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i loved you,but lately you've been really disrespectful,leave,please, and make sure we get plenty of cash.
17th Jun 2013 20:47
17th Jun 2013 20:50
"Suarez has lost the respect of the Liverpool faithful."
17th Jun 2013 20:50
"Suarez need to stay media twisting words I fink we get one mre season with him atleast"
17th Jun 2013 20:53
"I wish he would honour his contract or if u really want 2 leave pls hand in a tranfer request so we can get in your replacement "
17th Jun 2013 20:54
"Even if he stays next year, I'm sure there is much love last between him & the fans due to his comments. It's better that he leaves getting us plenty of cash atleast 45m+. But we must be careful not to buy another carroll and spend it wisely. Suarez will one day understand which fans are the best and what he lost by leaving Anfield"
17th Jun 2013 20:57
"And? Just sort out your future and let us move on!"
17th Jun 2013 20:58
"Liverpool striker? you'd think otherwise if you seen the media and what the little traitor has been saying..Putting these articles up as well makes us look like fools..FSG sort it out for gods sake!! Get in touch with him and sort the mess out..Sell him ive had enough of the circus"
17th Jun 2013 20:59
"You need to leave Suarez! We'll KOP without you as you saw in the last 4 matches of PL."
17th Jun 2013 21:00
"keep working hard luis. The better you perform the more money we could get from your transfer. We want you to stay but dont need you to stay, I would love to see Morata and Mkhitariyan here instead of you."
17th Jun 2013 21:06
17th Jun 2013 21:15
"He needs to stay. I hate selling our best players. We must keep him. He has been giving mixed messages lately - I'm sure more than a part of him wants to stay. One things for sure is if he does stay then he'll give his absolute all as always! "
17th Jun 2013 21:19
"I'm glad you're honoured about the record. How about you honour your contract. I agree the media hound you and it's excessive however you gave them ammunition. That said, LFC have stood behind you. Show some respect."
17th Jun 2013 21:21
"I know Luis won't read our comments but if someone translate to him..... Re. His recent comment.... I don't think all the context were fully shared by the media. I don't mind if he leaves, six match ban can be significant, but he will realise,"
17th Jun 2013 21:22
"I think its better you leave us Luis. I don't respect to you anymore. "
17th Jun 2013 21:23
"I think its better you leave us Luis. I don't respect to you anymore. "
17th Jun 2013 21:25
"Ok guys calm down, he's still a lfc player plus you can't believe everything you read, today sky publish a story from a suarez interview with the biggest newspaper here in uruguay and that interview never appered in the papper. "suarez wants out" sells a lot more than "suarez in aswering media questions""
17th Jun 2013 21:25
"They twist everything because it sells more. I think he'll stay for 1 more year, this is just a media thing that is blown out of proportion. "
17th Jun 2013 21:28
"He doesn't know what honour is,probably the worst story this site could of put on here just now Luis Suarez talking about honour. Hows about shutting up & honouring your contract? Why do people keep putting wish he gives us 1 more year? You sound like our club owes him something. We put him on the big stage & 1st time his head is turned he is doing everything he can to go. Honour what a joke."
17th Jun 2013 21:30
"muhahaha seeing some of the comments i sometimes wonder if it is about football or somekind of weird religion ...maybe thats why we seemed cursed :)"
17th Jun 2013 21:33
"please do not leave luis we love you toomuch and with you in the team we can get in the chapions league all the defenders in the league cannot deal with your skills and talent"
17th Jun 2013 21:37
"looks like some fans will be very disappointed if suarez isnt sold, i hope "el trator" stay! :) "
17th Jun 2013 21:39
"Mr Suarez: Please stop for a sec and check Mr Adkins reciting - The Man in the Glass - Afterwards,recoge la maleta y vete donde quieras. Este club es mas grande que Tu. "
17th Jun 2013 21:39
"I just hate the fact that he is forcing a move away from us...just hand in a transfer request and leave..we supported you thru your difficult times even though it was your fault in doing that and here you are prepared to leave us in our difficult times..."
17th Jun 2013 21:43
"I have never seen anyone who wore a LFC jersey forcing a move like suarezs..all were respectful but this guy is way too disrespectful to our club and fans love.."
17th Jun 2013 21:44
"40 million would replace this part timer twice. Thanks Luis but we need a full time dedicated Liverpool striker and not a MGB like you. You will walk alone some day when you realise it's not always about the money. Just ask Stevie G!"
17th Jun 2013 21:45
"too much drama by you..please leave have made us and our unwavering support a joke.."
17th Jun 2013 21:48
"Though I'd like Suarez to stay...I can understand why someone of his quality wants better...can you blame him??? We offer a chance to play against Championship teams as opposed to Europe's best???"
17th Jun 2013 21:50
"lizabenju thank god that you werent born a Man city fan then, else youd want to shoot Tevez i think... compared to Suarez he didnt bite anyone tho :)"
17th Jun 2013 21:54
"This is a win win situation. "
17th Jun 2013 21:58
"The notion Madrid want him is irritating they have shown no interest what so ever in him shame we couldn't sell him to the highest bidder, if he goes buy Jackson Martinez to replace him. "
17th Jun 2013 21:59
"please can we stop this joke and send him packing now.take the money and find new reds like S.G and D.A.our club is bigger than any man.YNWA"
17th Jun 2013 22:03
"People are jumping the gun here. In reality none of us know what was said and when it was said. Until he hands in a transfer we cannot speculate as I DO NOT trust any of the press, they twist things, make them up, can't tell what is and isn't true."
17th Jun 2013 22:04
"We have supported you through thick & thin for the past few years.If you really think that the Real Madrid fans will support you like us,you are even a bigger fool......You've been disrespectful to LFC & you are no longer wanted."
17th Jun 2013 22:17
"club>>>>>>>>>player LFC>>>>>>>>>>suarez"
17th Jun 2013 22:17
"Who gives a rats lol"
17th Jun 2013 22:20
"I think he could be on his way to barca,he hugged xavi and pique so maybe he's camp nou bound"
17th Jun 2013 22:22
"Well done Luis... YNWA"
17th Jun 2013 22:23
"Seems to me that some of the 'supporters' on this page need to 'grow a pair' and stop behaving like a bunch of drama queens. OOOh get him, he's being disrespectful! Lets not play with him. "
17th Jun 2013 22:43
"Luis, It is time for you to go. The sooner the better. Go to Real Madrid and try scoring goals as you have done here. I am not sure you can do it. We will get some money and maybe a player who wants to commit to this club 100%. Thanks for some of the memories."
17th Jun 2013 22:47
"CR7 did the same thing when he heard an offer from madrid. however, the mancs begged him to stay one more season. I am not saying we need to beg LS to stay but we need to get the right offer & we can not let him go for cheap. I dont think RM want him anyways, they are after GB and Cavani last time I checked."
17th Jun 2013 22:49
"Have LS left us, or had he submitted a transfer request? Love him when he scores, calling him names when he is still a Red? Come on guys, we are true red fans. YNWA.."
17th Jun 2013 22:56
"call yourselves supporters, support the team get behind the RED men YNWA = YOU'll never walk alone. media hype again and you lot jumping on bandwagon shame on you all. "
17th Jun 2013 23:03
"The media in Spain will make Paella out of him. Be gone Suarez, but remember the reds, cos you will never get the same again."
Buckie LFC Supporter
17th Jun 2013 23:16
"You have to laugh at the fickle fans we are today! Suarez has gone from hero to get rid. Why, because the media (who ONLY print negative stories about guy)says he hates us all. I can't blame LS if he did want to leave, he could be like Mother Teresa for 5 years & STILL be the most hated person since Hitler, per the UK media. Good job we don't believe everything we are told by the media!"
17th Jun 2013 23:24
"Would really be helpful to LFC if Luis Suarez entire interviews could be properly translated. His statements are taken out of contest, and twisted to sell papers. It is damaging is rep with the fans... "
17th Jun 2013 23:27
"Hey Buckie, I hope you're right with all my heart, but why is he not coming out to deny all these rubbish the media are printing?"
17th Jun 2013 23:33
""Would really be helpful to LFC if Luis Suarez entire interviews could be properly translated. His statements are taken out of contest, and twisted to sell papers. It is damaging is rep with the fans... " "
17th Jun 2013 23:40
"only 30 goals next season could repay what a nuisance you have been this summer. i couldn't care less about your record, you've said you want to concentrate on uruguay then go and talk about real madrid. they don't want you, they want bale. hes a better buy"
Vosta Lee
17th Jun 2013 23:48
"It shocks me that some have turned against Luis thanks to twisted media reports. What are your thoughts on his statement that his hairs stand before he starts a game when he hears the singing? Or that sweet Delfina sings along? He may leave someday but still loves LFC. If people can leave their mothers they can leave their clubs."
18th Jun 2013 0:03
"If Gareth Bale worth £80millions,how much Suarez worth? FSG don't b bullied by anyone to sell.Remember Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney?Fergie ddn't sell CR for a season and got £80mil and Rooney still there.That's will show them we r LIVERPOOL!!"
18th Jun 2013 0:04
"I must say it does annoy me that he has been talking about leaving......however I am not going to stoop to the level of some round here, who SUDDENLY despise him, especially as we may not sell, and if we don't then all those ging him off will look silly."
18th Jun 2013 0:05
"Contd: It reminds me of the Man Utd Supporters ging off Rooney, then he stayed and the hypocrites loved him they hate him again. No point us being hypocritical about Suarez."
18th Jun 2013 0:23
"you people need a reality check... Liverpool hasnt been a top contender in like 20 years, any top 4 clubs of any top league are better than LFC. so he wants to leave for Madrid, who wouldnt want that? as for the alleged "disrespect", he's done nothing but compliment LFC and the fans... his beef is with the media, simple as that, otherwise he'd stay without a problem."
18th Jun 2013 0:30
"all you tards will be chanting his name next season when he stays at LFC and bags 25+ goals... silly fools"
18th Jun 2013 0:31
"he has not said he wants to go, more he is sick of british media so may have to. don't hate on him just yet, said he loves LFC ,could still be persuaded to stay. However he knows he has a tough season where he will get slated even more ahead. Like Reina I understand luis, the stick he will get will border bullying and could make anyone suicidal"
18th Jun 2013 1:01
"everybody is banging on about him leaving.. If he's leaving it because of the media, not the club! and its the media that are telling everyone what to think.. if he stays... bonus.... if he leaves... cash bonus. its win win for us"
18th Jun 2013 1:55
"Hahaha, there are some real "fans" here... How old are you? 16? He is still our player... And don't believe evrything that media says... YNWA"
18th Jun 2013 2:28
"Botón su labio agujero estúpido."
18th Jun 2013 2:58
"So many fickle and uneducated fans...the media have been gutting our club for years and you swallow all the rubbish like it is chocolate! No one at the Confederations Cup is talking to the media - they are focused on football - Luis is no different. YNWA Suarez, I'll support you whatever happens because you have always had a true heart!"
18th Jun 2013 3:03
"Thank you for everything you've done for LFC. We wish you all luck. Goodbye"
18th Jun 2013 3:41
"50/50 on this one, ok if we sell him and get 45-55 million who do we buy ?? If he stays will the fans forgive him for his comments ?? I trust BR to sort it out asap,,,,"
18th Jun 2013 3:51
"i know he is a great player, but he has also said that the club should let him go, meaning he wont try if we keep him. Shameful and feeling stabbed in the back after standing up for him after his insanities. so thanks for nothing after all your bans, 20 games or so?"
18th Jun 2013 3:56
"And anyone who thinks he has not said any of this stuff is wrong. Alot of it was said during the press conferences. Lost in translation not a chance, believe it or not there are people who can speak and english and spanish lol"
18th Jun 2013 4:34
"People on these conversations need to be realistic. Luis has said some things which we haven't liked, but if comes back to Liverpool in August and turns in a couple of excellent performances, like he did last season, all will be forgiven. Not forgotten, but forgiven. This is what football fans the world over are like, and we are no different in this regard... cont..."
18th Jun 2013 4:36
"Remember when Rooney requested a transfer from Manure and their fans said they hated him, but half a dozen good performances and a couple of goals later, they loved him again. We need to leave room in our comments for Luis to know that all is not lost, even if we are hurting at the moment. Luis is still our player, and we should not force him to walk alone - this is not the Liverpool way."
18th Jun 2013 5:35
"ya guys the same group of media is the one saying he wants to go. i had not read it on LFC site yet. We don't know how true it is. most of the players would love to play for real. maybe he just put it in that way but things turn against him. it is always like that for him when it comes to media. i had read that he does not like interviews but now so many interviews."
18th Jun 2013 5:38
"I´m from Uruguay and Suarez told HE IS GOING TO STAY AT LIVERPOOL, I don´t how why the englsih media make sotories about he´s leaving. HE only said "it´s difficult say no to Real" nothing less nothign more. HE´S GOING TO STAY YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT !"
18th Jun 2013 5:39
"Santhana it´s all lies, HE IS GOING TO STAY HE SAY IT IN URUGUAY, but english media dont tell the truth."
18th Jun 2013 5:45
"THE Kops love u despite all your failings ..blaming the hostile media is a easy way out ..After the last incident in Holland , u should have wised up...but its seems u will never change..So goodbye Suarez and thanks for all the wonderful goals..we want to make lots of cash out of u ..LFC is bigger than anyone !! FYI Ronaldo will leave RM if u join them ..:)he hates u .."
18th Jun 2013 6:08
"come on guys the media had always been hard on him, we don know how true that he wants to leave. you guys now say go then later you guys want him back. just like what some did with torres. saurez will stay."
Spion Kop
18th Jun 2013 6:15
"Great memories from Luis and that will never fade. Gave his commitment to Ajax previously and we need that same passion from him...lad is ambitious and today we cannot compete with Real Madrid in terms of what they can offer playing wise.. But lets see what happens after Brazil. "
18th Jun 2013 6:19
"Bye bye Suarez I dont care about you anymore just leave asap so we can spend some serious cash on someone else. "
18th Jun 2013 7:12
"Needs to be removed from the website, not loyal at all, not when you blame everyone and everything else bar yourself...."
18th Jun 2013 7:13
18th Jun 2013 7:17
"get this guy out of our sight please. He is walking alone these days. YNWA."
18th Jun 2013 8:01
"Do people giving Luis a hard time really believe that his comments get reported accurately? If so you clearly have had little to do with the media. I sent a journalist an email recently in response to one he sent me and was still misquoted in the article. Apparently my answer was not controversial enough. I wonder what poor Luis and his family think of these hateful comments?"
18th Jun 2013 8:02
"great luis, you will always be one of us, you will stay and even if you don t you will be a true liverpool player"
18th Jun 2013 8:05
"come om guys,.stop it. he is not a traitor, he is not, better that we see our media and their strange, as always way to go against us,.if he stays you will call him a traitor <<<<<<<<<' "
18th Jun 2013 8:33
"suarez please stay. i hope all this about him leaving is just rumours.YNWA"
18th Jun 2013 8:44
"Question, When is a contract not a contract? Answer, When it relates to a footballer or a football manager or club owner! If players, managers and club owners don't honour their contracts, they should be given life bans by the FA. Suarez owes Liverpool another three years! "
18th Jun 2013 8:46
"at least he is showing the top teams what he can do so if we lose him then we should get a decent price.we still need to replace him with another player who scores goals. I would still prefer him in our team than meet him in champions lge next season.( very optimistic)YNWA J4T96"
18th Jun 2013 8:57
"Players come and go and Liverpool will be there. It was there before Suarez and it will be there after Suarez is gone. Let him go. His childish antics cant be tolerated anymore. Let him go and bite some La liga players. He has done it in two leagues already when he is about to instigate a move"
18th Jun 2013 9:11
"That Saurez wants to leave is a sad indictment of FSG's ownership. If we can't retain top players, how can we attract them? What top flite international is going to be attracted by the talents of Colin "Fiasco" Pascoe?, Still, at least if Saurez is sold the proceeds can go towards a decent Baseball player. Saurez will be the last truly top international this club ever signs."
18th Jun 2013 9:13
"This media spin is probably fed by FSG's PR machine, just as many of these comments are made by FSG employees. FSG want Saurez sold because they want the money. Get 50m for Saurez, spend 7.7m on his "replacement" Aspas, and pocket 42.3m to spend on baseball. "
18th Jun 2013 9:19
"Honour. Yes, we need Suarez to honour his contract. We would ask him to stay one more season to help get us into the CL. He can then feel pride that he has shown honour and respect for our wonderful club. (A club many, many eight or nine year olds aspire to join). We will have a season to seek out another player of great quality."
18th Jun 2013 9:46
"Let Real Madrid care about this. I don't."
18th Jun 2013 10:00
"I respect all that you my fellow supporters are feeling. But don't be swayed by the media, they have never given the guy the right press but only negative. He is still a liverpool player up until someone comes with 50 million and he puts in a request. Don't believe everything you read in the press, remember they are out to make sells. So as LFC fans lets wait and see what happens."
18th Jun 2013 10:27
"In less than 2 seasons, he has been suspended for 18 games! He has been a PR disaster for the club and I can't believe the owners wouldn't consider to get rid for the right amount of cash whatever we think!"
18th Jun 2013 13:04
"Sounds like the media are getting into some of your heads... after what hes actually said on film, its a watch this space situation on this one."
18th Jun 2013 13:34
"I don't like him anymore. He's a two-faced unappreciative . We stood by him all the way. But he isn't even a man enough to own to his stupidity and face the consequences. All the negativity from the press, he brought it to himself, and now he has the nerve to play victim! SELL HIM please, We don't care anymore. NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB! YNWA"
Joe 17
18th Jun 2013 16:32
"Is it just me or is he getting a little podgy?"
18th Jun 2013 16:44
"Good for you Luis, YNWA.."
18th Jun 2013 16:47
"Our best players are always linked to some other clubs that are bigger financially. Get used to it!! Stop moaning!!"
18th Jun 2013 18:24
"Fortunately I still read comments with common sense. The media that harassed Luis and LFC are the same that now make you believe all the s**t they publish about him leaving, being disrespectul,etc, etc. Why not wait and see what happens, before giving all this stick to him? As itâ"
18th Jun 2013 18:28
"As itâ"
18th Jun 2013 21:16
"Everybody chill! Luis Suarez is giving one hour interviews, talks about tons of stuff. When reporters ask about transfers, he keeps saying he has a contract with LFC. How is this treason? Don't believe everything you see out there. Is not true. He has said that is an honour to be a LFC player and that he gets goosebumps just thinking of Anfield. But u don't see that in any headline do ya??? "
19th Jun 2013 0:55
"I never once heard in any of the interviews (translated) where Luis says he wants to leave LFC, he only says that he is tired of English media making his life hell in England and would consider leaving England (not LFC) for the sake of his family. Media have been hounding him and he has just been adding fuel to the fire."
Dede 7
19th Jun 2013 5:27