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we are "rumoured" that we can henrikh for 23 mil euro but we can't afford to buy eriksen at much lower price...with suarez forcing transfer...god save lfc!!! brendan the coming season is make or break season for more smooth talking...better bring proven prolific world class players. YNWA
18th Jun 2013 9:26
18th Jun 2013 9:35
"Another one only interested in Financial position, of course he has a right to demand what he beleives he is worth but we are builidng a team to win things not just a team of players with heavy pockets, Our performance based contracts are key to LFC growth "
18th Jun 2013 9:37
"capel is young with a lot of potential...but we need to buy a young proven world class central defender with skertel place in side uncertain. also we need a player like eriksen who can take over the mantle once our stevie g hangs up his boot. brendan you have all the money and support from lfc owners. better buy proven world class players and our lfc can attract any world class players. YNWA"
18th Jun 2013 10:04
"OzJamesQ8, go support Chelski."
18th Jun 2013 10:19
"Well said kingforalifetime Obviously ozjamesq8 is completely clueless!! Idiot"
18th Jun 2013 10:26
"I believe BR needs to address the uncertainty surrounding our transfer business. Is Suarez in or out what about Reina & Skirtel? We need cover for Enrique at left back and should act fast as the other big players are also dragging their heels and this could be our big chance to close the gap."
18th Jun 2013 10:28
"Take VLAD CHIRICHES from Steaua, is cheaper (arround 10 mil ) and brilliant, just search for him, he will be a great CB."
18th Jun 2013 10:28
"I don't know about you OZJames, but that would suggest to me that they want Henrikh more than Eriksen. Prob because he's a more versatile player."
18th Jun 2013 10:39
"eriksen doesnt want to come here. made up a story saying dortmund approached him when they didnt. 25 goals from midfield. take it"
18th Jun 2013 10:43
"The signing of Kolo will bring a massive change to the stability of our back line. We were never really solid after Hyppia left, and that was why we leaked in goals. ... our current group of defenders are class, and are going to learn off Kolo. We really don't need this guy. He doesn't have LFC in his heart."
notts red till dead
18th Jun 2013 10:45
"chelski or man city ozjames. silly internet fans, they really dont have a clue, then have the audacity to put ynwa. in brendon we trust YNWA!!!!"
18th Jun 2013 10:53
"Ozjames...the majority of world class, proven players will be out of reach and at present won't come to us as we're not in Europe - HOW MANY TIMES DO SOME FANS ON HERE NEED THAT SPELLING OUT! Rodgers and his team are doing some bl00dy good work. They're looking for the right types for the right price..."
18th Jun 2013 10:54
"If they do manage to get some 'world' class players then that would be awesome and it would prove that they have the passion for the club and believe in Rodgers' vision/plan..."
18th Jun 2013 10:54
"Yes we are going to ship a few out and some which are good players but do they have that winning mentality? If they don't they're off! The only exception is obviously Suarez but he wants out - Get your transfer request in and hurry up about it I say!"
18th Jun 2013 11:03
"Some on here - the usual suspects! - are shouting 'you've got til xmas, if there is no improvement you're out!' Look at all the changes that are imminent over the Summer and we expect the team to instantly click!..."
18th Jun 2013 11:03
"I personally believe the team will gel better this time as BR is getting more and more of the type of player he requires but it will still be a learning process for everyone to find their position and get familiar with their new surroundings (inside & outside the club). Don't join the 'Revolution' just yet!"
18th Jun 2013 11:05
"Kingforalifetime + towerburger + all the other dreamers supportin' brendan (for now!!!)...when brendan isn't able to help lfc get back to champions league or even improve table position from last season...the same above lot will go against brendan. sorry mates can't stoop to your bottomless levels swearing back at ya. wish lfc gets the best players in the world. YNWA forever"
18th Jun 2013 11:19
"Come on Brendan! Sign Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta & Bale right now! You could be jobless in 7 month if not! Some fans make me cringe.. The types of players were after for the prices we will be paying are showing promise! Alberto, Mkhitaryan, Aspas, Mignolet, Llori! All excellent value for huge prospects! "
18th Jun 2013 11:21
"Just a deluded idiot"
18th Jun 2013 11:22
"Some peeps have no clue about football. No one can hold Rodgers for not finishing ahead of ManU, ManCity, Chelsea and even Arsenal and Spurs last season. Only Everton. These teams spend more and already have a better team so idiots out here asking for miracles should just calm down or go support Monaco. its a 3-year (minimum) plan and 1year is just gone."
18th Jun 2013 11:33
"improve our position from last season, well he certainly improved our position from kennys time. the football is miles better, were scoring more and hes ironing out the defensive frailties. go away you."
18th Jun 2013 11:35
"for the love of god get him"
18th Jun 2013 11:35
"Ozjames We don't want eriksen,brendan wants player who can play in 2 or 3 different positions.ive never seen eriksen and gone wow what a player he is,I've been very impressed with Brendan's targets and feel we can challenge for top 4 if we sign them.get behind the team we don't need negative fans."
18th Jun 2013 11:56
"2012-13 season review: no trophies + no wins against top 4 side...all for just a position above from 2 seasons ago + worse brendan's smooth talking. ingforalifetime + towerburger (immature person) + all the other dreamers supportin' brendan (for now!!!) stats don't lie. if we need champions league, we needs proven world class players not fantasy football players like messi. ynwa"
18th Jun 2013 11:56
"2012-13 season review: no trophies + no wins against top 4...all for just a position above from 2 seasons ago + worse brendan's smooth talking. ingforalifetime + towerburger (immature person) + all the other dreamers supportin' brendan (for now!!!) stats don't lie. if we need champions league, we needs proven world class players not fantasy football players like messi. ynwa"
18th Jun 2013 11:59
"Ericksen,Ericksen,Ericksen that's all you hear from some fans yet he's been on our radar a couple of years & in that time he hasn't justified our interest anyway it was another managers dream instead BR earmarked a player that looks perfect for us personally, of all transfer targets looks the most accomplished. "
18th Jun 2013 12:05
"2 seasons back kenny brought us suarez (who now is desperate leave)...but that's shrewd business. last season brendan brought joe allen and he didn't live upto his price tag. people tends to forget the facts and easily gets fooled by brendans's smooth talk like a typical spin doctor. if we need champions league, we need proven prolific world class players...not fantasy football like messi. yna"
18th Jun 2013 12:08
"keieuke honda is a proven world class player who can play both wide as well as attacking midfielder. also he won asia cup with japan as well as winning numerous best asian player awards. he is available for such a low price given that he's young prolific goal scoring attacking midfielder unlike henrikh. ynwa"
18th Jun 2013 12:10
"Tell you what ozjames, lets just say for now last season we improved our seeding being as you don't get any for scrapping a victory against a lower tier club in the LC, or for finishing second in FA cup. If you can't see the changes your better off out mate because we ain't going to be wasting money on overinflated potential anymore just winners."
18th Jun 2013 12:10
"your right ozjames stats don't lie, we have scored lots more goals than last season, won more away games won more home games created far more chances, yes we conceded 3 more goals than last season I hate to say it but Kenny set us back a couple of years with the players he bought and the style he plays! "
18th Jun 2013 12:16
"I mean look at the rubbish brendon brought in oz james couthino, sturridge for 18m or downing, Henderson and carroll for 70m! don't forget we had torres before surez he wanted to leave!henrikh won Armenian player of year last 3 years!!!"
18th Jun 2013 12:19
"Ozjames,fed of of Kennys supporters crediting him with Suarez when it was Hodgson that earmarked the player when he was manager, some of you are used to getting your own way, now in the real world when you don't its as if your spitting your dummies out get Tom,get Dick, get Harry GET REAL. Now we're back to Honda "
18th Jun 2013 12:36
"like all reds fan, i sincerely the best for our beloved lfc. my previous messages were miscontrued by some of our fans. as the forums says "media watch"...this is just rumour and our club itself doesn't stake any responsibilities on the articles issued by other medias. so i don't want involve in any fierce heated debate with any of my fellow lfc brothers and sisters. YNWA, forever"
18th Jun 2013 12:50
"OzJamesQ8 you really think bringing "proven profilic world class players" is all up to Brendan?"
18th Jun 2013 12:55
"I think ozjames has been playing a bit to much football manager."
18th Jun 2013 13:22
"From what I've read (which I'm sure is mostly crap), we are looking at a host of players...but no real 'world class' players???"
18th Jun 2013 14:23
"Ozjames...give us your list of world class players we need and we'll see if any of them would realistically come and play for us at the moment. We all want the top drawer players but for now, like it or not, we're re-building towards having that privilege again - can you see that!"
18th Jun 2013 15:16
"we seem to be buying a lot early on. this is good..."
18th Jun 2013 16:34
"It was Hogdeson who ruined our club not kenny, at least kenny managed to win a trophy and take us to 2 finals. I'm not a massive fan of Rodgers but he is starting to win me round, and these players we are supposedly close to signing are capable of taking this magnificent club back to where it belongs in the CL. Henrikh mkhitaryan over Ericksen any day. "
18th Jun 2013 18:40
"yes I agree we seem to be linked with squad players lets hope we sign a couple that will definitely be in the starting 11 next season after all we want to move up the league.YNWA"
18th Jun 2013 18:40
"Look as much pain as this brings, we HAVE dipped over the last few seasons. Fact. We are not in CL football, even Everton have finished above us. *#$!*. We can't attract the very best - in players and MANAGERS . Give each boss their chance. YNWA!!! SO WHY SHOULD OUR MANAGER? GET BEHIND HIM AND OUR TEAM. MAKE THE PLAYERS AND STAFF FEEL WANTED LOYALTY"
18th Jun 2013 19:28
"as an lfc fan my whole life i have to say all off u are wrong bendons not a great manager he did great at swansea yes i get that but when king kenny promised wembley he got us wembley "
18th Jun 2013 19:30
"ok he did bad in the league but a league cup an an f.a cup final not to mention hendo an downing are playin properly he was NOT given the the right treatment an time br is gettin call urself fans br is a midtable manager not an lfc fergie!!! sack him all he good for is youngsters"
18th Jun 2013 19:40
"an as for ozjamesq8 its true, 23 mil on a player that isnt even on an xbox game well that 23 mil play could get us benzema or erikson or isco or munian from ath bilbao think, an yes there will be a lot who hates these comments but hey i dont care,,, oh an p.s before u say kenny did bad football a good 30 odd shots hit the post in 1 season if they were goals then were would we have finished"
19th Jun 2013 4:13
"lets all calm down (calm down).least till the window is open for a bit, see how we're fairing then, not weeks before it opens. but no top players 23m for a mid suggests someone thinks he is quality. BR will sign top players, there may be players set to sign papers dont know about. nobody knew Assiadi was coming "
convict liverpool supporter
19th Jun 2013 4:49
"OzJames you have spent too much time on Mt Vezuvius smoking Peyote. Comparing KK last year to BR in the PL is ridiculous. Did you forget that we claimed only 18pts since the start of January in 11-12 season. In 12-13 we claimed 34 points. Mkhitaryan is well worth the risk. He cuts teams apart, is technically brilliant. you don't score 25 goals as a Mid if you don't know how to play. "