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If you want to leave, do it the right way like Torres, be a man.
17th Jun 2013 6:48
17th Jun 2013 6:50
"He's a magician and I hope he gives us one more year for our support or at least brings in the highest possible fee like Torres but with better luck with how we spend it. YNWA"
17th Jun 2013 6:52
"50 mill is a lot of cash, BUT... I would love to see more of theese freekick goals in the next campaign! What a strike from Suarez! JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH!"
17th Jun 2013 7:15
"i agree with 9xcommander a man brother ."
17th Jun 2013 7:28
"Please, Mkhitaryan for LFC!"
17th Jun 2013 7:28
"Please, Mkhitaryan for LFC!"
17th Jun 2013 7:29
"Please, Mkhitaryan for LFC!"
17th Jun 2013 7:30
"Luis is good, a lot of situations surround him. That's it.he shld just try to control his anger on the pitch when ever he plays. Luis suarez I understand how you feel with pple mocking you on the street and a lot of things. I really feel your pains and tears.pple see our faults and not your strength. I see your strength and potentials luis suarez. You're still my best player in LFC. YNWA luis"
17th Jun 2013 7:30
"Clasic...Hate him or not..this guy is a gem.."
17th Jun 2013 7:31
"keep Suárez anyway!!!!"
17th Jun 2013 7:31
"9xcommander...can you please comment on yesterday match and forget about leaving or not leaving!"
17th Jun 2013 7:31
"9xcommander...can you please comment on yesterday match and forget about leaving or not leaving!"
17th Jun 2013 7:32
"keep Suárez anyway"
17th Jun 2013 7:38
"After singning Mkhitaryan. seek Nico Lodeiro in Botafogo!!"
17th Jun 2013 7:38
"After singning Mkhitaryan. seek Nico Lodeiro in Botafogo!!"
17th Jun 2013 7:39
"After singning Mkhitaryan. seek Nico Lodeiro in Botafogo!!"
17th Jun 2013 7:40
"K J B spot on.. 9xcommander you and a lot more like you can always hide your face when October comes later this year. Find yourself a good piece of cloth to do so.. contd"
17th Jun 2013 7:42
"... we read what Media tells us. and not what Luis says. How many published the quote he made, "I've a contract with Liverpool and till that I'm a Liverpool player" when asked about RMFC. How about that! You're absolutely Genius LUIS, YNWA!!"
17th Jun 2013 7:44
"pictures 2 and 3 looks like the anger was boiling but what a goal the man is a genius no doubt about that "
17th Jun 2013 7:45
"Torres didn't do it the 'right way' at all! He moved to Chelsea (less justifiable than Real) and called it a bigger club than LFC. Suarez has never undermined the stature of this club."
17th Jun 2013 7:46
"That was the goal of a magician. Absolutely stunning! Love him or hate him but you can't ignore him. I wish him the best, even if he goes, I hope he gets us ample cash to buy quality players like him. "
17th Jun 2013 7:50
"Little bit of magic from Luis again. And please everybody, just keep calm and look everything you read trough some kind of filter. LFC fans everywhere should know that stuff what you read is not allways what is really going on. It´s even more true nowdays with the internet."
17th Jun 2013 7:51
"Given that he is still a LFC player, I think we as fans must give him our support towards him. Players cant stand alone without fans."
17th Jun 2013 7:51
"9xcommander Torres did it the right way??? I still remember he used to sulk on the pitch, making half-baked efforts towards scoring goals. Suarez is a different make. If he stays, he will be thumping them in, giving his 100%. "
17th Jun 2013 7:55
"Anyone else getting a bit fed up with the "I'm being forced out" comments from Luis? You're a grown man Luis and 100% responsible for your actions and the fallout from them. LFC and the fans have done all they can to support you. If you want to go, do it the proper way and ask for a transfer."
17th Jun 2013 8:01
"Selfishness never evades..ex. suarez.. "
17th Jun 2013 8:05
"If you really want to go you should not have dragged this thing for too long holding us at ransom! You should have been honest to tell BR and the management of your intentions earlier face to face NOT through some newspaper interview with a prospective team paper! I am very disappointed with you! You are burning the bridges to all LFC fans' hearts!"
Innocent man
17th Jun 2013 8:17
"Come sun come rain Suarez is the best.what a wonderful srike,i wish we can stay with us next season.with you and the additional buy will be a disaster i say it again.NYWA. "
17th Jun 2013 8:44
"What I am trying to say is that Luis needs to tell what he truely wants, to stay or to leave. If he leaves BR would have more time to plan for his next striker(Muriel for example). He would estimate his spending kitty. If he stays thats great because he'll get at least 20 goals for us. The main thing I am concerned is that we dont know what he truely wants. And that is a headache."
The True Red Fan
17th Jun 2013 8:58
"Go away, I'm sick of you"
17th Jun 2013 9:05
"We don't care about him anymore please stop posting news about him. He stabbed us in the back after all the support we gave him. Poor king kenny he lost his job because of him."
17th Jun 2013 9:10
"Lets cash inn the 60,m and get Mkhatryan. We had torres, and alonso before but the team didn't die, just go suarez."
17th Jun 2013 9:17
"To the people trying to say it is media saying what he said you obviously missed the video evidence of Suarez himself saying yes I have a contract but followed it by saying he wants to leave. His excuse of the media etc is not on he is an adult totally responsible for his behaviour he knows exactly what happens with the media etc when you go biting a player it was no different in Holland cont... "
17th Jun 2013 9:19
"Be like Torres?! 9xcommander, this is a joke. Torres sulked and never recovered. Luis may go but he always gives 110% for club and country. No comparison to FT. Long live King Luis."
17th Jun 2013 9:26
"When he bit the player in Holland the media jumped on it there too branding him "the canabal of Amsterdam" the Dutch FA also hammered him for it not as much as here but still a heavy ban 7 games plus his own club banned him for 2 games. He cant control his temper twice now he has bit a player,has a habit of leaving his studs into players forearmed smashed Ivanovic before,cont..."
17th Jun 2013 9:32
"been caught deliberately putting his fingers into Parkers eyes also volleyed him right in the stomach no attempt to play the ball that was deliberate the list goes on & admitting to diving then saying he thinks its ok to do so to win tight games. Sorry great player but will continue to get lengthy bans drag our clubs name through the mud I for 1 don't want a player like this no matter how good "
17th Jun 2013 9:52
"Why are people judging on whether he should or shouldn't leave? He's not leaving for footballing reasons, he's leaving because of the FA and our Media. He's going to give his family a good life. You'll always be a Liverpool legend luis, Thanks for everything!"
17th Jun 2013 9:53
"At least he's given the club advanced noticed so we can re-build, unlike last minute Torres. "
17th Jun 2013 10:07
"I am sick to death of hearing suarez's complain about how badly he's treated! sorry but it's his own fault. I think we should just get rid of him and try to get as much as we can because he's too much of a liability now. goodbye and good riddance. "
17th Jun 2013 10:09
"Let us stop this daily banter of Suarez, no wonder he wants to leave. Accord him his due respect..he deserves it! Let us fight to keep him, he is simply the best..why can't we be like other clubs who fight so hard to keep their best players.. Let us use some common sense if we want to challenge for top honours...YNWA"
17th Jun 2013 10:10
"Torres spent his last month dragging his arse around the pitch like a petulant schoolboy wanting his own way. Remember the "big club" comment?"
17th Jun 2013 10:10
"who the hell wants to hear anything about this traitor, supported him through all the insanity and now having to listen to his comments last few weeks. "
17th Jun 2013 10:10
"Luis your our hero! Please don't break our hearts "
17th Jun 2013 10:10
"Really don't know why you bother to post stuff like this. No one is interested in the clown now. Flog him to RM for 50m and let's wipe our hands of him."
17th Jun 2013 10:11
"How about paying back the loyalty the fans showed, shame!"
17th Jun 2013 10:20
"just make sure the transfer sarga does not fade on- put real and psg in there place set a price ask for it sell. move on... simple"
17th Jun 2013 10:21
"Suarez comment on sky sports news: "A player always aspires to be at the top of their profession and Madrid is at the top for any football player." if this a a true comment from u that i have just read on sky sports news then i dont eva want to see you in a reds shirt again "
17th Jun 2013 10:37
"Class player but only ever plays for himself, two seasons and thats it you run to get CL footy the easy way, just when we were building a team around you. You commit racist comments, We stick by you, you attack another player, we stick by you, now you want to leave, snake in the grass. good luck getting into the Madrid first XI?"
17th Jun 2013 10:37
"For anyone who wants Suarez to stay is a supporter of the player and not the club. He has bought shame to the club for 2 years and I don't care how good he is, he needs to be sold! He can easily be replaced and no player is bigger than the club - FACT! "
17th Jun 2013 10:44
"Great goal from the man child Suarez.If he wanted to leave he should have put in a transfer request rather than using the Worlds media to communicate his intentions with LFC and Real Madrid.Talented player but unstable character that would unsettle any club. LFC needs stability."
17th Jun 2013 10:56
"It would be nice to see the club stand up to Suarez and his agent and say, you have signed a new contract, your staying. But if Real Madrid are prepared to pay £85,000,000 for Bale,they should expect to pay a similar amount for Suarez. Like a lot of supporters I feel really let down bye Luis."
17th Jun 2013 11:15
"I must have forgotten something about Torres if he left 'the right way'! Suarez has said repeatedly he loves LFC, the players, the city and the fans, but feels the media is against him in the UK."
17th Jun 2013 13:15
"I woudl love u to saty ...but u have damaged the clubs image with all ur stupid antics !!.. i reason a 40 to 60 m deal will help right ur wrongs !!"
17th Jun 2013 13:21
"He's a sbag! Keeps blabbing his mouth off and now hes dissin the club which is unforgivable! Funny how he blamed the media but yet hes using them to orchestrate a move..Hypocrisy! He must be sold as i wont support the little rat"
17th Jun 2013 13:22
"He's a sbag! Keeps blabbing his mouth off and now hes dissin the club which is unforgivable! Funny how he blamed the media but yet hes using them to orchestrate a move..Hypocrisy! He must be sold as i wont support the little rat"
17th Jun 2013 13:24
"Suarez needs to leave, he clearly has no respect for the club or fans who have stood by him since he arrived here. Read a report that LFC are willing to accept an offer from Real Madrid for around 45-50Million but LFC are only willing to sell if Alvaro Morata is part of the deal. Wouldn't be a bad bit of business in my opinion. "
17th Jun 2013 13:31
"The guy is doing my head in. It's one thing running to South America to declare you want to leave but to keep reiterating it gives us no footing for negotiating a price. He literally has no moral integrity. I can only hope we meet Real in the CL 2-3 years from now and knock them out!!"
17th Jun 2013 13:45
"Buy the way, do you remember that Luis is still a Liverpool player? What if he stays? I'm sure that when scoring goals for Liverpool you will think "why the hell didn't this guy leave"!! I'm Uruguayan, and he NEVER said "I want to leave". Suddenly everybody believe all the s**t published by The Mirror, Skysports?? And those thinking he will be easily replaced, what a joke! "
i hate mid table team
17th Jun 2013 14:02
"What a lack of respect Suarez has shown Liverpool and its fans as already stated at least Torres had the b#%s to ask for a transfer you and anyone else are not and never will be bigger than the club ....."
i hate mid table team
17th Jun 2013 14:07
"If Suarez was miss quoted as a lot of you say why then if his love for us is so great has he not come forward and said so if he wants to leave then why stand in his way an unhappy player will bring the rest down with him get it done now so we can spend the cash on people who will not s£t on us "
17th Jun 2013 14:10
"The media are just intent on regurgitating Suarez stories because they don't like the fact that Liverpool have a gem of a player. I'll believe it when it's an actual article on the LFC website, not in the Mail, Telegraph or Guardian. As for him, cracking free kick."
17th Jun 2013 14:35
"And he says he loves the LPFC thats hard to believe for me bcoz of wat hes doing now,luis we all love you but if you want to leave,leave in right and respectable way not like you ar doing."
17th Jun 2013 15:29
"Luis be a man! Those people who against u are anti-LFC, and will do all nasty things to our players but remember u r on the category of Liverpool Legends. So if u want to walk alone then no one is bigger than a clud! We r going to miss u though. LUIS YNWA!"
17th Jun 2013 15:51
"If all these lately runaway news are true, he will be the worst LFC traitor of all time! Kudo to the club, managers, teammates and fans that had stood by him thru thick and thin! Yet another south america players that uses us as STEPPING STONE...."
17th Jun 2013 16:20
"no one is greater than the club but no struggling club is greater than the ambitions of a world class player at his peak, even if he has a very bad ... He wants to pay for Real what!? the deal is not done and hope theres no deal :)"
17th Jun 2013 16:25
"A player can be a long time fan and wants to play in the club for many years ...if he aint good enough, the club will sell him ...thats football, there is no loyalty... "
17th Jun 2013 16:33
"oh and great goal by the way! :)"
17th Jun 2013 16:55
"Zxcv, so â"
17th Jun 2013 16:55
" any other great club would like to have him! I wonder how Lucas and Coutinho will react "
17th Jun 2013 16:57
"Zxcv, so â"
17th Jun 2013 16:59
"Zxcv, so â"
17th Jun 2013 17:59
"Carodp are you Luis Suarez in disguise?? haha"
17th Jun 2013 18:36
"Suarez has not equalled record of 33 goals, the goal he was supposed to have scored against Peru was credited to Sebastian Coates, thereby he has 32 goals not 33 goals for Uruguay! "
17th Jun 2013 19:00
"the best striker in the world....."
17th Jun 2013 19:03
"Well said Scotty78ynwa - Do the right thing Luis and move on. Thanks for the entertainment and your hard work but Id rather see LFC's honesty and decency restored and see the TEAM play as a TEAM."
17th Jun 2013 22:13
"Suarez must realise that all the hassle from the critics and the press will gradually fade if he shows them they're not gonna win. He has a reputation for being a fighter, all he has to do is turn the frustration into patient resolve, let them know he can all that they can throw at him, he can win and prove them all wrong."
17th Jun 2013 22:36
"R.Madrid apparently are prepared to pay 85mil for Bale, Luis is better all round, he must not, repeat not be allowed to go for less than 60mil, we'd be mad to let him go for less. He belongs to us and can't 'just leave' he's under contract and must be made to stay, no player can be allowed to mock the contract they agreed to, UEFA and FIFA must clamp down on this with some new laws etc. "
17th Jun 2013 22:44
"Luis Suarez is the nearest thing to Diego Maradona we'll see for a long time and he's a Liverpool player, he's ours and under contract, he can't just leave, he can stay and beat all this hassle, sure he's not whiter than white, who is these days? The critics will back off eventually and realise they can't beat him, he can overcome his problems, YNWA Luis."
17th Jun 2013 22:49
"Torres knew any club would need to pay big money ie 60mil to get him, so FSG must insist Luis can only go for 60mil or above, not a penny less, other clubs should always squeeze Madrid for as much as possible, they deserve it big time."
17th Jun 2013 22:55
"What the press do or don't do has nothing to do with the club that the player is contracted to. The player just can't be allowed to walk away from a club just because he doesn't like the heat. We've been loyal to Luis and he owes us big time to stay and help us in our march to the top again, we need him, he needs us."
18th Jun 2013 1:41
"All I can see here is there are lot of people who forget that Luis is our best player and forget that they can't believe everything media serves them! YNWA Luis! Torres way - the right way?!? What a joke!"
18th Jun 2013 2:47
"BatmanLFC and doubters. If you want proof of Suarez desire to leave just go to Sky Sports/football/Liverpool/more videos and watch him say it and the reasons why. Personally, although a fantastic player I am fed up with defending his antics. Just hope we get £50m+ and BR puts it to good use unlike KD with the Torres money."