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Well done son. I have a good feeling he's going to have an excellent season. Showed some signs after his injury what he is capable of.
15th Jun 2013 21:41
15th Jun 2013 21:44
"he is starting to show his qualities.good luck"
Gordon Ottershaw
15th Jun 2013 21:45
"Well it's about time , as he appears to have recovered from his injuries. He is a great mover and this goal was pretty damn good. More of this and he will be pushing. "
15th Jun 2013 21:51
"Was a fantastic goal by fabio , first 2 touches were class"
15th Jun 2013 21:51
"Well done. His first touch & a little tweak for creating that goal was sublime.. Hope you score more for LFC next season . YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 21:59
"This will do his confidence the world of good. Now for a good pre-season after the tournament, then push on for a first team place. YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 22:02
"Well taken goal."
15th Jun 2013 22:03
"As with most players of Fabio's quality, if they get game-time they show their quality. You had one hell of an unfortunate first season at LFC & simply didn't get enough games to show what you can do. A great goal tonight & at a very high level. Well done & come home strong with that sharpness too."
15th Jun 2013 22:08
"c'mon lad there's a pos in the team for you now that other lad's leaving hopefully."
15th Jun 2013 22:17
"Pls come back better than u were last saeson a prove how good u really r"
15th Jun 2013 22:18
"congrats Fabio!!! such a good young player, we got him at a steal!! "
15th Jun 2013 22:20
"Congratulations Fabio! "
15th Jun 2013 22:22
"what a final that is going to be, Isco looks class for spain, looking forward to it!"
15th Jun 2013 22:31
"Hope we get to see alot of "knife between the teeth" goal celebration next season."
15th Jun 2013 22:31
"Fab-Fabio. Keep it up laddie and shut all the gloom and doom brigade up. Some have had you written you off since the day after you arrived at Melwood. "
15th Jun 2013 22:38
"Congratulations Fabio! Absolutely astunishing to see you score such a winner. Hope to see you less injury-prone next season! YNWA lad!"
15th Jun 2013 22:39
"'..a superb touch past his marker and finished clinically' - very important words, these. A possible indicator of why BR bought him and what's to come. "
15th Jun 2013 22:39
"I love this guy! Fabio is going to a big star in the Premiership once he stabilises his fitness - and if Danny Sturridge can do the same, then we are ROCKING!"
15th Jun 2013 22:55
"Well done lad, grab 15 plus this season and we'll be laughing"
15th Jun 2013 23:18
"Go on lad and win it for Italy! Come back a champion!"
15th Jun 2013 23:19
"Just need to keep injury free and you will cement your place in the first team. We are looking good for this season with the additional players coming in. Can't wait for the start.YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 23:20
"So happy to read that headline! Good for him. He deserves it and he is just showing everyone his quality. So many people are ready to write him off and he's only 21 years old! Give the lad a chance man."
15th Jun 2013 23:32
"Great goal.Hope he starts doing this for the mighty reds"
16th Jun 2013 0:09
"Boriniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Love this guy and his celebrations. Well done :) it's a massive moment and well deserved for not letting the head drop after a drastically unlucky first season at LFC. Hope to see many more for the 'Pool next term!"
16th Jun 2013 0:17
"GO ON LAD! Prove the doubters wrong"
16th Jun 2013 0:21
"class goal Fabio !!! nice to see you proving the doubters wrong...yeah me too!!.... and if Allen makes a comeback Buck is going to heralded as a genius "
16th Jun 2013 1:53
"Keep going and prove the doubters wrong and the supporters right. Quality!"
16th Jun 2013 2:00
"Well done Fabio! That should shut the trap of some people who were calling you baggage! Now to do well in the coming EPL season! Hope you score in the final! I am so happy for you! YNWA!"
16th Jun 2013 2:42
"Well done, Fabio. YNWA"
16th Jun 2013 3:32
"Good to see so many people supporting Fabio! He wasn't with the Italian first team in the Euros last year for no reason! Shows that more than one manager see's his class! He had an unfortunate season last time round! Hope he has an injury free one this next term! Wouldn't mind Tello after seeing his performances this u21 tourney.. Isco & Thiago are out of our price range :("
16th Jun 2013 3:55
"You want to know something The_Aussie_Red? You don't know what you're talking about! There is no such thing as instant success! Fabio is playing in an U-21 championship! He has loads of keep your opinion to yourself! YNWA!"
16th Jun 2013 3:57
"have all the moaners finally been banned?? brilliant to see lots of positive comments :) well done lad, 2 kinda freak injuries ruined his debut season and he got stick that he simply did not deserve. Didnt play enough to be judged.... Borini and Allen to prove the BR doubters wrong next year and show the class they both have at just 22yrs old."
16th Jun 2013 4:04
"Seems to be a good player, been unlucky with injuries so we've not seen his real form yet for LFC. But needs a solid season to claim a place in the team or he could just end up like Le Tallec or countless other talented youngsters we've had that end up going nowhere."
16th Jun 2013 4:07
"important goal but holland were much better u need to improve ur weak foot though not trying to critise he has the potential to be genuine no.9 for us"
Dede 7
16th Jun 2013 5:27
"He is a good finisher. Briliant. YWNWA."
16th Jun 2013 7:14
"Who's to say borini would'nt have scored the same as Suarez with the same game time and beleif shown by the manager, as given to suarez..Suarez scores brilliant goals but missed lots of sitters last season.."
16th Jun 2013 8:18
"yepaaaa! Nice job kid!"
16th Jun 2013 8:43
"Top class finishing...carry on in the next season"
16th Jun 2013 8:50
"Fantastic for his confidence and us! well done Fab. Build on that and do us proud this season...Sturridge, coutinho, Aspas, Borini,Alberto? Mkhitaryan? Suarez???"
16th Jun 2013 9:04
"Let Suarez go. He isn't bigger than Liverpool. He is coming up with with stories he wants to leave every now and again. Sell him but not less than 50 m!! From Mauritius!"
Natural Poolie
16th Jun 2013 9:12
"Well done Fabio, more of the same for LFC plz. I didn't get your name on my shirt for nothing, I've always had faith!"
16th Jun 2013 9:29
"small players can take a hard time at first but think owen, mascherano, lucas, fowler, messi, zola, kenny. Has it all to prove but agree back end last year he looked much more settled"
16th Jun 2013 9:57
"Well took goal, very quick and then composed to finish, few of them next season and we should be in good shape, time for some real optimism at LFC. add Mkhitiryan and Popadopolous and we should be firing. If Suarez goes we need a similar replacement,Benteke "
16th Jun 2013 10:04
"Fabio seems injury motivated to provide better and better party :)"
16th Jun 2013 14:25
"I agree gemboy, shame on you the_Aussie_red , us supporters are diverse in all aspects if we can commonly agree this guy has talent and needs time then surely we know. Your enled to your own thoughts and I too want success but fair go mate ;) YNWA from Oz"
16th Jun 2013 15:22
"this is what he is made of and am sure he has a lot to offer to his country and club."
16th Jun 2013 15:22
"for sure he will"