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Our priority should be Mkhitaryan close with him soon.
18th Jun 2013 12:41
18th Jun 2013 12:48
"It looks like he's coming this way. Great news!"
18th Jun 2013 12:51
"not worth it...:/ we need first teamers"
18th Jun 2013 13:21
" MidTableTeam Why dont you phish off you knoob every comment on here is negative from you. Go back to the bluenose website"
18th Jun 2013 13:24
"coutinho magic - think you'l find if you actually read my comments instead of taking other peoples word for it youl see thats not he case and ive been on lfc forums for some time now"
18th Jun 2013 13:48
"MidTableteam - you are ALWAYS negative, Coutinho_magic is correct and dont try and justify yourself, your name says it all....!!!!"
18th Jun 2013 14:01
"published facts > petty opinionss"
18th Jun 2013 14:08
"so am i being stupid?? he says its a very good offer but there not satisfied!? taking money grabber, dont be held to ransom over this type of player! YNWA"
18th Jun 2013 14:12
"11 goals and 17 assists - fachcht! "
18th Jun 2013 14:16
"Guys, stop picking on MidTableTeam. Not every comment s/he makes is negative. That's an unfair accusation to make. We all want the same things around here."
18th Jun 2013 14:35
"lads mid table teams got a point. 8 mill lodged gonna be 10mill. 10mill is waaaay too much for a spanish second division player. MTT love the pessimism. hilarious. keep it up"
18th Jun 2013 14:38
"Please buy Christian Eriksen!!! Pls!"
18th Jun 2013 15:27
"6.84 million GBP. Agreed, it's top whack, but he could easily figure in the team at the moment. "
18th Jun 2013 16:17
"ya come on with this already he is worth seven million deal done come on with it "
18th Jun 2013 20:18
"I agree with magi,midtableteam needs to get of being negative and be more hopeful."
18th Jun 2013 21:20
"Agree with thspecialboy. Tell Senor Monchi take the offer by tomorrow noon or forget it and keep him. Meanwhile focus on Mkhitaryan who people are competing for."