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Happy Days Ahead Kopites I Bet We Are All Watching Sky Sports News For Any Breaking News. Hopefully Sooner Rather Than Later. Y.N.W.A.
18th Jun 2013 13:23
18th Jun 2013 14:39
"you said it couthinho. on this instead of work. gonna be a long unemployed summer ahead. if most of these players linked come wel have a serious squad. well capable of challenging for top 4."
18th Jun 2013 14:41
"Coutinho_magic... I become quite useless at work constantly monitoring the media watch site and other avenues. I hope to see breaking news every time I check. I'll just have to be patient. Hopefully we get this guy though. However, Sevilla seem to want us to dig deep for Alberto."
18th Jun 2013 14:44
"i can see a massive attack coming from the red army it looks like BR is gonna make me eat my words"
18th Jun 2013 15:54
"Good to see we are interested in LB..."
18th Jun 2013 16:11
"this is a joke just let him sign for us already you greedy moneygrabber he is clearly not worth more than seven million yet he has played barely any first team football yet "
18th Jun 2013 16:47
"Old Ramon is trying to sell Sevilla to the football world and so he should. He needs to be careful though + not overprice a player who has to prove himself in the Prem yet - let's hope this is where Brendan shows his true colours - I heard City were sniffing round our manager so that's a good sign "
18th Jun 2013 17:14
"Alberto will turn out to become a legend for lfc hes the new iniesta, i follow la liga alot seen him once or twice great talent got another coutinho"
18th Jun 2013 23:14
"spot on coutinho_magic..was just checking sky sport when i saw your comment..damn right happy days ahead mate..ynwa"
19th Jun 2013 3:57
"exactly lads. how is it still only mid june, 1st july just hurry up and come on! i have a feeling BR could be working to that day for an old fashioned reveal of some new signings :) always enjoyed those pics of 3 or 4 players holding up their new red jerseys "
19th Jun 2013 18:39
"SjB 18th Jun 2013 17:14 just exactly what i think luis alberto will be a legend here in LFC"