29
"Good luck Andy. YNWA. Don't score against us please"
19th Jun 2013 14:29
"Good luck Andy , sorry it did not work out for you here but best of luck "
19th Jun 2013 14:30
"All the best andy. would like to have seen you have a real chance with us. dont be scoring against us now will you "
19th Jun 2013 14:30
"At last. I wish you well at West Ham Andy"
19th Jun 2013 14:31
"Farewell, Carroll. And how much the transfer fee? "
19th Jun 2013 14:32
"Best of luck big man."
19th Jun 2013 14:33
"good luck, Andy,wish you all the best! now use that cash to sign Mkhitaryan before someone else does,please."
19th Jun 2013 14:33
"Good luck Andy !!! YNWA "
19th Jun 2013 14:33
"Shame. Good Luck Andy."
19th Jun 2013 14:35
"wish you all the best Andy. Sad that it never worked out."
19th Jun 2013 14:37
"The guy loved it at LFC but wasn't given enough chance to prove himself. Am however happy that BR is doing some sensible business in the transfer market. Best of luck to Andy, and to BR, YNWA."
19th Jun 2013 14:37
"All the best Andy, gutted it didn't work out for you at LFC, I guess the pressure of the price tag along with the injuries didn't help. I always respected the effort you gave and the respect you gave to the club (unlike another certain striker). Hopefully now we can see some movement on the Henrikh deal now Andy's transfer has gone through. YNWA."
19th Jun 2013 14:38
"Sad to see him go he was never really given a chance first through injury then the change of manager . He will do well for west ham and he could still have done. Job for us but at the price we were made to pay he couldn't just be an impact sub so I guess it's best all round. Good luck big lad and thanks for the goals against the blue noses"
19th Jun 2013 14:39
"Best of luck mate, just don't score against LFC and you should be fine ! It's a pity it didn't work out. All the best for the future !"
19th Jun 2013 14:40
"Big mistake letting him go imo."
19th Jun 2013 14:40
"Best wishes for the future, Andy. Had high hopes when you first arrived, but it appears the stars just weren't aligned. Still won't forget that brace against City."
19th Jun 2013 14:42
"Shame played good football towards end of King Kennys reign, could of been very different. Never got a chance at all under Brendan"
19th Jun 2013 14:45
"All the best Andy YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 14:47
"Also never complained at least not in public like our friend still at the club LS"
19th Jun 2013 14:47
"Best of luck Andy Carroll! Your a superb footballer, YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 14:48
"Good luck to him - YNWA."
19th Jun 2013 14:51
"honorable exit...unlike that sabre toothed diva!!!"
Papa Syed
19th Jun 2013 14:52
"All the best Big Andy! YNWA REDMAN!"
19th Jun 2013 14:54
"Good Luck big man! Nou get Mickey in asap!!"
19th Jun 2013 14:58
"Sorry to see Andy leaving LFC never got a chance under B.Rogers. He was a powerful player who can change games. The manager will regret it. All the best Andy"
19th Jun 2013 14:59
"well that was a waste of money wasnt it! fair play to rodgers for a having the balls to make a loss in order to build his own team!"
19th Jun 2013 15:01
"Good luck Andy All the best in getting the number nine shirt for England. Lets see a world cup winner. "
19th Jun 2013 15:02
"Great I hope the money from the sale is used wisely ,not like when LFC wasted 30 mil plus to get him in the 1st place"
19th Jun 2013 15:02
"All the best Andy. shame you werent really given a chance. Worst peice of business we have ever done. Thankfully it looks like the owners and management are a lot more clued in now! "
19th Jun 2013 15:02
"Let's be honest. It is a good deal for all. We get 15,5 (plus 2 in add-ons) which is a very good price for us (forget what we paid), Andy goes to a team where they play 100% to hus style and WHam get a marquee signing. If we get Mhktaryan for 20m then we almost covered our big signing with this sale"
19th Jun 2013 15:03
"Good luck AC. at 15.5 + Add on's its a good deal. For those thinking we lost a big, we didn't. Torres was never worth 50m more like 26m maybe. So all we lost were the wages paid, for once we didn't get ripped off, I thought BR may get desperate and sell at 10m"
19th Jun 2013 15:06
"News I've been waiting for. But please replace him with someone better. Hopefully we can get Aubemeyang who should want to come. Borini needs playing time and Studdidge is injury prone and performs better under pressure so it would be nice to bring in a player who will challenge him and a player that can also play in a front three formation. "
19th Jun 2013 15:06
"7 in 24 games; 11 in 58 games...with a goal record like that i'm baffled we even got 15M for him. "
19th Jun 2013 15:07
"Gutted we've let you go. All the best big fella x "
19th Jun 2013 15:07
19th Jun 2013 15:09
"Best Luck Andy. Shame BR didn't give you no one chance! What I like about transparent clubs like Barca, that when they buy or sell a player, they announce the important details of the contract like the price, the lenght, the buyout clause....etc."
19th Jun 2013 15:12
"All the best Andy.."
19th Jun 2013 15:12
"Thank god hahaha"
19th Jun 2013 15:13
"YNWA Andy! All the best! Just not against us!"
19th Jun 2013 15:16
"All the best Andy and Thank you for everything. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 15:18
"Best of luck in the future Andy, I for one would've liked you to stay."
19th Jun 2013 15:18
"screw the nicities, good riddance you absolute waste of space. shocking player. il take the 20 mill loss. thanks west ham for taking him off our hands. "
19th Jun 2013 15:20
"good luck andy all the best for feuture ynwa"
19th Jun 2013 15:21
"All the best Andy. Hope to see you in shining colours in English shirt. Once a Red always a Red. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 15:23
"All the best big man"
19th Jun 2013 15:25
"all the best AC. on your day you were unplayable, sadly you came to us overpriced and injured and you never got over either problem. A better header with the opener you had at wembley would have changed your future and king kenny's too. que sera sera"
19th Jun 2013 15:25
"Andy Carroll might be a good footballer but I never liked his style of playing. He isn't fit to the Liverpool style of play and I still can't understand why KD brought him on the first place. Now when he's out it's better for everyone, and I' sure I'll keep enjoying Liverpool playing without him."
19th Jun 2013 15:28
"Good luck Andy, stay off the booze and reach your potential."
19th Jun 2013 15:31
"Thanks Andy u finally OFFLOAD! Best news ever.... "
19th Jun 2013 15:37
"Good to see all the dead weight is being removed, I know downing has improved but I think he still needs to go, atsu is much younger and better"
19th Jun 2013 15:38
"Ooh ... at last!! We managed to get rid of him in the end! YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 15:38
"Completely agree with RedRivelino! 18 Goals in 82 games is unacceptable, and to claim £15million back is a good deal for us. He was never gunna be the type of player Brendan wanted so to ship him was the way forward! Also, It's crazy to think Carroll has been bought for a higher price than what we signed Daniel Sturridge for! Good business for Rodgers.. Considering he didn't buy AC"
19th Jun 2013 15:42
"I can't believe these comments, a year ago everyone hates him, he only played average at west ham, but now he's leaving your treating him as if he's robbie fowler"
19th Jun 2013 15:43
"Good luck AC"
19th Jun 2013 15:43
"Good luck AC"
19th Jun 2013 15:46
"Good luck Big Andy! Great player and sorry it did not work out with the new manager coming in."
19th Jun 2013 15:46
"What a wasteful and prodigal Manager we had in Kenny Daglish."
19th Jun 2013 15:52
"Wow!! Again I'm stunned by these comments blaming dalglish and Rodgers, Carroll is a terrible player (at least for our system) he didn't step up when he came to us that is his fault no one else's so stop blaming Rodgers and dalglish"
19th Jun 2013 15:52
"Good bye Big Andy all the best for you and your family YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 15:55
"Good luck Andy! Shame it didn't work out. Saw glimmers.."
19th Jun 2013 16:00
"Finally seals the worst piece of business in British history"
19th Jun 2013 16:00
"Good Luck Andy. Y.N.W.A."
19th Jun 2013 16:01
"how much!?"
19th Jun 2013 16:01
"You'll always have a place in our hearts YNWA."
19th Jun 2013 16:07
"All the best Andy, Good luck at West Ham"
19th Jun 2013 16:10
"Always gave his all for Liverpool Football Club. You deserved more playing time with the reds. Good Luck Andy YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 16:13
"all the best andy"
19th Jun 2013 16:15
"Best of luck BIG ANDY !! he always showed gd passion and wanted to give more!! YNWA ANDY..."
19th Jun 2013 16:17
"Best Wishes AC "
19th Jun 2013 16:17
"All the best in the future Andy and thanks for your contribution to LFC. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 16:17
"Good luck Andy always wanted to see you do well with us, you will always be a red! YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 16:21
"Many critics-until he left! Was a decent player (with two good FA cup goals!) and got some money back. As usual most people are bi-polar in their comments!"
19th Jun 2013 16:22
"I am sorry it didn't turn out for you in LFC, Andy! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! #YNWA"
Tracy YNWA....
19th Jun 2013 16:23
"Gutted but its better for him. He's somewhere that respects and appreciates him. Good luck AC and hope you do really well !"
19th Jun 2013 16:24
"Very very sad that Andy has been forced to leave Liverpool without ever getting a chance under Rodgers. A clear case of prejudging someone if ever I saw one. Good luck to big Geordie. "
19th Jun 2013 16:27
"Andy never asked to be signed for 35 mil,good look for the future andy.ynwa"
19th Jun 2013 16:27
19th Jun 2013 16:30
"Good luck Andy, I hope you score lots of goals for West Ham especially against Man U Man City Arsenal & Chelsea. All the best. ynwa"
19th Jun 2013 16:38
"Big Mistake to sell him. We will regret it. BR & Yankees are destroying Liverpool"
19th Jun 2013 16:42
"So Long big fella! Just not the right fit for us under Rodgers. He'll do well playing under Allerdyce, Old school swashbuckling football. Not mobile or nippy enough for us, we desperately need another strong CB to deal with his like."
19th Jun 2013 16:46
""As you know,there have been too many different conversations about Henrik mkhitaryan"Palkin told championat. "But the situation has been strongly and artificially pumped up.I can say that we have had no communication from any member of Liverpool" Palkin is general manager at Shakhtar. This does not sound good at all in my opinion as i believe we realy need him."
19th Jun 2013 17:08
"i complete understand that this is best for both clubs, not mobile or agile enough for us but a target man for the hammers, you wanted first team football which Br cannot guarantee any player but you will be first choice for west ham, look after yourself better, change your lifestyle and hopefully you can have a decent career."
19th Jun 2013 17:10
"thought I would be sad when it happened, but I liked the news;)"
19th Jun 2013 17:11
"sad it didnt work out hat a waste of money , really bad managment.. "
19th Jun 2013 17:12
"wow do people still think AC was forced out... you would have to be completely stupid to believe that, he demanded first team football of rodgers to which rodgers said no to and rightly so, and said its best to get playing time on loan, and eventually west ham took up the option to buy in which was in the loan agreement and which carrol accepted... HE WAS NOT FORCED OUT,"
19th Jun 2013 17:13
"if he wanted to fight for his place like downing/hendo he would have been given the opportunity... but not once did he say he would do that, this was all confirmed by a long talksport interview, with carrol then rodgers... so back off FSG and BR morons!"
19th Jun 2013 17:17
"fans also say we will regret it.. all a real fan would regret was the ludicrous moronic price paid for him! (not his fault though) and secondly how will we regret it, he is always injured, never hits form except for one or two games at the end off the season and has a terrible goals scored vs games played ratio for any club, even at newcastle his best ratio was 1 in 3.... poor.."
19th Jun 2013 17:19
19th Jun 2013 17:21
"I look at this and then remember Brendan saying last summer that everyone would get a chance. YEAH"
19th Jun 2013 17:22
"Joke. The big lad was never given a chance. And all he wanted was to prove himself. I'd ave got rid of joe Allen quicker."
19th Jun 2013 17:25
"use the funds to get eriksen "
19th Jun 2013 17:31
"don't understand how he can complete a transfer when the window has not opened"
19th Jun 2013 17:37
19th Jun 2013 17:40
"I have every faith BR will replace Andy with top players. like the 25m he wisely invested in Allen and Borini. Brendan has a keen eye for talent. "
19th Jun 2013 17:41
"Good Luck Andy, don't be lazy lad.. :) You can be the best the world has seen just aim for the sky... YNWA.."
PapaG 64
19th Jun 2013 17:50
"All the best Andy lad, hope you get on well at the hammers except when you play us. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 17:55
"Yippee! He's a nice lad so I'll wish him all the best."
19th Jun 2013 18:01
"Well done Kenny and Comolli. That's £20mio of the owners money you wasted, which could have been used for quality transfers. Good luck to the big fella."
19th Jun 2013 18:02
"Of course Carroll transfer to LFC for 35 millions not his fault whose then? prefer to forget and wish Andy all the best in his new career."
19th Jun 2013 18:04
"However Joe Allen cost 15 millions a player who I think very much overpriced."
19th Jun 2013 18:08
"Pity you were just too tall for BR - atleast you can make us regret it when we play West Ham"
19th Jun 2013 18:10
"Best of luck..I will always be gratefull for your winning goal at Wembley v's the bluenoses..What a great day out at Wembley we had! Shame he never got a chance under BR as i think he had something worth keeping..Poor business by us tho..Gotta learn from this"
19th Jun 2013 18:13
"It promised much but did not show ... but I'm ok with him playing the games :)"
19th Jun 2013 18:14
"Shame that you were injured when you joined us Andy and didn't get a chance to settle in straight away. Still think that you've been shabbily treated by LFC though. Good luck. "
19th Jun 2013 18:18
"All the best Andy BUT what a waste of money by King Kenny! YNWA!"
19th Jun 2013 18:25
19th Jun 2013 18:26
"Best of luck,Andy!YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 18:33
"Good luck AC. I never thought you were given a chance but BR has his system and it will obviously prove him right when we get top four come the end of the season."
Liverpool Ku?u
19th Jun 2013 18:38
"We all don't know why we bought Andy.I think we must be more accurate before spend the millions for players who don't prove theirselves yet."
19th Jun 2013 18:42
"shame it didn't work out for you at Anfield... thanks for what you DID do and good luck for the future, YNWA "
19th Jun 2013 18:55
"Good Luck Big man YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 18:57
"Hey Andy all the best have a great time at West Ham. The team is made for you to show your true ability good luck "
19th Jun 2013 19:09
"Thanks for what you did during your short stay with the Reds. Unfortunately, you didn't get a fair crack of the whip. Good luck for the future!"
19th Jun 2013 19:27
"Good luck Andy. Thanks for the goals (don't score against us) :P"
19th Jun 2013 19:31
"given that he was one of the worst trainers at the club, we've done well to get 15m for him. now spend it wisely, given that we spent 15m on joe allen, we cannot afford to make another mistake like that."
19th Jun 2013 19:32
"Good Luck Andy."
19th Jun 2013 19:48
"Good business.Carol will make a good bagain for d hammers.he is meant to play for us.with d proceeds we can now complete the signing of Amenian.I cant pronounce his name yet.i tust BR with his business aen.Top 4 here e we come "
19th Jun 2013 19:48
"hope your career takes off now a/c good luck "
19th Jun 2013 19:50
"Big statement there from BR getting rid of that last regimes star buy. Hope doesn't come back to haunt him."
19th Jun 2013 19:56
"wow! a loyal player who tried his best even if he didnt succeed has been sold ..."traitor" club!? nah its football, thats how it is :) ...goodluck andy!!"
19th Jun 2013 19:58
"AC will be a top player for WHU. He has been unlucky with injury but no one can fault his effort. All the best."
19th Jun 2013 20:03
"Greedy_yank I don't think you have a clue about business. The wages alone last year were 138m (70% of revenue went on wages). As for investment, they cleared the debts, they are investing in the expansion of the stadium, expenses are higher than earnings for now. cont"
19th Jun 2013 20:04
"we are actually lucky to have proper businessmen owning our club instead of the cowboys we had before. And financial fair play rules come into action next season as well so they have to be careful"
19th Jun 2013 20:06
"So Sorry Andy it didn't work out for you with the 'Reds', - just don't make us pay now with our future fixtures!!!! Best of luck with the 'Hammers' and with your England career."
19th Jun 2013 20:08
"why do people doubt Joe allen, he was our best player for the first part of the season, then had to adapt to a knew position, then got dropped through lack of form, then played the second half of the season with sever pain! he is a very very talented lad, and will, without doubt prove the doubters wrong!"
19th Jun 2013 20:10
"Sad it didn't work out Big One, had such high hopes, just one of those things. Will miss you, you scored some nice goals for us. Good to see you happy with your old mate Nolan again. Wishing you all the very best for the future, God Bless Andy Best Wishes. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 20:14
19th Jun 2013 20:15
"15mil for Joe Allen, surely we can afford same for Erikson? Erikson is miles better than Allen, miles and miles better. "
19th Jun 2013 20:20
"Good Luck Andy but it was for the best for both parties if only you had more pace pity"
19th Jun 2013 20:33
"YNWA Andy!"
19th Jun 2013 20:34
"Good luck Andy it is a real shame it did not work out "
19th Jun 2013 20:41
"You have to feel for Carrol. Some nitwits paid far too much money for him and he never really stood a chance after that. He got plenty of opportunities, that's not the issue, but himself, Hendo and Downing are victims of one summer of utter madness. All the best AC - YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 20:46
"Best of luck to you Andy! Best for both parts i believe. "
19th Jun 2013 20:48
"Sorry to see you go lad. The present manager never gave you a chance. You would have been a nice alternative to the one trick pony style we played for most of the season. You might have been of help to Sturro with you aerial prowess. All the best to you Wor Andy."
19th Jun 2013 20:49
"Respect to all past & present footballers who have graced our beautiful club, but that's as far as it goes with AC, he had a chance which he didn't take so you can't blame BR especially with the emphasis on technically skilled players as the big lad was just rough around the edges & certainly not a diamond, cont.."
19th Jun 2013 20:51
"Sold for £15 million, that's more the kind of fee we should have paid Newcastle. Ah well. Hopefully it's once bitten, twice shy. West Ham have always liked a big, bustling centre-forward. He should fit in well down there. Thanks for the winner against the bitters in the semi at Wembley."
19th Jun 2013 20:51
" how some of you can justify him being given a chance but not JA who played albeit not wonderful through injury, futhermore even Kenny was less than enthusiastic to play him & he brought him, sadly AC has been the butt of a lot of jokes directed at us so its good to get this chapter over & done with."
19th Jun 2013 20:52
"Anyone in their right mind who thinks he can fit into BR's team hasn't got a clue.Seriously. Good luck your new club Andy."
19th Jun 2013 20:58
"Andy will have a great career. Was just hitting form at end of 11-12 season only to be sent out on loan last one. Wish you well Andy and i know given a fair chance you will do great things. Ast other memories, Man City, and the Everton FA semi. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 21:04
"good luck andy,"
19th Jun 2013 21:07
"Good luck AC, shame you were never given a chance!! Maybe one day!!YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 21:10
19th Jun 2013 21:11
"Good Luck Andy YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 21:13
"Good luck Andy. At least you didn't moan and groan and leave. Unfortunately your style is more suited to the old blood and guts centre forward instead of fast paasing moves that i hope BR gets from the players this season.YNWA"
Bib l f c
19th Jun 2013 22:01
"Always be proud that you got to wear the greatest shirt in football......YNWA Big Man..."
19th Jun 2013 22:05
"Read all the comments, so I now know Andy was a great or rubbish player who cost a lot or was part of the usual cash-flow for clubs, and FSG are stealing money or making sure we're not the next Wigan (highest revenue vs wages-92%). Now that's clear!"
19th Jun 2013 22:18
"All the best Andy. BR This was a mistake in my opinion!!!! I hope for your sake it wasnt!!"
19th Jun 2013 22:18
19th Jun 2013 22:44
"He was given a chance, great for a long ball team but just awful on the floor. His lack of movement, pace, skill, makes players around him look worse (if he is not focal point) we are building a team of quick, slick pass and move type players, and AC could never fit in. his value would continue to drop playing for us too. All the same, best of luck lad "
19th Jun 2013 22:50
"33 million pounds lost on a transfer...33 MILLION! "
Billy B girl
19th Jun 2013 22:54
"Good luck Andy, think you were never a Liverpool player really we should have left you in your home at Newcastle. £20million loss now how much will we lose for Joe Allen ? Assaidi ? Looked on you tube at Henriyk and goals scored but no one was in defence???"
19th Jun 2013 22:58
"a pity the self professed nurturer of young talent couldn't even bother to try with you Andy,anyway take care and good luck else where."
19th Jun 2013 23:01
"I was disappointed it didn't work out with Andy first time around with us. I always got the impression he was gutted to have been sold by his beloved Newcastle United and I felt that he put on a brave face. (cont.)"
19th Jun 2013 23:01
"I was disappointed it didn't work out with Andy first time around with us. I always got the impression he was gutted to have been sold by his beloved Newcastle United and I felt that he put on a brave face. (cont.)"
19th Jun 2013 23:02
"I was disappointed it didn't work out with Andy first time around with us. I always got the impression he was gutted to have been sold by his beloved Newcastle United and I felt that he put on a brave face. (cont.)"
19th Jun 2013 23:02
"I get the impression he feels gutted now, too, having held on for Newcastle to bring him home and, when it finally became clear to him that they weren't going to do so, he put pen to paper with West Ham United. (cont.)"
19th Jun 2013 23:04
"With regard to the idea that BR never gave him a chance, well, I think Brendan is a good judge of a player and, after decades of honing his skills as a coach and developing his own style, I reckon he's become pretty good during training at telling if a player is going to fit."
19th Jun 2013 23:07
"TheLight - I totally agree with you regarding Joe Allen. He is a bargain and will prove to be a big star for LFC over the next few years given the chance to perform in his best position. He was exceptional for us over the first three months of last season."
19th Jun 2013 23:08
"Good luck Andy. Based on your performances at the end of the 2011-12 season (up front and helping defend set pieces) I would have liked to see you get more of a chance at Liverpool. I hope you score heaps for West Ham, except when they're drawn against us!"
Buckie LFC Supporter
19th Jun 2013 23:29
"AC (the new Drogba, or could have been) start of season 15mil pricetag. Big Sam says end of season, "we want him to stay, he is our no1 target!" On that statement alone puts 5mil on the pricetag. Yet we sell AC for 15mil it is again bad transfer business contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
19th Jun 2013 23:34
"People have said he wouldn't fit BR's style, why not? we push full backs forward to put crosses in. AC was also pretty decent at striking a ball. BR struggled against strong teams last season, Stoke, Oldham, Chelsea, Everton. Sometimes you need contd"
19th Jun 2013 23:34
"Best of luck Andy! No matter which club you play for, you must never forget that you never walk alone! Hopefully you'll seeze a better time at the Hammers."
Buckie LFC Supporter
19th Jun 2013 23:38
"a different type of striker. you don't change your style, but AC will give as good as he gets against the likes of Huth or Ivanovic, & out muscle them, something LS, Borini, Sterling, DS don't do. It is sad that BR kept his preconceived ideas on certain players, contd "
19th Jun 2013 23:42
"Any chance Mr Dalglish will reimburse LFC the £20 million oustanding difference he wasted signing Carroll? (thought not)... "
Buckie LFC Supporter
19th Jun 2013 23:42
"you would have thought being an ex coach at chelski he would have seen a value in a Drogba type player as I don't remember Chelski being labelled a high ball team, just a successful one! I hope we can out muscle teams next season, the le is their to be won!"
20th Jun 2013 0:11
"I agree with RedRoadsey....KK should pay back the wasted millions he spent, staring with AC. And you still have some fans trying to defend the indefensible, lol. Anyway good luck Andy I hope you do well, obviously not against us..."
20th Jun 2013 0:37
"Dear Kenny, you know that £8million LFC gave you to terminate your contract? Could we have some back to balance the books re Andy Carroll - Ta. And when you pop back, can you let the board know that our recent away and 3rd kits are e? Many thanks, RedRoadsey "
20th Jun 2013 0:39
""Dear Kenny, you know that £8million LFC gave you to terminate your contract? Could we have some back to balance the books re Andy Carroll - Ta. And when you pop back, can you let the board know that our recent away and 3rd kits are disgusting/awful/hideous? Many thanks, RedRoadsey ""
Billy B girl
20th Jun 2013 0:47
"Didn't FSG employ Damien Commoli to negotiate deals? and since FSG put him there I suggest you get on their case to ask him for the £20m Kenny was the manager not the negotiator ! Will Brendan split the difference when we lose on Allen and Assaidi ?"
20th Jun 2013 1:17
"You tell them Billy B girl, RedRoadsey can you hear. YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 2:26
"Thank You for the moments you gifted us ."
20th Jun 2013 3:01
"All the best Andy, once a red...YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 3:41
"some comparisons on here between AC and Drogba... are you lot serious, AC offered the option high balls and attacking corners/set pieces... he doesnt actually score that many from them tho... Drogba on the other hand could come collect the ball, run in behind, run the channels, dribble, score with both feet and head. No comparison!! "
20th Jun 2013 3:49
"why all of a sudden is their so many lovers of Andy... he came to us cause we are a big club offering him big money, he loves Newcastle. Also talking about him as if he was a saint( chastised quite a bit for bad lifestyle), and, like he was another Kuyt runnin his socks off... he wasnt"
20th Jun 2013 5:56
"Worst piece of bussiness our comboys ever made,this guy wasn't worth 5mil.So glad his gone."
20th Jun 2013 6:35
"Best of luck BIG Andy!!"
20th Jun 2013 6:50
"Good luck big fella'. "
20th Jun 2013 7:08
"All the best in West Ham big Andy! Would've loved to see you play more for LFC but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be"
20th Jun 2013 7:33
"All the best big lad. Shame it didn't work out for u/us. Buddha - you're showing your age!if youre asking kenny to pay up, he can deduct your unpaid bets from last season. You'l end up owing him!"
20th Jun 2013 7:52
"All the best AC"
20th Jun 2013 8:51
"all the best andy hope it all works out for you mate just one thing you are not allowed to score any goals against liverpoool fc apart from that go get em lad"
20th Jun 2013 9:07
"All the best big Andy, a real pity it did not quite go to plan, you will always be remembered as someone who had a go. A pity your transfer price tag perhaps weighed you down a bit. YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 9:09
"We are going to regret this, AC is a great centre forward and would fit in most teams, all the best Andy from South Africa."
20th Jun 2013 9:15
"I'm very disappointed that you didn't get a real chance under BR to proof how good you really are and how good you could fit into this team. - All the best from me. You'll never walk, Big Andy."
20th Jun 2013 9:29
"All the the best Big Andy #YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 9:45
"Makes me laugh because the creator of tikka-taka, pep guardiola, and others who play similar like a presence up front... pelligrini, swansea do it, Barcelona used to do it. Makes me laugh because a big player up front works wonders for most tika taka sides... "
20th Jun 2013 9:53
"Good luck AC. Shame you weren't given the chance at LFC. Respect for not shooting your mouth of while things were not going well. I'm sure you will get a great reception at Anfield. Just don't score against us. YNWA"
20th Jun 2013 10:20
"OMG PEOPLE GET A GRIP!!! CARROL DEMANDED FIRST TEAM FOOTBALL, RODGERS SAID NO ONE IS FIRST CHOICE, CARROL THEN WANTED TO GO ON LOAN. WEST TOOK UP THE OPTION IN HIS LOAN AGREEMENT TO BUY HIM TO WHICH CARROL ACCEPTED... He could have fought for his place and chose not too, KK confirmed he agreed the price for AC bye the way everyone, Comolli's advice was dont buy him!!!!!!! "
20th Jun 2013 10:22
"and also, we have already been offered more for Borini than we bought him for, but Borini confirmed he is devoted to liverpool for believing in him! "
20th Jun 2013 10:22
"and Allen will without doubt quieten the doubters. "
20th Jun 2013 10:26
"to matt at 9:45, and thats what BR said, you can have a big player up front in a tika taka system, but could wanted guarantees for a starting place... And BR said a player bought for £35 mil should be able to play any system.. BUT CARROL WANTED TO MOVE!!!!! this has nothing to do with BR or FSG!"
20th Jun 2013 10:28
"Good luck and ty AC"
20th Jun 2013 11:05
"No No No!! We will buy you back 30 mil after you scored 25 a season... YNWA Andy"
20th Jun 2013 11:14
"Was not happy with Carroll coming to LFC in the first instance...and more-so hearing his fee...but best of luck with The Hammers Andy. You donned the red of LFC...YNWA!"
20th Jun 2013 11:19
"The worst business,etc? No, veron cost some club £20m around 12 years ago! That would be about 40-44m in today's money! Ha ha ha-ha ha ha, always makes me laugh."
20th Jun 2013 11:57
"Some crass comments on here about KK- its poor realy poor"
20th Jun 2013 13:48
"Bye bye dont stumple on the way out of the pub.."
20th Jun 2013 14:03
"All the best Andy! YNWA!"
20th Jun 2013 14:44
"all the best ac, didn't work out with br coming in and preferring to play through rather than use the wings. Perhaps we could have made a better deal if br was not telling the whole world that he wanted rid. Probably the right move for ac and hopefully for us."