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get him done
16th Jun 2013 11:17
16th Jun 2013 11:29
"Good player , noe sign papadoplous,mihkytan,alberto nad iloris , keep suarez and be done with it"
16th Jun 2013 11:54
"Let suarez go for the right fee,he doesnt want to play for liverpool anymore & he will be replaced with someone that will want to play for this magnificent club & not have mental issues or childish behaviours."
16th Jun 2013 12:20
"Is Reina leaving? YNWA"
16th Jun 2013 12:26
"Yes reina is going.brendan ain't gonna spend nearly 10 mil on a backup keeper.He has a tight budget,reina must of agreed a deal with barca."
16th Jun 2013 12:59
"Yes get shot of this toe rag seurez!!!I am now sick of hearing about him wingen on about the media this and the media brought it on your self you selfish so and so!!!!So the sooner you are away the better."
17th Jun 2013 0:53
"I love the last sentence. "