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Does this mean Pepe is leaving as why else would we spend £10m on a bench warmer??
15th Jun 2013 12:25
15th Jun 2013 12:30
"i didnt expect us signing a gk unless reina leaves. truth is that we lost some needles goals due to reina´s mistakes so maybe BR feels its a place to improve.also mignolet is taller than Reina with our team average height not so big it might be a point"
15th Jun 2013 12:32
"Minolet looks a good signing if Reina goes"
15th Jun 2013 12:36
"If this true I can't see us spending this kind of money on a back up goalkeeper, Reina must be on his way. "
15th Jun 2013 12:52
"watching some of his best saves...unbelievable ))) esp the saves he made against man utd rooney, scholes and giggs..he will keep pepe on his toes...pepe needs competition"
15th Jun 2013 12:54
"Does that mean Reina definitely leaving LFC if that is the case then why not?"
15th Jun 2013 12:54
"it must be true then"
15th Jun 2013 12:54
"I think reina will be going next year maybe even later this year ... after Valdes saying he is going to see the last year of his contract out ... so is Buck just getting business done early ... "
15th Jun 2013 13:09
"i'l be happy either way if it's to replace reina or back up. i'm a massive reina fan and personally wouldn't want him to leave"
15th Jun 2013 13:15
"Probably with Valdes leaving Barca next season Reina will join them and Mignolet is a replacement. Just like spurs did with Lloris."
15th Jun 2013 13:17
"I don't want Pepe to leave and I also think this is a great signing to keep Pepe on his toes. He is the right age and will great for him to be training with Pepe every day. Two or three years down the road he can then fill Pepe's boots and take over as number 1."
15th Jun 2013 13:17
"Pepe has been a good servant to LFC over the years but his best days are over. Mignolet would be a great signing for under £10 mil."
15th Jun 2013 13:23
"5starkop.. reinas mistakes alone cost us 14 points this season. hes passed it imo. mignolet is quality. "
15th Jun 2013 13:24
"Good keeper. Now we've only got 2 first team goalies (Reina and Jones) given that Gulacsi has left, it's a good choice. Pushes Jones down the pecking order though... "
15th Jun 2013 13:25
"Good keeper. Now we've only got 2 first team goalies (Reina and Jones) given that Gulacsi has left, it's a good choice. Pushes Jones down the pecking order though... "
15th Jun 2013 13:29
"if they get him and get rid of pepe they save a few mill quid on wages over the year,thats the way fsg work "
15th Jun 2013 13:29
"Is Reina leaving?"
15th Jun 2013 13:37
"If Reina go to Barca, remember to get Tello back + cash. Mignolet is excellent. Thinking of adding to our squard....with Mkhitaryan also. "
15th Jun 2013 13:38
"5STARKOP - I think it's because Brad isn't quite there yet - Bless him, he's all heart and makes some cracking saves, but personally I think he's got a short arm span and lacks just that little bit of edge to be a top keeper. I think he might get there one day but for the moment we need a proven consistent stopper with experience of the league."
15th Jun 2013 13:39
"I think this deal was in place for Reina going to Barca. Now it seems Reina will stay 1 more year until Valdes leaves Barca. If we wait a year this guy will be playing for another top club and we wont be able to sign him, hence getting him now."
15th Jun 2013 13:51
"I dont think that pepe reina is leaving but jones was a realy poor replacement when pepe reina was injured. He is young so i could imagine that mingnolet could play the cup matches and if reina gets an injury again he would replace him"
15th Jun 2013 13:53
"Hey guys, If Barca want Riena, they will get him this summer not next year. Barca is such a big club which they will back up plan one year earlier."
15th Jun 2013 13:53
"As BR has stated, we will be fighting hard in all compet!tions this coming season, so two excellent keepers are required to fight for the No1 spot; both are proven in the PL & both are good vocal leaders for the defence. If Reina does leave in 6-12months, he'll be showing Mignolet the LFC ropes & prepping him for the No.1 jersey - win-win."
15th Jun 2013 13:55
"Look, Simon Mignolet is 24 while Pepe is 31! Besides we have not replaced Doni who left for health reasons! Now that Gulacsi has left us we are a little bit short in the goalkeeping department! YNWA!"
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 14:03
"FSG wont spend that much on a reserve keeper, they like to shop at poundland. Looks like Reina is going. A downgrade in my opinion"
15th Jun 2013 14:08
"Hope there is a buy back clause for pepe if he is sold, for when we can one day offer him CL. He deserses his chance to represent an equally big club as lfc in spain and to perhaps be spain no1 in brazil. I do like vorm but rogers knows best"
15th Jun 2013 14:11
"If its on bbc it's normally true,means reina is moving on.Ive heard arsenal could come in for him,fans need to remember that pepe Is on over 4 mil a year and can make mistakes.No way mignolet is coming in as backup!"
15th Jun 2013 14:16
"I am not one of these blind faith worshipers of rodgers, but do like him and think he is right for us, even if we struggle next season. He must be backed and we will see some significant progress eventually. I am expecting a serious ownership restructure though, with fsg as 51% owners and the remaining stake plus naming rights going to the highest bidder, quite soon"
15th Jun 2013 14:24
"yes , this guy is a really good keeper best signing so far well done"
15th Jun 2013 14:25
"Pepe must stay. Not only is he a good keeper he is the live and soul to keep spirit in dressing room. Very upset when Rafa went. Please stay Pepe, you'll be a legend and really feel we'll get a CL place next season."
15th Jun 2013 14:30
"pepe has been a great servant but now is the right time for him to move on hes not the same keeper he once was! and mignolet is young and a top keeper, belgium are an up and coming team"
15th Jun 2013 14:32
"WOW!Top four here we come!!"
15th Jun 2013 14:55
"Pepe deal is as good as done. but we need the penetration in the wide areas of CHRISTIAN TELLO!!!"
15th Jun 2013 15:06
"Think about it, Reina gets injured before a big game, Miglonet steps in and were still strong. If we're getting the depth BR says we are then Miglonet will almost certainly play in the FA cup / Capital 1 cup this season giving us a strong cup side. "
15th Jun 2013 15:15
"RED-MAGIC1 - why would the Belgian No.1 move to a club to be No2 and play cup games in a World Cup year??"
Natural Poolie
15th Jun 2013 15:23
"If Pepe goes then Mignolet or Vorm would be my choices ;O)"
15th Jun 2013 15:31
"pepe is class he had a dip last season and had injuries but came back to best last couple months of season,still in top 3 in premier."
15th Jun 2013 15:42
"Barca offered 23M Euros for Handanovic (Inter)."
15th Jun 2013 16:15
"I agree with those that have said this is a win-win situation. We're building a strong squad, one good goalkeeper is not enough. Whoever is on form will play! I agree Pepe is the better GK, but injuries as he had this season can cost points. However, if this takes money away from Alderweireld, a DM/LB, and, especially, Mkhitaryan, then maybe not worth it."
15th Jun 2013 16:15
"I agree with those that have said this is a win-win situation. We're building a strong squad, one good goalkeeper is not enough. Whoever is on form will play! I agree Pepe is the better GK, but injuries as he had this season can cost points. However, if this takes money away from Alderweireld, a DM/LB, and, especially, Mkhitaryan, then maybe not worth it."
15th Jun 2013 16:43
"As long as it's been published by BBC, it means that it's gonna happen, which is good in both cases whether Pepe is staying as he needs to feel that his place is not secured anymore, or leaving as Mignolet is considered to be a very good replacement. "
15th Jun 2013 16:48
"Need to have real competition for every position in the first team, ideal scenario would be to have 3 players of similar ability all fighting for each individual place in the first team, competion should keep everyone on their toes. This gives many options and injury insurance cover as well. That's the theory I think. "
15th Jun 2013 16:50
"Reina has no intentions of leaving whatsoever, Mignolet will be a great understudy, now get the young Reading Keeper and that's the backdoor well and truly secured."
15th Jun 2013 16:57
"Pepe is here for the long haul, that you can depend upon. Mignolet will make a fantastic deputy when called in and great cover. Reading keeper (whatshisname?)will be super cover waiting in the wings. I'd say we would be well set up for goalies. Build from the back great thinking BR! "
15th Jun 2013 17:06
"Still would love Pepe to stay...YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 17:13
"Anyone seen Orjan Nyland Haskjold play? Looks good to me. "
15th Jun 2013 17:26
"Reina isn't going anywhere, it's about time a young decent keeper came in to learn from him. Yes he'll go one day, but not this summer."
15th Jun 2013 19:47
"Jones definitely deserves more credit from some fans, the vast majority of clubs don't have a backup keeper of his quality. If we're signing Mignolet it means Reina is leaving."
15th Jun 2013 20:21
"jones is a nice lad but not good enough for a no2 at Liverpool."
15th Jun 2013 21:12
"If Mignolet is coming in as backup, right on. If he is coming in as a replacement, then this is yet another in a long line of poor and stingy decisions under the current and previous regimes."
15th Jun 2013 21:18
"Brad Jones good but not great keeper, one of the most nicest guys ever played for us but falls short of the standard we need if we are to move forward. Mignolet is really class, not quite as good as Pepe but will be one day, hasn't reached his full potential, not by a long shot but ticks all the right boxes for sure. Pepe, Mignolet and that Reading keeper and we are sorted for goalies. "
15th Jun 2013 22:06
"LiverpoolBelongstotheFans 15th Jun 2013 21:12 An 8-10million GK 'poor & stingy decisions', you sure about that??"
15th Jun 2013 22:25
"BR's January turn-around tactics/acquisitions warrants faith based on evidence. If Mignolet is BR's man and irrespective if Pepe wants to stay or go - then b-r-i-n-g i-t o-n Mignolet!! "
15th Jun 2013 23:26
"If Mignolet does come we are on the right path to go for the League this season. Every top Team needs two quality goalkeepers to keep each other on their toes. Without competion for every place players have a tendency to get lax and make silly mistakes."
16th Jun 2013 0:50
"Why should Pepe Reina leave Liverpool F.C. still some important tasks to fulfill, right. We wanna join the Championsleague again .... so, I questioning the Management: what's your objectives ?!?? Greetings from Switzerland"
16th Jun 2013 4:40
"If Pepe leaves, we will be left with Mignolet and Jones(who is not good at all), and that doesn't look good. Pepe must stay! "