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this will be a good move if we can get him don't hang about liverpool
15th Jun 2013 9:39
15th Jun 2013 9:42
"good move go for it Liverpool don't hang about"
15th Jun 2013 9:44
"Maybe a great player but you feel with 20m you can add 2 other great players like a loic remy (6m) and christian eriksen (14m)"
15th Jun 2013 9:45
"I really hope we get this player.YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 9:49
"Yes, get him. Absolute quality. He's really fast and would be perfect to replace downing. Trickery, pace and obviously an eye for goal(25 goals in 28 games)"
15th Jun 2013 9:51
"Forget about eriksen, mkhitaryan is a better player!!"
15th Jun 2013 10:03
"sign him BR he is real quality. 20m is expensive but he is worth every single pound tbh"
15th Jun 2013 10:18
"Yes. After all the young talents we got, we need to get Mkhitaryan who has lot of experiences. Remember 20M now is only talking about reasonable paying. Cavani, Bale.... are talking about 50-70M.... 20M means same price as Downing and should be much better than Downing. Then we can go for CB and LB....If possible, Tello please. "
15th Jun 2013 10:28
" MidTableTeam Why do you ever bother commenting on here? Eriksenis a dead deal so move on. Torres is up sale grab him BR."
15th Jun 2013 10:28
"Eriksen btw"
15th Jun 2013 10:50
"hard to know how good this guy really is done great in a poor league 22m is a lot of money but could turn out to be a great signing."
15th Jun 2013 10:50
"MidTableTeam Remy may be great but remember he gets injured easily, eriksen is great but it doesnt seem to be going to LFC, we dont have european football for him. GO GRAB HIM BR, HE COULD BE COMPARED WITH LAMPARD (correct me if I am wrong)"
15th Jun 2013 11:14
"8 million for a Rapist? Lol!"
15th Jun 2013 11:28
"Steven - innocent until proven guilty, "
15th Jun 2013 11:51
"get him"
15th Jun 2013 12:47
"Once more I repeat Ukraine league not as good as the English premier league so prefer Lukako a striker only 19 who already made his marks with 17 goals this season and being a member of a very good Belgian squad. "
15th Jun 2013 13:24
"This guy is way way better than erisken, its not even close, Erisken is massively overrated just like gaston Ramirez that some muppets were screaming for last season, and if any of you know the remy situation.... he could be going to jail.... why do people comment without doing any simple simple research.."
15th Jun 2013 13:32
"to Bistry... Chelsea/Jose M and Lukaku have publicly declared he is staying at Chelsea this season! This was all over the news for the past week, so I think Lukaka is a great player, tore us apart but that option is dead and buried!"
15th Jun 2013 13:37
"Waitinggg for Heno)) My Armenian dream) Heno and Gerrard!"
15th Jun 2013 14:18
"Mkhitaryan to LFC would be some coup. What an attacking MF we would have, & perfect preparation for Gerrard's wind-down in the next 2-3 years. Some great thinking going by the transfer committee, BR & FSG...finally!"
15th Jun 2013 14:33
"Friends! If you want to know who is better Mkhitaryan ot Eriksen, I advise you watch the game between Denmark and Armenia! We beat Denmark 0-4;)) Heno scored a goal;)"
15th Jun 2013 14:35
"Henrikh Mkhitaryan! Henrikh Mkhitaryan!! Henrikh Mkhitaryan!!! BR pleeeeeeez get him now, other clubs are wathing him, because this guy is really a good quality outstanding player. His inclusion in the team will boost our squad."
15th Jun 2013 14:52
"to Teams NNRY at 14:18, I hope your getting ready to change your name lol, and great posts today, always spot on! I can see your a football fan and not just a blinded LFC fan!"
15th Jun 2013 14:57
"I really think BR is a clever manager who understands the modern football. All the players he is trying to bring are goal scorers and dribblers regardless of their position. It will very exciting to see the future Liverpool team."
15th Jun 2013 15:11
"TheLight 15th Jun 2013 14:52 Again, thanks mate. I always find it more fulfilling supporting my team than deriding them at any opportunity. I think BR is great, but not the best, but neither was Shankley, Paisley, Fagan or Dalglish in their 1st year of management, but look how good they were when given time...the rest is history."
15th Jun 2013 15:14
"To TheLight, the name's not far off from changing, just waiting for the end August to see who the ins & outs have been. I cannot wait for the pre-season to start & am also looking forward to the Confed Cup to start today; hopefully unearth some other gems there too. The flame is burning at LFC & its getting brighter. "
15th Jun 2013 15:30
"I think we need a 20 goal a season midfielder to compete with the top teams, this guy seems to fit the bill."
15th Jun 2013 16:11
"To teams NWNRY, I hope we look back in 20 years and Br is the same manager as it will mean he has doing something right to still warrant having the job, I hope he becomes one of our great all time managers, only time will tell, but so far I have been very impressed with everything he has done!"
15th Jun 2013 18:35
"Good player! Get him. If we sign Luis Alberto I don't think we well be bidding for Eriksen, both same type of player."
15th Jun 2013 19:12
"as i stated earler either ericksen or Henrikh. depends now which one of them wants to go to liverpool and pair with coutinio in making magic:)"
15th Jun 2013 19:23
"I found some news from april...we wettin this lad...he's gonna be awesome too """Shaktar Donetsk winger Henrikh Mkhitaryan has switched agents in a bid to secure a summer move to Liverpool, according to reports. Mkhitaryan has signed with Italian super-agent Mino Raiola as the summer transfer window edges ever closer, with the 24-year-old keen to secure a transfer out of Ukraine."
15th Jun 2013 19:24
"cont Raiola has developed a reputation for brokering big-money transfer deals and has contacts at many of Europeâ"
15th Jun 2013 19:24
"It is thought that Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is also keen on doing business, as the player has enjoyed his best campaign yet for Shaktar, scoring 24 goals in 34 matches. Mkhitaryan is likely to cost upwards of £15million and, if successful in getting his client a move, Raiola stands to pick up a cool £3million on top of that."
15th Jun 2013 19:26
"Raiola has developed a reputation for brokering big-money transfer deals and has contacts at many of Europeâ"
15th Jun 2013 19:28
"sry posting on this site is a fcukin nightmare... sort it out BR .... after you sorted the transfers tho"
15th Jun 2013 19:29
"If we're going to spend 20mil then why not spend it on barca's Tiago, try to get some real class for that money like we did Coutinho "
16th Jun 2013 0:06
"I advise anyone who says that he is not proven in any bigger league to watch his champions league game vs Chelsea. He demolished Ramirez who is a quite pacy midfielder too. He has an eye for goal for sure."
16th Jun 2013 0:06
"But most importantly I believe is such a humble person and very combative. He would give everything for the cause. It is what we need at LFC. People who have the mental prowess to achieve things. We do not need any blood suckers who would only make their time and cash in."
16th Jun 2013 6:30
"crazy to see him link up with Coutinho."
Gordon Ottershaw
16th Jun 2013 9:05
"It is reported that IAN has cancelled his trip to Brazil in order to facilitate this transfer. Lets hope it is done in the next week else we will lose him to others with Europe qualifiers. This guy could be the answer to our dreams of top 4 competition. Got to say if this turns out to be the case then credit has to go to BR. Fingers crossed on this development."
16th Jun 2013 13:05
"In Brendan We Trust ! YNWA "