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How could he possibly be valued at 12.8n when he wasnt even in squad fir benficas league games? Forget negotiating with these clubs
18th Jun 2013 18:09
18th Jun 2013 18:09
"Another mid-fielder ??"
18th Jun 2013 18:21
"When Suarez go to Madrid and reina leave 4 Baca with Another mid table finish next season the reality will set in 4 some fans. "
18th Jun 2013 18:23
"Jeez we must be desperate..."
18th Jun 2013 18:24
"Safe us Kenny and Mid table team are not that wrong. If we keep making this kind of signings we will keep loosing our best players to more ambitious teams."
18th Jun 2013 18:26
"Pure speculation, suarez being linked away so we will be linked with loads of forwards"
18th Jun 2013 18:37
"Im not saying anything bad about the player but it seems his career has never really taken off after being highly rated years ago"
18th Jun 2013 18:46
"Think Nolito! Think Sturridge! Bags of talent but not settled, could be the right time for both him and us. May need to check his mental strength though, the lad has had a bit of a tough time outside of football. If he has the right mindset we'd have a real asset - how much?"
18th Jun 2013 18:53
"why go for players who are playing cr** ?go for basels salah!he was class in every match this season"
18th Jun 2013 19:16
"Morata wouldn't be such a bad idea when Suarez goes... + would leave some coin to strengthen the rest of the squad."
18th Jun 2013 19:30
"Midtableteam it is not saying he is worth 12.8m now that was last summer. His value is now deflated and is worth a lot less. That said I don't believe he is good enough!"
18th Jun 2013 20:21
"With so many agents, media pundits and whoever else has access to the web soliciting players to LFC I should forward my dog as a possible candidate to replace Saurez. He's got speed and can trap a ball. All the makings of a forward."
18th Jun 2013 20:52
"Just a rumour..never happens :) "
18th Jun 2013 21:17
"Our number one target from Benfica should be Luisao.... Old but a real leader of men."
18th Jun 2013 22:07
"Hey just Off topic but I just saw a pic of henrikh signing a liverpool top! To me that seems like a good sign to say he might be joining us. Hope so ynwa""
18th Jun 2013 22:26
"RE Jazz Ntac. Na, your dog might be biting defenders and getting a 10 match ban, if you love LFC you rather keep your dog at home no matter how pacey he is! LOL!!! YNWA"
18th Jun 2013 22:59
"Mr-Singh where exactly did you see that?"
18th Jun 2013 23:44
"They're are reports out there that claim henrikh mkhitaryan has set his heart on a move to Anfield with LFC signing him for 23Million. Lets hope this is true him and Coutinho together would be amazing. Suarez to Real Madrid for 40Million and Morata in return for me. "
18th Jun 2013 23:54
19th Jun 2013 0:44
"Just seen the image, welcome to our club henrikh :)"
19th Jun 2013 0:56
"TomS91 18th Jun 2013 23:44 I agree with you Tom and have just heard that Carroll has passed his medical at West Ham and a deal for 18 million contract in the next few days. Give that money to BR for 1 or 2 defenders we need and then sort the Saurez situation out,,"
19th Jun 2013 1:06
"i want jetro willems"
19th Jun 2013 1:07
"Players like Nolito are linked with us because the media etc know that we don't have a huge amount to spend, so "bargains" are the order of the day. It makes sense for the club to spend big money on a player like Mkhitaryan and try and get other additions to the squad on the cheap."
19th Jun 2013 1:11
"and henrikh is the must buy player...suarez gone...replace with foward price range 20-40 million a natural finisher..go for gomes "
19th Jun 2013 1:12
"i want jetro willems for left back"
19th Jun 2013 1:38
"Ive seen that photo that they are saying its Mkhitaryan signing a LFC top & that could be anyone you cant see his face or hardly any of the person signing the top. Could easily be a fake so wouldnt get over excited even if it was him doesnt mean anything,could be an Armenian LFC fan thats asked him to sign his top. Also how many players is that now linked to us for this window? lol "
19th Jun 2013 3:51
"stop saying we are gonna end up mid table with players like this coming. highly doubt he is a target. all reports are speculation but you can tell those more likely ie. mkhitaryan etc. when we are linked with players by the top broadcasters and all papers at once. link reprinted from jan or last year is another sign it isnt true "
19th Jun 2013 4:05
19th Jun 2013 4:44
"Jazzntac: does your dog bite? I'm just concerned that we would be getting like for like, whereas I think we should be looking to improve. Perhaps we could muzzle it, or Suarez for that matter. Does anyone know if Suarez' ban would be forfeited if he left or would he take it with him?"
19th Jun 2013 5:08
"GOD U MUST BE A MANC MIDTABLE READ IT PROPERLY!!!his transfer value has deflated from the £12.8m he was valued at last summer. SO HE WILL BE LESS THAN THAT LOL U MUG!!!!!!"
19th Jun 2013 9:48
"Matthew you moron read what i said... I said how could ge have been valued at 12.8m last season when he wasnt even on benficas bench, you clown"
19th Jun 2013 10:30
"massboy- just like they are losing their best players to an ambitious team, liverpool. it worked for dortmund no reason why it cant work for us."
19th Jun 2013 15:08
"No thank you please"
19th Jun 2013 16:39
"he is good il give him that but if u have seen him he is a splitten image off downing so id say no to it, what ever happened to jeffren? why not bojan krkic for cover of roma pace, trickery "