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would be awesome IF TRUE
15th Jun 2013 10:23
15th Jun 2013 10:29
"If you want him go & get him BR.,,,Otherwise some other club will snap him up."
15th Jun 2013 10:30
"brilliant stats for this guy last season would be a bit of a gamble but could be a great signing."
15th Jun 2013 10:30
"He is an outstanding player, he will be a very good addition to the team and will definately add goals and a new dimension to our play."
15th Jun 2013 10:31
"Can we not lower the price a bit"
15th Jun 2013 10:41
"get him now don't leave it to late class"
15th Jun 2013 10:53
"Get him before Tottenham copy us as usual!"
15th Jun 2013 10:53
"Get him before the TOTS try and hijack our deal as usual by paying more!!"
15th Jun 2013 10:54
"Get him before the TOTS try and hijack our deal as usual by paying more!!"
15th Jun 2013 11:01
"Please please BR get this man, his skilful he has plenty of pace and he is not greedy, he scores loads of goals and has loads of assists, from what I've seen he gets in a lot of positions we he could shoot but will square it to guarantee a goal.. Really like this guy.. YNWA "
15th Jun 2013 11:02
"Big statement if we get this guy "
15th Jun 2013 11:20
"Sky Sports paper talk reckon we're looking to offer 17million which I believe would be a steal! People are stating he's got the goals in a poor league.. But his performances in the champions league last term show he is a great player who pulls the strings! Just look at Armenia 4-0 Denmark! He scored 2 set 1 up... Hope we pull this signing off! Could be a bargain if its below 20mil!"
15th Jun 2013 11:40
"There's nothing I want more than this guy. Watched a 30 minutes mini doentary about him and he's as good a man as a player, humble, down to earth, a proud son of a football player, who died too soon of cancer. He's such a joy to watch and listen, I pray we get him. Please, Mr Rodgers, do the right thing. YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 11:45
"* doentary, sorry. Here's the link, it's in French, though. The guy was born and raised in France, he speaks 5 languages Pls BR, sign him and we're ready for the next season...Oh and let Suarez go, we need committed players, not whiners "
15th Jun 2013 11:56
"someone else posted this ;ist of inbound transfer targets Toure Llori Aspas Alberto Mkhitaryan Lamela Alderweireld Mignulet Pierce Canos ,I recon we gonna go for Lamela when and if suarez goes..... idno who last 2 are but reast seem to be going to plan ...well done buck!! "
15th Jun 2013 12:08
"Canos ...youngster looks intresting"
Natural Poolie
15th Jun 2013 12:20
"Great if at all true, unfortunately I don't see fsg spending that amount on one player. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong!"
15th Jun 2013 12:41
"Aware that Ukraine league not as good as the pl so rather prefer Lukako I know he is striker but only 19 and scored at least 17 goals this season not bad ratio at all."
15th Jun 2013 12:54
"Would be a brilliant signing"
15th Jun 2013 13:21
"what a player, a major major signing for us if we get him!"
15th Jun 2013 13:42
"Either we move now and sign him or he will end up at Spurs or with Sami in Germany,,"
15th Jun 2013 14:12
"Given the TW is still 2 ws from opening, BR/FSG have made some great strides in securing players early; they may not be the Cavanis, Hulks or Lewandowskis that many over-optomists keep asking for, but they give me great optimism that we are building a tight, hungry squad for next year. The most important word there is 'squad'; no individual ever won the t!tle on their own, the team did."
15th Jun 2013 14:45
"hope this is true! would be a top signing"
15th Jun 2013 16:50
"FSG hav already spent 35mill on one player 20 for downing almost 20 for hendo, so why u cant see them spend 20,, christ!!! come one fsg &BR this guy is pure Class"
15th Jun 2013 17:25
"This will be an amazen buy if we can get him.... Need to get rid of TOE RAG SUEREZ makes my blood boil now at the very mention of his name..... But must get no less that 50 mill for him.Consider if bale is worth 85mill then suerez got to be worth 100mill!!!!"
15th Jun 2013 18:14
"I agree'red crusader'. ...get rid Suarez and get top money for him now to rebuild the squad, starting with henrikh."
RedNeve 2
15th Jun 2013 18:23
"Love to sign him. A proper player. With regards to Suarez, I really hope they keep the ungrateful, disrespectful little mercenary and bench him for the entire season! Let the fans show him what he is. Then sell him next season!"
15th Jun 2013 18:26
"Its all about london clubs and the manc twins we hardly get a mention now.....So frustrating!!! Hopefully that will change next season when we make top 4 and then some."
15th Jun 2013 18:29
"No what you mean! but i would like to see us cash in on him and insure there is no more biting our other nonsense to shame our mighty club any time soon..."
15th Jun 2013 18:32
"want to see alonso back even if only for one season.....Can you imagine us winning the leauge with him standing beside stevie g holding the cup aloft....."
15th Jun 2013 18:41
"Would love to see this squad next season.. Reina, Johnson Toure Agger Enrique, Lucas Gerrard, Coutinho Mkhitaryan Aspas, Sturridge....Subs Mignolet,Ilori,Kelly,Henderson,Borini,Alberto,Sterling "
15th Jun 2013 18:45
"we will get some money back from sales. I think up to 100m on incoming it will be this summer:)"
coutinho star
15th Jun 2013 19:35
"if its true make it quick and things will start looking good again"
RedNeve 2
15th Jun 2013 19:44
"Redcrusader you're absolutely right. I agree about cashing in on him but, I'm sick of seeing these players walk out on their contracts because they don't like the situation that they caused!! Let them face the music"
15th Jun 2013 19:48
"we need of Henrikh"
15th Jun 2013 21:53
"please get this guy, he looks a real top quality player, he's got it all, pace, skill and finishing. this guy could be a potential superstar."
15th Jun 2013 21:57
"this signing will impress the hell out of me, I also will be glad to see the back of Suarez, he's nothing but trouble and I question his judgement along with his morals. 2seasonsx10 games missed what use is that, naa get rid, he's a having a laugh"
15th Jun 2013 22:46
"Suarez wants to go, then let him go, it must be at least £40m though. We just need someone to offer us the right money so we can get to work with the squad. Off the on earth did Southampton get Dejan Lovren, a class CB. They've acquired a few top players now, they're going to be a side to watch out for next season."
16th Jun 2013 1:16
"Get him ASAP!! "
16th Jun 2013 6:39
"fingers crossed for signing with Henrikh."
16th Jun 2013 7:09
16th Jun 2013 10:54
"Watched Henrikh Mkhitaryan on youtube. He looks awesome. Definitely worth 20 million and would add the 20 extra goals that Brendan wants. If we get him I would feel more confident that we can get top four next season :-)"
16th Jun 2013 11:58
"Since we're talking youtube have a look at thiago alcantara meastro kid and see who looks better, not that I know too much about Mkhitaryan but going by youtube he is no 20mil player I could be wrong.But have a look at both and see for yourselves what real talant is, if we should be spending big money it must be Thiago type players not ones that we can be developing out of our academy."