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the simply want more. 7M will persuade them. Sign him BR and IA!
18th Jun 2013 15:06
18th Jun 2013 15:07
"Sevilla are not being realistic. Just take whats been offered. You've already said its a fair offer! "
18th Jun 2013 15:10
"You're having a lough greedy Munchie! The player is good, but not THAT good. Take the offer and thank your lucky red stars!"
The True Red Fan
18th Jun 2013 15:10
"This director deserves to get slapped!"
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 15:29
"Why isnt he good enough for Barcelona, but good enough for us? "
18th Jun 2013 15:41
"too much cash..."
18th Jun 2013 16:05
"haha I would love if liverpool offered 7 million and one penny just to wind them up "
18th Jun 2013 16:12
":D ^ great comment"
18th Jun 2013 16:13
"Why can't we get Christian Erickson for 15mil but are prepared to pay 23mil for this guy Miktaryan from Armenia?"
18th Jun 2013 16:14
"lfcfootballsuitsme 18th Jun 2013 16:05, Maybe go to 50p if pushed? lol "
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 16:23
"50p is too much for FSG, we target 10p players nowadays"
18th Jun 2013 16:30
"Save us Kenny - he was good enough for Barca to go out there on loan in the first place. Are you saying you have to be good enough for barca to be a good player? by that philosophy why were Fabregas and Pepe allowed to go? Flawed logic mate, you should have more faith. Dont forget where we are in the league, I wouldnt hold your breath for messi any time soon lol"
18th Jun 2013 16:43
"loz99- people should really stop on about eriksen. HE DOESNT WANT TO COME HERE. plus mkhitaryans the highest scoringmidfielder in EUROPE. the lads quality, and he wants to join. welcome henrick. go yourself kristian eriksen"
18th Jun 2013 16:45
"Save us kenny - #1 donut"
18th Jun 2013 16:45
"Saveuskenny...if we were in CL and backed to the hilt with cash then we probably wouldn't be going for this player, but right now he looks to have all the technical skills and will adapt quickly into the team having played for a club whose whole ethos we are trying to adopt..."
18th Jun 2013 16:45
"The club will also have looked into his character and a number of other attributes and decided that he fits the profile we 'currently' require. We now need to move on those who can't adapt (IMO Carroll, Downing, Shelvey, Skrtel) or are not willing to buy into what the club is trying to do, or have the patience to realise their dreams (Mr Suarez - shame!)"
18th Jun 2013 16:46
"save us kenny- in fairness man, why on earth would fsg splash cash after dalglish threw their money away?? theyre dead right to be cautious. only through rodgers are hendo and downing finally performing. "
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 17:08
"Spuddy- who signed the cheques without looking? They are just as responsible. They have recouped most of the Kenny cash through sales anyway. "
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 17:09
"RedRivelion- At least one red will be #1 at something this year"
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 17:10
"LFCYNWA- I take your point, but was wondering why barcelona didnt choose him if he is such an outstanding talent?"
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 17:14
"Kingofclubs - You mean FSg are replacing our only world class players with unknowns. This bloke and Aspas may have potential, but they are not adequate replacements for Suarez. They wont buy any more strikers now. Alberto, Sturridge, Aspas and Borini doesnt fill me with any confidence of success"
18th Jun 2013 17:20
"Save us kenny and midtableteam must be twins ....yawnsville. BR will do the biz for LFC this summer. And any player LFC signs YNWA ."
18th Jun 2013 17:34
"I think Save us Kenny asks a valid question. Barcelona could have signed him for half the price we are paying and more to the point I don't see any other teams interested in him. Does also make me wonder why that is the case. "
18th Jun 2013 17:38
"Saveuskenny...Do you think that will be it now? there's no deal in place for Suarez yet so I would hope that we will have more to spend on 'affordable' quality. I wouldn't say Carroll, Downing or Shelvey are world class..."
18th Jun 2013 17:38
"As for Skrtel he could easily be replaced, the only true world class out of that list is Suarez, irreplaceable with regards to what we can attract or spend but the team will gel better in the final 3rd, it's been proved already!"
18th Jun 2013 17:45
"ajp81 18th Jun 2013 17:34 The reason we are paying more than Barca, is simple, they own him and let him out on loan with a clause to buy him. How would we know how many clubs are interested in him, unless we look at Saville and Barce web page.? "
18th Jun 2013 17:47
"Barcelona could not offer him a regular place in the squad - look at the players they have playing in the same postion. We are an ideal fit at this point in his career, plus how do we know who has or hasn't been interested and what the full details of the contract will be."
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 17:55
"If this is true, we now have 4 strikers, they wont buy any more, BR wants 18/19 man squad. It looks like Mkhitaryan, Ilori and perhaps Atsu to come. We lose Reina, Skrtel, Coates, Suarez, Downing, Shelvey, Carroll, Spearing and a few youngsters. Dont see any upgrade"
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 18:00
"I have never heard of any of them, bar Kolo. Some might turn out good, most wont. For every Michu theres 10 Assaidis, and I seem to remember people praising him on here as well based on 5 minutes youtube clip. next season watch BR trot out the excuses, that they need time to gel blah, vision moving in right diirection blah"
18th Jun 2013 18:17
"if suarez goes hopefully we will replace him with a top striker like Martinez, "
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 18:26
"If Aspas and Alberto are the replacements for Suarez, its not good enough FSG"
18th Jun 2013 18:52
"Save us kenny - jumpin from 7th to 1st not realistic. No Cl money means a different strategy. just be patient."
18th Jun 2013 18:55
"How on earth are Aspas and Alberto replacements for Suarez when we still have him. It looks to me like all the imminent arrivals are coming regardless of whether he's here or not - get him shunted and we'll spend some more, simples!"
18th Jun 2013 18:59
"Would love us to get Gaston Ramirez from Saints."
18th Jun 2013 19:13
"Looks good, but wasn't on the squad sheet this evening for the U21 champs..."
Save us Kenny
18th Jun 2013 19:15
"Just a gut feeling, its all speculation at this stage. If Suarez goes, without adequate replacement, we have Sturridge, Aspas, Borini and Alberto upfront. Do you honestly think we will finish above 2 Mancs, Chelsea and Arsenal?"
18th Jun 2013 20:17
"I reckon we'll definitely be competing for a top 4 place. Arsenal will do better, Man U and Spurs will drop off, City and Chelsea will obviously still be in there but I don't think they're going to have it as easy as they think - our new era of success will start for real next season!"
18th Jun 2013 22:16
"7mill for a 20 year old ? Look what we did with Ince, give him away and then hope to sign him back for 5 or 6 million !!!!!!!"
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th Jun 2013 23:04
"adie65- totally right, we'll struggle to get world class Ince back, he wanted by all the top clubs, Cardiff, Crystal Palace & Hull. Ince is 1/2 decent, no prem experience & unknown if he would make it at the top table"
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th Jun 2013 23:09
"Seville are totally right!! player has good season, price goes up! It's called good business. Those on about bad transfer prices with KK, really need to look at the full picture: 1) KK brought on overinflated prices (but all clubs new FSG had bags of cash to spend, so demanded stupid prices) contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th Jun 2013 23:13
"2) BR net spend is higher than KK, which means we are still paying big fees. DS an unwanted reserve striker brought for 12mil! surely we should have got him for 8 or less? Allen & Borini both high prices for potential (not finished articles)contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th Jun 2013 23:16
"& now here's the big test. AC (the new Drogba, or could have been) start of season 15mil pricetag. Big Sam says end of season, "we want him to stay, he is our no1 target!" On that statement alone puts 5mil on the pricetag. If we sell AC for 15mil it is again bad transfer business!"
18th Jun 2013 23:27
"how good is this guy.hav not seen him.however if he is good for BR then he is good for liverpoolfc "