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To each their own - as long as Twitter didn't distract from actual football thing, trainings and games, I prety much think it's just fine.
16th Jun 2013 11:19
16th Jun 2013 11:40
"I dont agree.. Too many ego's in football as it is and this just enhances it..They dont read the comments anyway and they just have other people running their sites for them.. imo its not professional and its too easy to get into hot water with the FA."
16th Jun 2013 11:57
"It is great when players interact with fans, but at the same time they can get themselves in trouble. They are public figures and unfortunately, people (and the media) do not realize that they are more than footballers."
16th Jun 2013 12:10
"The whole facebook and twitter thing is a load of old cobblers. Modern day Tower of Babel where people talk and talk and noone listens."
16th Jun 2013 13:00
"I like seeing that they are just normal guys with family, friends andca life outside of football. You get to see a very small othet side to them, whether it be family, their love of motorbikes or whatever it is, n"
16th Jun 2013 13:44
"As long as they use it responsibly, if one person s up, punish them not everyone. If players get abused on it, punish the abuser not the player. As long as players do not post confidential information, such as transfers or team for a game then it is ok. "
16th Jun 2013 14:28
"If it is used sensibly then its a good thing to interact with fans etc but when its used to air personal views of other players,clubs,transfer speculation then those using it like this leave their selves open for bad media attention & constant abuse. Think Joey Barton is a prime example on how it shouldnt be used & what happens there after. Unfortunately the media here can twist even good things. "
16th Jun 2013 14:30
"It's better to avoid it as it's just a waste of time and dangerous sometimes. "
16th Jun 2013 14:59
"Ryan McLaughlin is definitely the best tweeter. Genuinely funny."
16th Jun 2013 15:09
"The Babel tweet was the funniest tweet I have seen, no hiding behind verbal diorhea and hit the nail on the head. For that tweet alone I love that guy, just not as a player sorry to say."
16th Jun 2013 16:01
"Well players should be banned from speaking to the media in my view. Look at the Suarez situation? How disrespectful to a club that has backed him through everything he has done.."
16th Jun 2013 18:00
"Only for Gossips and Posers."
16th Jun 2013 18:24
"As with all typed media (inc email, text, etc), the typed word can be misunderstood & its true emotion lost on the reader. Back in the day, LFC players used to gather at Anfield & mingle with the fans, showing how down-to-earth they are &...normal. However, with their salaries/week being what we would be lucky to earn in year, that bond has weakened. Carra is prob right, but each to their own."
16th Jun 2013 18:37
"I think its a it of hypocrisy to say no to this because, everybody should have a right to tell their side of each story. Nobody likes anger tweets but it is a part of an individuals maturity to control themselves. saying NO or banning players to tweet you will be taking away a right as a human, a right to mature and take responsibility for their actions. "
16th Jun 2013 21:51
"Its another example of the exuberant lifestyle of the marketable premier league player, there is only one word "EXCESS"."
16th Jun 2013 22:29
"Agree with fobiuz."
16th Jun 2013 23:22
"If I were manager I would ban my players from tweeting. A rash comment after a heated game can cause a disproportionate amount of problems for the player and the club. It is a minefield. Comments should remain "in house". "