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my only question is why barca had option to buy for 5m euros but for us it's 9m euros?
15th Jun 2013 12:10
15th Jun 2013 12:12
"in: kolo, aspas, alberto, henrikh, alderweireld, mignolet, ilori out: spearing, carroll, downing, coates, shelvey, assaidi dream scenario!"
15th Jun 2013 12:13
"get it done, cheep at M7 imo, great potential & will fit in nicely."
15th Jun 2013 12:30
"I guess in Rodgers we trust plus if surez leaves why don't we do a cash plus swap deal for Higuain I wud like another quality winger, cb lb, defensive mid n offensive mid n a striker out carall downing maybe shelvey and brad jones Shud get £25m for them "
15th Jun 2013 12:39
"get in there Liverpool get him today"
15th Jun 2013 13:07
"djafu - i think you're almost spot on there except we might keep one of downing/coates"
15th Jun 2013 13:13
"it does frustrate when some fans say why didnt bacra sign him.... they could not give any guarantees if he would be loaned out instead of being involved with the barca A, so an agreement couldnt be found, hence why he wants to come to Liverpool as he knows if you play well enough you get in the team regardless of age!"
15th Jun 2013 13:15
"djafu-id keep downing over coates. in fairness he has improved and just for the way hes tried this year. absolutely gutted about papa though, fsg not willing to splash out again. cant help think if kenny hadnt blown all that money how different things might be. if we miss out on mkhiteryan ive lost all faith. "
15th Jun 2013 13:18
"Rodgers has created an atmosphere where top youngsters want to come us!! this will makes us strong for years to come!"
15th Jun 2013 13:18
"We have no cover at left back for Enrique & yet we're spending 8-10mil on a goal keeper to warm the bench & 9million euro's on a winger when we have Sterling, Ibe, Assidi, Downing. We must improve the squad but we should priorities & spend wisely."
15th Jun 2013 13:22
"Of course he has potential, however, same question as MidTableTeam!! Why need to pay 9M Euros. Let get the same price!"
15th Jun 2013 13:23
"DjafuLFC, I agree with you but i would also add Lucas and Borini to the out list."
15th Jun 2013 13:25
"DjafuLFC, I agree with you but i would also add Lucas and Borini to the out list."
15th Jun 2013 13:28
"I have to agree with quite a few here, if we didnt blow all that money a few seasons ago, how different things would be now, so much damage was caused to the club! Downing has to go as well, even though he had a better season, to be in an attacking role and only a get an assist and a goal is ridic. borini had better stats and only played in a handful of games through injury,"
15th Jun 2013 13:28
"looks like a quality player to me :) "
15th Jun 2013 13:30
"Borini is very very good young player and will offer more than downing can or will, Borini makes space to play football with his movement has a great touch and always plays the right ball!"
15th Jun 2013 13:42
"I agreed with DjafuLFC as this season will be big changes to LGC. As what I said many time, the stupid money wasted by KK hurted us for two years. We need to get rid of the players like Downing.... Even Hederson need to loan out as his improvement is too slow even I believe he has the ability"
15th Jun 2013 13:45
"I don't think Downing will go he got 7 assists a couple of goals worked his B**ls off! Also a good squad player for rotation! I don't think Assadi will go either good for cups! Would like this Alberto chap looks pretty darn good!"
15th Jun 2013 13:58
"The Barca option for 5m was a contractual agreement made last year, Alberto's form & success has escalted his price for this year. Alberto would be a great addition to our squad, we wont challenge for the Cavanis, Hulks or Bales type players because of overinflated prices &, rightly so, they want to play CL. I respect any player LFC bring in, they just have to respect the club too."
15th Jun 2013 14:10
"Lucas out? you must be a manc!"
15th Jun 2013 14:20
"midtable this 5m release clause was offered to barcelona before last season. after 11 goals and 17 assists of course the price is increasing...but i think in the end it's more like â"
15th Jun 2013 14:26
"We want him, that's why....."
15th Jun 2013 14:27
"looks an unbelievable player this is great work YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 14:31
" DjafuLFC Sperin what planet on you on mate...he ent last season."
15th Jun 2013 14:33
"will turn out to be a top player, but we need to start winning things or players like this will just keep using us as a stepping stone to a bigger club challenging for things"
15th Jun 2013 14:46
"Downing's 7 assists and 2-3 goals is not enough for a potential top 4 wide forward player. But he's a decent squad option. "
15th Jun 2013 14:49
"to teams NWNR at 1338, finally someone with a footballing brain, great comment and I hope it explains why the want more for him now! and he is worth it! I would pay more to get him than eriksen!"
15th Jun 2013 14:58
"I really think BR is a clever manager who understands the modern football. All the players he is trying to bring are goal scorers and dribblers regardless of their position. It will very exciting to see the future Liverpool team."
15th Jun 2013 15:05
"TheLight 15th Jun 2013 14:49 Cheers mate, glad you're on this site. You'd think it was quite obvious to others why a players price rises if they've done well over a season; the 5m for Barca was a snapshot price at that time, 9m for us at this time is no surprise - its not rocket science. We paid 22.8mill for Luis Suarez in 2011, so its obvious why we're demanding 50-60mill for him now."
15th Jun 2013 15:16
"if we sign this kid one wonders whats going to happen to all the young players on verge of first team now? we only can play 11, is suso sterling etc going out on loan I think we need a bit more aggression in our next buy for midfield, we cant fail against the physical teams again next season."
Natural Poolie
15th Jun 2013 15:18
"Don't know much about this guy but trust BR judgment, hopefully this deal can be completed quickly!"
15th Jun 2013 15:25
"Redopium 15th Jun 2013 15:16 Good point, but as Gerrard said in interview 'the youngsters haven't done anything yet & have proven nothing yet'. They're cert on the verge, but not ready IMHO, albeit they did great last year. If we are to fight hard in all comps this year, they will play their part, but right now I'm happy with the hungry players that are coming in. Def agree with the aggress MF."
15th Jun 2013 15:46
"maybe a season or 2 in the under21's for this guy suso and sterling,along with wisdom sama flano robo coady ngoo and morgan what a team that would be should definitely win the u21 league."
15th Jun 2013 15:57
"When you said Lucas Leiva out I almost let out a bit of wee! Clueless! Only way is up pool! If Suarez wants to leave to Madrid please try get the gonz in a swap plus cash deal! Would be epic!"
15th Jun 2013 16:24
"I think its time to sell Flano and Robo, I dont think they will be good enough, Morgan to be loaned out and see if he improves and if not sell him too, keep coady wisdom and Sama and another season for Ngoo on loan and I love suso but a years loan would do him good too and see what player we have in him!"
15th Jun 2013 16:32
" loan suso to the championship to toughen him up would be great for his future with us, and sell Pacheco."
15th Jun 2013 16:43
"hey redopium, I agree with that, he should shine at that level, and pacheco although a good player will probably never be a great player, however he would be my choice over Downing every single game!"
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 16:51
15th Jun 2013 16:53
"to save us kenny, what are you going on about?? its not the club who want to sell saurez, its saurez who wants to leave..... and if so he has to go, £25mil plus huigian or Benzma is deal of the century, as both are better team players!"
15th Jun 2013 16:55
"and I bet if you asked every fan in the world would you have cortihno or saurez as first name on the team sheet, I better Cortihno would pip it!!"
15th Jun 2013 16:57
"Save us Kenny he has again said he wants to join Madrid, I think BR has a big decision to make and the sooner the better hope he don't go on the cheap like mascharano did."
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 17:07
"We wont get Higuain or Benzema. I suspect Alberto and Aspas are supposed to replace him on the cheap"
Vosta Lee
15th Jun 2013 17:11
"When Barca got him on loan he wasn't 'all that' hence the lower buy price option for them. After a year on loan he proved that he had something and all of a sudden both Liverpool and Sunderland have an interest in him. The price just went up."
15th Jun 2013 17:12
"Suarez will not go to Real Madrid , firstly they don even have a manager at the moment, secondly I do believe their first choice is cavani. Has anyone ever watched higuain as well, he is terrible, if we get anyone I think we should try benzema. Please go for bony though or lukaku? "
15th Jun 2013 17:24
"Save us kenny, I really dont understand your thinking, If saurez goes we will buy a top striker as a replacement, no doubt about it! the players we are buying now have nothing to do with whether Saurez leaves or not! it is clearly obvious... "
15th Jun 2013 17:26
"jimbob, The lukaku issue has been put to bed, the player, the club and Jose M all stated he is staying.... its been all over the news for the past week! Huigian is a top player and I would swap him for saurez now, he is a team player and knows where the neet is!"
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 17:47
"We were told we have 20m to spend. We have already spent that on aspas and mignolet. Therefore, if we sign any more, there are player sales ahead. FSG want all the top earners out, Skrtel, Reina and Suarez are all going to be sold. They wont get any top strikers now, because they wont pay top wages and we are miles away from champions league"
15th Jun 2013 17:56
"what if madrid wants suarez and cavani paired up?:d"
15th Jun 2013 18:29
"save us kenny, oh right we were told we only had 20 million to spend... who told you that... no one from the club did... Only BR, Ayre and Henry no how much we have to spend...and it is right to move on the top earners if we can replace them with equal talent on less wages... the overspending of the past was killing the club!"
15th Jun 2013 18:31
"and we are for once building a squad to easily challenge for the champions league.... easily after the mismanagement,transfers and wages spent by the past managers!!"
15th Jun 2013 18:43
"Save us Kenny 15th Jun 2013 17:47 You seriously saying you believed we only have 20m to spend? Were you in the board meeting at the announcement or did you hear it on a rumours webpage like this? If LFC cleverly let it out we have 20m to spend then that'll help us get potential targets for the right money. What if LFC said we had 200m to spend, how much do you think Aspas would have cost then?"
15th Jun 2013 18:48
"Save us Kenny last season was lfc's biggest ever spend by a long way, I know KD and DC wasted millions but was only given 34m by FSG the rest was through sales so FSG have been excellent so far,"
15th Jun 2013 18:51
"well said again Teams NWNRY and Redopium, I honestly have to question the mentality and apude of some people that comment on here.. not being harsh just honest, the ignorance shocks me... and if we announced we had lots to spend aspas would cost 20 mil easily and so on..."
15th Jun 2013 18:52
"when you add up what Rafa spent and brought in over his time he spent just over 18m per season so FSG have been good."
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 19:24
"FSG havent acheived anything yet, bar kennys cup. I dont understand your atude of blind optimism. I didnt see one single game last year where I thought BR looks outstanding, not one in 50 odd games. They will be sold, mark my words and we'll talk in august "
15th Jun 2013 20:02
"to save it kenny again... FSG have not achieved anything.... that cup you boast about cost us 130 mil to get... any club in the near the top tier would have achieved that if they put their seasons priority in that cup with that backing like we did that season! FSG biggest achievement so far, saving us from bankruptcy, and not becoming like rangers in should be very thankful"
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 20:10
"No need for any graude whatsoever, because there were other bidders prepared to steal LFC brand for 300m. Chelskis Broughton sold us to them. They are a business, here to make money, not a charity that are only here to do us all a favour."
15th Jun 2013 20:25
"wow, save us kenny, if you seriously believe what your saying, I really pity you for you negative view of FSG who did save us with 20 mins to spare...FSG have given us the biggest transfer budget within our history, but trusted the wrong people with it... These are exciting times for the very right reasons, its a shame your not on the same journey as us..."
15th Jun 2013 20:31
"1st having watched a recent utube vid of Alberto my opinion is very Suarez style type player but more team player 2nd Suarez wants to go so I guess no point keeping him looks like yet another judas would hate to see him go. in relation to star names we have to be realistic we can't offer CL/eu so that's a stretch for any top name to sign so we have to be smart and shrewd in market."
15th Jun 2013 20:31
"I also hope you support the club fully next season, and the nay sayers start saying yes, and the anti BR brigade become the BR brigade, and the King Kenny fans see the qualities Rodgers has and why he now holds the position as manager of the greatest club in the world, we need every voice to sing the same song next season Y.N.W.A"
15th Jun 2013 21:28
"Suarez is worth at least 60mil, especially if Madrid are keen to buy him, we must stand firm this time, too many times we let players go for much less than they're truly worth."
15th Jun 2013 22:03
"exchange rate; you buy you pay plenty dollar,suarez racism 10 games,big dollar Cannibalism;10 games,big dollar,also talk load of testicles, big dollar, get shut save big dollar, also no more head hurt comprendo"
15th Jun 2013 22:14
"Save us Kenny 15th Jun 2013 19:24 "I didnt see one single game last year where I thought BR looks outstanding" How many of Shankley's, Paisley's, Fagan's or Dalglish's first season games did you think the manager looked outstanding! Maybe you have that opinion because you only watch LFC games with your rose tinted Kenny glasses on (that's if you watched any games at all)."
Save us Kenny
15th Jun 2013 22:44
"Rafa won the eufa cup in his 1st season. Steve Clarke and Laudrup did better with less resources. I just dont understand all the plaudits for BR, he hasnt done anything in his whole career to date. Hes no spring chicken either. I will fill the air with undying support come action time."
15th Jun 2013 22:45
"Mid table team... it is because a deal was made with barca last summer before he went on loan as a part of the loan deal. Now he is worth more. And yea he is a good signing. "
16th Jun 2013 3:49
"TheLight: Who do you think you are? You come on here telling everyone what they can and cant think. You are no-one, so pipe down and wind your neck in. What is it with these muppets with pretentious names who think they're enlightened ones??! Insecure, needy and sad.... "
16th Jun 2013 10:20
"get him now will be a good signing"
Save us Kenny
16th Jun 2013 11:27
"The Light - I can think what I like and I can comment on a comment board. I have been watching football hell of a lot longer than FSG have. Please explain to me what he has done to deserve this job? And should he quit this season if we miss out on 4th again?"
16th Jun 2013 11:41
"When I saw a vid of him, I thought he reminded me a bit of Ian Rush. Looking closer, maybe a young John Aldridge? Just add taz and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, he looks very good. He'd be worth signing if we can get him."
16th Jun 2013 16:11
"Confused...Aspas deal has been completed???"
16th Jun 2013 17:41
"wow, I always support encourage and state my opinion supported by facts and not emotions, were a few on here comment through nostalgia and their own single opinion never supported by any truth, I welcome opinions as long as they have some tangibility... "
Save us Kenny
16th Jun 2013 18:09
"Ok the light, how on earth do you know they saved us from extinction with 20 minutes to go? Were you there? Or did you read it in the paper? Who else put in an offer? 300m was a steal for a global brand + tv rights money. Try taking your own advice before throwing insults around pal"
16th Jun 2013 19:09
"save us kenny, I read the financial reports created by a third party and published by the echo on their website, also fully explained by tomkins and shared by a new user of this site.. secondly all bids for any company is notified through the fit and proper persons scheme, only FSG bid for us, minutes before we went bust... all facts... "
16th Jun 2013 19:12
"I do my research before commenting on all subjects... surely that is what any fan would do... I never have knee jerk reactions or emotional outbursts based on personal opinions or most commonly for quite a few commenters on here... nostalgia... "
16th Jun 2013 19:30
"and to answer your question, why should he quit if he does not get fourth... as long as there is factual progress that can be clearly quantified then he should stay.. the best manager we have had for since fagan and he will prove it!"
Save us Kenny
16th Jun 2013 19:32
"Nostalgia? You mean over 100 years of history and tradition? Owned by us emotional fans, not FSG. So if nobody else bid, why did they decide to buy the club? John Henry admitted to knowing nothing about football. Doesnt seem good business practise, unless there is a hidden motive"
16th Jun 2013 19:43
"save us kenny, all because when he bought the club does not mean he does not know hot to be serve it, now he is custodian, all the best businessmen are facilitators, they find the best people to run their business, they thought they had done that, with KK and Comolli, and they got it wrong."
16th Jun 2013 19:44
"He has bought us as an investment, (is there anything wrong with that)but he has bought true history and that is hard to come buy! and he loves the club, henry will get us the league again through Rodgers..."
16th Jun 2013 19:47
"the first bit has been printed wrong and makes no sense at 1943, when he bought the club and admitted he knew not much about football certainly does not mean he does not know how to best serve LFC, he may give him a beneficial impartial view of how to run it in a way we cant see!"
Save us Kenny
16th Jun 2013 19:53
"So you did read it in a paper. Reliable. Why was the '20 minutes to go before bankruptcy' in a business report? Sounds like a load of old rubbish to me. Anyway, fun debating with you sir, toodle pip"
16th Jun 2013 20:04
"I can only go by the facts I have found, and the day we were going into administration, it was on sky news all day for every single minute! but I have enjoyed debating with you today, i just felt you were a little harsh yesterday, and equally I take on board what you say, I am a little harsh also! cheers dude"
16th Jun 2013 23:28
"Barca had the deal in place before his loan deal they moved early last year that's why he would cost them 5 mil but after a good season his price has risen usual as it is!!!"