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19th Jun 2013 9:02
19th Jun 2013 9:04
"Apart from the Mancs a good start. Should and must get some serious points from the opening nine fixtures."
19th Jun 2013 9:04
"fixtures look good. matches against big teams are spread out except for the man c and chelsea games. aug 31st. will be waiting for that"
19th Jun 2013 9:05
"Delighted that we have the Mancs early, so we can show that we mean business "
19th Jun 2013 9:05
19th Jun 2013 9:06
"Might be pretty good start and with some luck ahead you can pretty much get some nice place early and just keep it! Good fixture list."
19th Jun 2013 9:06
"good start to the season against stoke"
19th Jun 2013 9:06
"Can't wait for the start,let's get it on!!! YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 9:06
"Good Luck! YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 9:07
"That is a very good run in at the end of season as only two of top 6 from beginning of April, need to come out pretty sharpish but could be a very good season. [about time!]"
19th Jun 2013 9:08
"At least it's not Stoke Away 1st. So glad the fixtures in the Mirror aren't the same - saving the club another embarrassement "
19th Jun 2013 9:08
"I predicted away first match and more of the "top" teams in the first six matches......"
19th Jun 2013 9:09
"December is pain!"
19th Jun 2013 9:09
"You gotta congratulate the FA - predictable as ever: Man U placed within the first 5 games... while Suarez is still suspended!"
19th Jun 2013 9:10
"Not a bad fixture list - the thing I am annoyed about is 2 away games at Xmas again this happened last year we usually alternate the Boxing Day game with Everton :("
19th Jun 2013 9:12
"Not an easy start.... We need to step up signings and resolve hanging issues soon, especially Luis issue. ... With United just match 3, can't take a chance to go with key player short. SG and DS must be full fitness by start of the season. Good luck! YNWA"
The True Red Fan
19th Jun 2013 9:12
"I'm dreading December!!"
19th Jun 2013 9:19
"Every season we play United at home first. If Suarez stays, he won't be playing against them too. Plus, 2 Merseyside Derby matches in space of 3 months? City away & Chelsea away back to back. 2 days between them. FA worked their magic. "
19th Jun 2013 9:19
"january 2013?"
19th Jun 2013 9:20
"December by far the toughest of our calendar 3 top teams away within 2 weeks of each other. At the end of a busy month we have man city away then 2 days later chelsea away thats pathetic 1 of those should be a home tie,2 big clubs away 2 days apart sorry but thats a total joke. This is exactly how injuries can happen all that travelling then playing 2 games no recovery time. "
Red Machine
19th Jun 2013 9:20
"We can dominate till october"
19th Jun 2013 9:25
"Indeed, December will be troublesome. Has anyone else noticed, across all PL fixtures, every team who has been drawn to play at home on Dec 26th has also been drawn to play at home on the 28th? This is particularly unfair."
19th Jun 2013 9:26
"we will league leader after 10th games!!!"
19th Jun 2013 9:27
"would expect fans moaning about Chelsea and city games to realise that we never play games 2 days apart. expect Chelsea game to be played on the sunday 29th dec. it doesn't matter who or where we play. its about how we play. more wins and more points. come on you reds. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 9:30
"seems like the Manc's have an easier run out, makes you think who ever comes up with these is a Manc supporter"
19th Jun 2013 9:34
"also hope big andy doesn't come back to haunt us on dec7th. quite happy mancs is 3rd game as with new manager hoping they wont be up to speed. then or ever again really. lets support the reds as I expect if we lose a game all the doom & gloom will appear. in Brendan I trust. YNWA J4T96"
19th Jun 2013 9:39
"Easier start than last year. "
19th Jun 2013 9:41
"Please BR get the new signings ASAP and get them playing as a team with your style on the opening game. Scare the crap out of the Mancs etc with a big scoring win at anfield on game one. YNWA. "
19th Jun 2013 9:43
"January 2013???? Cmon mates, should've been January 2014. Anyways, tough festive period, but overall a decent one. "
19th Jun 2013 9:51
"Well lets hope all of our lads come away from the opening fixture without injury. Playing against the Stoke City thugs would have been the last place I would have picked to start our season. Especially with all the new boys potentially coming in."
Reds 96
19th Jun 2013 9:53
"I see no reason why we can't win the first 9 games on the bounce. Think positive. "
19th Jun 2013 10:01
"does suarez ban include league cup games? if so then he will be back for sunderland game."
19th Jun 2013 10:03
"should take at least 7 points from first 3 pl games,december will be the big test"
19th Jun 2013 10:07
"December 26 & 28????"
19th Jun 2013 10:10
"Wouldn't want to be Swasea. United, Spurs, Reds, and Gunners four of first five league games. I'm not going to complain about December!"
Rize up-13/14
19th Jun 2013 10:12
"well, i think we've get good start, hope you are not going to repeat last seasons start. with BR tramsf i believe we can do something better and powerful,.....YNWA "
19th Jun 2013 10:14
"Good fixtures for first 9 PL games = 25 points. AUGUST 17 Stoke City (H)- WIN 24 Aston Villa (A)- WIN 31 Manchester United (H)- DRAW SEPTEMBER 14 Swansea City (A)- WIN 21 Southampton (H)- WIN 28 Sunderland (A)- WIN OCTOBER 5 Crystal Palace (H)- WIN 19 Newcastle United (A)- WIN 26 West Bromwich Albion (H) - WIN "
19th Jun 2013 10:17
"btw I think BR is doing a great job. All players will add to the quality of the squad. Its time we realised we have one of the best young managers in the game - lets show our support on Aug17"
19th Jun 2013 10:21
"None of these fixtures are easy. We are mid table now. Otherwise, most on here will be calling for Rodgers sack by October, like you did with KK. "
19th Jun 2013 10:24
"BR has a long way to go before he has earned my respect. Last season was a disaster and he was sacked from Reading and Watford.Even Swansea have done better without him. But then BR inherited the Swansea team from Martinez, so fro me, Rodgers has achieved nothing so far. Nothing."
19th Jun 2013 10:29
"Why always first game against mancs is home game? "
19th Jun 2013 10:35
"If liverpool doesnt do it with this fixture list they never get champions league i looked at every teams fixtures and we got the easiest man utd got swansea chelsea liverpool cystal palace and mam city about time they ad a hard one"
19th Jun 2013 10:45
"Cant wait for august 17th"
19th Jun 2013 10:58
"good start no reason why we cant get plenty of points in the bag,we need a good start hit the ground running,but dont forget sky can change all these fixtures lol."
19th Jun 2013 11:05
"Fixtures look REALLY GOOD for us. Should be top of the pile by end of October. EASILY. "
19th Jun 2013 11:16
"cant understand the moaners. Best "starting fixtures" we've ever had in years and yet still we have people moaning. At the end of the day we have to play everybody at some time. No pleasing some people "
19th Jun 2013 11:17
"Looks much better than last year!!! Last year our first three home games were City, Arsenal, United..."
19th Jun 2013 11:24
"Weve got a hard december- spurs a man cty a and chelski a come on u reds"
19th Jun 2013 11:50
"The games close togther over the Christmas peroid may change slightly with the TV rights, For example, the Chelsea game MAY be pushed back a day by SKY. This will surely be broadcasted by live by SKY. Just a thought....?"
19th Jun 2013 11:51
"So Suarez will play his first game in Capital one cup 3rd round. Not too bad. Not missing a lot if imp games. "
19th Jun 2013 11:56
"Has the FA hierarchy changed over night? Always we were getting a nasty opening few games!!"
19th Jun 2013 11:59
"Come on. Let's have a great start and push on from there! "
19th Jun 2013 12:04
"Stoke first thats a tricky one but we should be able to win it"
19th Jun 2013 12:16
"Everyone knew we would play utd while Suarez was banned,at least it's at home and we can play them off the park like we did last time and Halsey has retired."
19th Jun 2013 12:43
"Come guys! I know you can do it. Premier League le this season. Worse case senario; a top four finish and the FA Cup. I feel it in my bones that we can achieve something this year. Come on Mighty Reds! YNWA."
19th Jun 2013 12:46
"redbart1, The Manure are beatable. No Alex Ferguson to motivate them this season."
19th Jun 2013 12:50
"Greedy yank, keep your opinions to yourself, or atleast get your facts right! BR was never sacked by watford, he was very successful at swansea and if you couldn't see the progress last season then I think you should stop watching football. We don't need 'fans' like you!!!"
19th Jun 2013 12:54
"Interesting which is Xmas sky live Spurs City Chelsea big one YNWA...."
19th Jun 2013 12:57
"seems fine the 1st few games. but december gonna be a hell of a month especially around xmas time. hope we can cut out the draws this season."
19th Jun 2013 13:37
"Greedy Yank - are you for real? I agree no fixtures are easy but I still think you could call them a good set of openers. Re Rodgers disasterous season - i know in ps3 terms you can change a 2 mins but a real club needs to build and grow (aka sturridge , courtinho etc) real fans never expected overnight success"
19th Jun 2013 13:48
"One game at a time.."
19th Jun 2013 13:51
"All top teams matches bar Utd are away upto Xmas. Better run in with home advantage"
19th Jun 2013 14:05
"Vy happy wit tat fixture list......its the kindest 1 in years"
19th Jun 2013 14:23
"Couldn't of asked for better fixtures. Our first 10 games should enable us to get ALOT of points."
19th Jun 2013 14:41
"Greedy Yank with a name so stupid you need to learn about the game this is not a ps3 360 or xbox one ok real life mann"
19th Jun 2013 14:42
"Besides the Boxing Day we cannot have an easier fixtures. It seems the FA is not worry about us anymore, although the top 6 clubs, bar Arsenal, are "in transition". "
19th Jun 2013 14:56
"The final fixtures are very difficult, I think"
19th Jun 2013 14:58
"if all goes well for the first 3 months then December will be the deciding month for us...come REDs, get off to great start!!!"
Mr Ostrich
19th Jun 2013 15:00
"The have definitely changed the format. Usually if you play at home first game of the season, you play away last game of the season. We play at home on the first and the last day now! Much easier first couple of games than last year so no excuses for not getting off to a flying start. Nice Christmas period - not too far to travel on boxing day for fans and at home on New Years Day. Happy."
Mr Ostrich
19th Jun 2013 15:05
"Also, to make things easier we need a couple of home draws for the Capital One Cup. Although we won it in 2012, I remember we were constantly given away ties."
19th Jun 2013 15:06
"Looking at the fixtures we have a very good start to the season of our opening 9 fixtures they are all winnable including Man U at home. There can be no excuses a poor start and we will struggle to get top 6 let alone top 4. "
19th Jun 2013 15:15
"A better fixture list than last year only the City (A) and Chelsea (A) over the xmas period that are back to back top 4. Also really glad to see the FA cup final is last game of the season hopefully we can be in it and win it. YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 16:05
"Very good schedule for LFC. Bar Manure No top 6 clubs till November (arsenal & Everton away) and December (Spurs, Chelski, ManC all away). Should build up a good points tally by end of October. That will give us more confidence to face the top clubs by then and would put some fear into them. Come On Reds let's make it our season. 4th spot is our to loose."
19th Jun 2013 16:57
"great 2 games to link the players together to prove david moyes is not the man to take down lfc,"
19th Jun 2013 17:11
19th Jun 2013 18:23
"As with any club we will have ups and downs...for the start ... it is important to have a good season starts ... It does not matter how many times you 'fall' it is important to immediately get up after the 'fall'!"
19th Jun 2013 20:05
"This is a REAL Opportunity to start the season with confidence and build on's amazing what a bit of confidence can do for the team.....look at 2008/09 Season.......great start and kept it going all the way. The first 6 Games are definitely winnable, or at least pick up 14 points from."
19th Jun 2013 20:29
"a good start z essential"
19th Jun 2013 20:30
"Not a bad fixture list with new the buys that we r getting in we could have a very good season "
19th Jun 2013 21:21
"On paper, a much more palatable first five games than last season, but they don't play on paper, they play on grass! A good start this season is so important. Just hope Moyes' miserable run at Anfield continues."
19th Jun 2013 21:33
"Good looking starting 9 games apart from the third against Manure but we will beat them as Moyes doesn't have a great record against us at home.We must not trip against the so called lesser teams. We need to go into December which looks tough by being at the top or thereabouts.Can't wait for the season to start.YNWA"
19th Jun 2013 21:45
"If the signings are right I reckon we could be top up to end of October. Can't see anything worse than a draw against MAN U. the rest all wins. "
19th Jun 2013 21:45
"If the signings are right I reckon we could be top up to end of October. Can't see anything worse than a draw against MAN U. the rest all wins. "
19th Jun 2013 22:37
"Best starting fixtures for sometime. Tough two fixtures over Christmas period but rest seem to be pretty well spread out. Need to get out of the blocks quickly. Could be a good season in the offing."
19th Jun 2013 22:53
"I as a Liverpool fan over 30 years trusts in Brendan big time,just watch us go this next term.But i must admit there will be no excuses this term,we really have to make a great start,and going by the fixtures,there no reason or excuse why we cant make a great start.I will also add,Brendan knows Jose inside out,so we have one up on chelski.YNWA"
Billy B girl
19th Jun 2013 22:56
"No excuses now Brendan show us what you've got! The clock is ticking !"
19th Jun 2013 23:14
"Absolutely delighted with this fixture list. Some, fingers cross, very winnable games and one toughie against UTD as an early barometer. A tough December but a good January and Feb to recover any lost points and very winnable final two games that might be the difference at the end. Can't wait to get going again; YNWA!!!"
Buckie LFC Supporter
20th Jun 2013 0:00
"Good fixture list for BR. Xmas isn't that bad (lots of home games) Actually our BIG games are ALL at the end of the season, if BR is getting the team to gel as we hope then maybe our last 4 home fixtures will make our season! (Spurs, MC, Chelski & NU 4 of top 6 2011-12 season!)"
20th Jun 2013 0:18
"Happy xmas from the FA too. Spurs, City & Chelsea all away. "
20th Jun 2013 6:35
"this is our season!"
14th Sep 2013 5:12
"why did game against swansea re-schedule? "