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Ask 'em what they want and meet them half way! Typical bargaining scenario again. I reckon we should also go for Negredo if we can move out a couple more.
18th Jun 2013 14:28
18th Jun 2013 14:37
"Ugh! Looks like they will make us did deep because we're LFC. If we do, I hope he BR gives him the chance. We're looking at spending a hefty amount on him thus far based on the reported fees."
18th Jun 2013 14:40
"Pls get Christian Eriksen! A good replacement for Gerrard and Jackson Martinez to replace Suarez if he were to leave. "
18th Jun 2013 14:54
"Mkhitaryan pictured signing Liverpool shirt like coutinho did so he very close to us"
18th Jun 2013 15:15
"metallica - culdnt believe from first pic it was him but a 2nd pic showed that it actually was him so am very delighted, just a mstter of when."
18th Jun 2013 15:32
"what pics"
18th Jun 2013 15:39
"ok I found them,YNWA"
18th Jun 2013 15:44
"Midtableteam I think it's a very good time to change u'r name for a top 4 team i think(: henrikh will be top signing"
18th Jun 2013 15:46
"Where are these pics??"
18th Jun 2013 16:07
"i think the player wants to be here to be honest so we should just hold out for the 7 million and not get done out of a deal "
18th Jun 2013 16:08
18th Jun 2013 20:59
"Dont increase offer. At least not unless we are prepared to demand more in the same way when we are selling. As I understand it we have accepted less than we initially wanted for Carroll for instance. Are teams queueing up to pay more than 7 for Alberto?"
19th Jun 2013 9:09
"Pay attention! We haven't offered 7m...we offered 5m, they asking 7m and we should get him for 6-6.5m which is excellent business IMO. YNWA "