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This could end up being a super good transfer window. ..
15th Jun 2013 15:01
15th Jun 2013 15:01
"does this mean reina for tello?"
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 15:18
"Reina or Mignolet? Reina everytime, a downgrade"
15th Jun 2013 15:22
"strange this guy wants to sit on bench, unless reina leaving next season,"
15th Jun 2013 15:24
"Yes. It means Riena for Tello + (cash or one more player) "
coutinho star
15th Jun 2013 15:28
"if pepe stays its a super signing if not a bad one"
15th Jun 2013 16:06
"Reina is either going to barca or arsenal,it seems like hes agreed to go to one of those.Probably barca,I doubt tello will be part of the deal."
15th Jun 2013 16:06
"good keeper, a proper challenger to pepe, either pepe steps up to his best or.... bench time! competition for places is so important!"
15th Jun 2013 16:16
"I agree with those that have said this is a win-win situation. We're building a strong squad, one good goalkeeper is not enough. Whoever is on form will play! I agree Pepe is the better GK, but injuries as he had this season can cost points. However, if this takes money away from Alderweireld, a DM/LB, and, especially, Mkhitaryan, then maybe not worth it."
15th Jun 2013 16:17
"Mignolet aint coming to be number 2,He said he wants to go to the world cup.Would he do that sitting on the bench? Reinas going!"
15th Jun 2013 16:18
"honestly i don't want reina to leave. his experience is vital for us and we don't need that many changes. either we trigger tello's 10m release clause and sign him directly or nothing..."
15th Jun 2013 16:31
"so suarez dont want to shut his mouth in the last interview he told that liverpool should listening to offers for him blablabla he makes me going crazy need to sell him"
15th Jun 2013 16:51
"Fantastic buy and I hope reina stays fantastic back up and last season reina had a few games out he's only 24 so will be learning from the best could be a good window come on you red men Y.N.W.A "
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 17:04
15th Jun 2013 17:33
"In the 1st part of last season reina cost us minimum 3 games. Only after NYE he regained his form. But we have weakness with him in the air from the corners. And knowing PL likes to play high ball we defo need to do something about it. I think we will have quicker defenders comfy on the ball and taller keeper to catch crosses"
15th Jun 2013 17:40
"to save us kenny, we are not selling him, he wants to be bought.... get that into your skull!"
15th Jun 2013 17:40
"Good. Mingolet is the best Goalkeeper in the EPL. Reina's been a "has been" for far too long now. BR has come in and saw what I have, why can't you all see he's had his day? He cost us so many games last season I'm surprised my TV still has a screen! Trust me, I know what makes a top keeper (my son has just been spotted by a West Ham scout)"
15th Jun 2013 17:47
"Reina is not the force he was but not too late for him. I can see he may need a new challenge. SM is excellent keeper."
15th Jun 2013 19:08
"Millie11,if ur son was that good he would have been spotted by.........LFC.YNWA."
15th Jun 2013 19:19
"Could be a good buy and i think Reina is on his way out he has not looked happy 4 a couple of season. And on a side note Luis will go which will be the best 4 both side in the long run"
15th Jun 2013 19:27
"I'd love mata if he is surplus to requirements proven prem class "
jimmy liddel
15th Jun 2013 19:45
" it looks as though pepi is on his way. if so thanks pepi for being so loyal whe others were jumping ship.good luck to you and your family."
15th Jun 2013 21:18
"If we sign him then I can only think Reina will be leaving. Because otherwise this deal makes no sense. If we keep both players, this will be 10M wasted on a player who will be sitting on the bench. We have not got much money to spend as it is, so 10M bench warmer will not be what we need. "
15th Jun 2013 21:24
"lpdcollier, I have to completely disagree with you, this deal makes perfect sense, we needed reina to find his best form and that will only happen if he steps up and feels the the No1 spot is under threat, and as a bonus if he does leave or reina is injured we already have a very good keeper waiting in the wings, hungry and young!"
15th Jun 2013 22:04
"This would be a great signing whether PePe stays or leaves.. It would bring good competition for the No.1 Jersey ... Pepe is a world class keeper who deserves to be challenged for his position as all great players do and being the professional he is, I'm sure he'd welcome the challenge and respond to it by lifting his game even higher.. It's a win Brenda I trust"
15th Jun 2013 22:15
"TheLight 15th Jun 2013 21:24 sorry 2 say but i think Pepe is going he only saying what he thinks the LFC fans want 2 hear and what do u think about Luis"
15th Jun 2013 22:26
"plz sell Reina to barca 18 mil would great"
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 22:59
"They are not pulling out all the stops to keep him, which is a disgrace after he single handedly kept us afloat this season, BRs record would look pretty dismal without him"
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 23:01
"If Pepe leaves, we still need another keeper"
16th Jun 2013 1:51
"I am sure he would be coming to be number 1 keeper, and therefore Reina is going. A bit sad really to see Reina go, hope he stays but I can't get my head around keeping them both happy."
16th Jun 2013 3:03
"Makes perfect sense, Jones not a good enough no.2 and no. 3 has been sold showing this was a plan all along. One more season for Pepe with quality back-up and, then SM no.1 and sign a younger back-up.Brilliant strategy BR. YNWA "
16th Jun 2013 4:19
"The Light - I am all for competition for places, but we just don't have the luxury of having a player worth 10M sitting on the bench just to get the best out of Reina. 10M would be wisely spend in a different area of the field, where hopefully we can buy a player who would be a starter. "
16th Jun 2013 4:30
"Hey guys, Tello really have 10M release clause? I only sure he will be super sub next season and no one want to spend his time like this."
16th Jun 2013 4:47
"Mignolet, Mkhitaryan +a good CB are brought in, Pepe and Suarez both stay, and the confirmed signings of Toure and Aspas...THEN this would be a super transfer window "
16th Jun 2013 8:01
16th Jun 2013 8:22
"Jose Mourinho want to offload torres for a fee of £18 million...BR please get him back we will finish top 4 next season with el nino back...he loved the club & made a mistake thinking the grass was greener over at chelski. A lot of lfc fans would love to see him back..opinions please."
16th Jun 2013 9:01
"I think pepe will go soon. He made a comment about suarez a few weeks back saying he dont blame him if he leaves (saying he would like the same ) and wants to play c/l football I can understand if pepe wants to go home & would congratulate him with all my best wishes because he has been brilliant for us."
16th Jun 2013 10:15
"Reina was rubbish for a gk last season.has been for 2.5 seasons now. on the other hand,mignolet has had 3yrs EPL experience and single handedly kept sunderland in the PL..moreover Mignolet wants to play for us and reina wants to go home..if barca give 11.5m + tello on loan we should let reina go.."
16th Jun 2013 18:29
" Save us Kenny Typical id aint no lfc fan. Dont sell our best player he doesnt want to play for us...what we supposed to do let him rot in the reserves for 4 years and lose possibly 40/50 million (idiot)"