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16th Jun 2013 10:21
16th Jun 2013 10:23
"He should be. Off topic, its interesting how the bottom of the away shirt blends in with his tattoos... I'll get my coat. "
16th Jun 2013 10:24
"Definitely between Agger and Reina for me"
16th Jun 2013 10:44
"Yes I noticed the tattoo. Apparently he also has standard chartered tattooed across his chest! While you're at it get my coat too "
16th Jun 2013 10:52
"Definitely Agger or Reina."
16th Jun 2013 10:52
"how could people vote for suarez? even if he stays (which is very unlikely) you cannot sure he'll give the exemple and play the whole season."
16th Jun 2013 10:55
"He showed his loyalty when how could have gone to the Spanish Giants. YNWA Agger!"
16th Jun 2013 10:56
16th Jun 2013 10:58
"his hevocal enough thats my only doubt about him ,and pepe done the job before so does this mean pepe is leaving mmmm,"
16th Jun 2013 11:04
"The way things are going there will not be many long service players left which for me is a good thing,selling players at the right time is good business. I agree with Daniel as vice capt. But if Barca were to offer 15m I reckon he would go also."
16th Jun 2013 11:08
"Yes. Reward loyalty. Plyers wanting to leave for Champion's Lge make me laugh when it is down to them we didn't qualify. Reina hardly had a good season and Suarez loses loads of games being suspended. LFC should tell these players you are going nowhere. Club stuck by them they should repay."
16th Jun 2013 11:19
"D Agger! An obvious choice. It will be a few seasons before another Scouser is ready to step up to Captaincy level, but Gerrard isn't going anywhere for a while anyway. "
16th Jun 2013 11:57
"I suppose this year: Reina will stay. Mignolet in(50%) Next year: Valdes to Ac Monaco, Reina to Barca, mignolet in(100%) Hopefully we can trade reina for tello to boost our attack"
16th Jun 2013 12:06
"Top man good choice YNWA Daniel"
16th Jun 2013 12:41
"I like Agger, but lets be practical, should it not be someone who is able to play regularly? Agger has yet to play an entire season. My vote is for Glen Johnson. Pepe is a good choice but glen is up an down the field."
16th Jun 2013 12:47
"Agger is the best man for the job and he is a true red "
16th Jun 2013 12:54
"Totally agree. Perfect man for the job!!!"
16th Jun 2013 13:02
"Yes agger is liverpool thru and thru.And very loyal,maybe suarez could look up the word."
16th Jun 2013 13:12
"too right agger, we'll deserved wise choice, YNWA on knuckles , the kid is LEGEND material :D"
16th Jun 2013 13:12
"I think providing he stays it should be Suarez, alright he's got "problems" but I think he would be able to channel that energy more effectively as a vice captain, it would also probably make him act more accordingly as he would have to lead by example."
16th Jun 2013 13:28
"The only other possibility is certainly Glen Johnson although, I believe Agger has already Captain experience with the Danish national team. Never should a Suarez be given the capt pos unless we want a hoard of canabalistic racial divas on the pitch!!!"
16th Jun 2013 13:35
"Absolutely. He is a voice back there."
16th Jun 2013 14:08
"Agger or Reina Looking forward to the new Season cany wait YNWA "
16th Jun 2013 14:09
"You want your captain to be loyal. On that list only Agger have shown true loyalty. I for one can´t believe people are stating his injuries is a problem. This was his most consistent season ever!"
16th Jun 2013 14:24
"definitely, "
16th Jun 2013 14:40
"What a bunch of 5% unknown losers who voted for SUAREZ to be vice captain...are these people liverpool fans or outside supporters. DAGGERS all the way for me with out a doubt."
16th Jun 2013 14:54
"I vote Jordan Henderson because he's an experienced England u21 captain and will be with us for a long time. Agger has been linked with moves away from the club too often for me. "
16th Jun 2013 14:56
"I think we all know it has to be agger"
16th Jun 2013 15:12
"Only choice"
16th Jun 2013 15:26
"it would be z good idea to have a defender as a vice also Agger is a good defender and scores goals too what an ideal decision. "
16th Jun 2013 16:08
"There is no doubt about loyalty when it comes to D.Agger neither when it comes to honesty. He is a man, a grown up and he is world class. I think that centerbacks are good captains and if you don't have a Cpt fantastic you would look in the CB region for a candidate. so i say yes, Daniel is a very good option."
16th Jun 2013 16:10
"By the way... So is Reina.."
16th Jun 2013 16:11
"OK, I voted for Suarez. This is on the grounds that the added responsibility may remove his indiscressions and step up to the mark of the player he can be for the club."
ywna cy
16th Jun 2013 16:33
"agger or lucas"
16th Jun 2013 16:59
"I like Agger and would think he would make a good captain, BUT you really have to question if both him and skrtl are up for it leadershipwise, since carrageen was brought back for this. Lets see if buy a new centreback leader"
16th Jun 2013 18:17
"Why don't you get yourself fit enough Robbie, sign up again and we'll make you Vice Captain? "
16th Jun 2013 18:24
"Considering the poor quality we buy in the transfer windows, why should we blame these guys for wanting away to CL clubs? We wont get CL with the quality we buy, no chance, no way. On the other hand we should make, really make our players see out their contracts or sit it out on the bench, remember the signed the agreement, we shouldn't allow them to dictate to us"
16th Jun 2013 18:30
"Loz99 16th Jun 2013 18:24 "Considering the poor quality we buy in the transfer windows" - that's how we welcome new signings at LFC now!! Is it any surprise we're dropping down the table with that kind of support - sheesh."
16th Jun 2013 18:58
"Perfect vice Captain."
Buckie LFC Supporter
16th Jun 2013 20:41
"colle9 - 17.59. Totally agree! Having a VC is not important, but we do need to find some vocal players to organise on the pitch. So far we have none."
16th Jun 2013 21:35
"Loz99, do you seriously know something about football? Modern football is not a game where teams with the best and most popular players are the best one. Seriously did you watch one of LFC's games from January! Rodgers is doing great and knows more than a lot of people here.. Just watch us go back to the CL next season. Mark my words!"
16th Jun 2013 22:12
"Agger all the way. He's captained for the national side and this willl give him more confidence. Personally, I dont like goalie captains."
16th Jun 2013 22:35
" Buckie,aren't you aware that Agger is the captain of the decent Danish national side?If he can captain a national side,why not qaulified as vice captain?"
16th Jun 2013 23:29
"AGGER. No doubt."
Buckie LFC Supporter
16th Jun 2013 23:34
"okerav - yes I am aware of it, not sure the Danes are that decent, didn't they get stuffed by Armenia? But Captain & VC are just les we need 11 leaders on the pitch & some need to be vocal, usually CB or CM. Srktel & Agga main problems are neither are vocal!"
17th Jun 2013 0:16
17th Jun 2013 7:06
"SDsourge, there is a big difference between playing regularly and playing every single game the entire season. That would leave us with very few options. Besides, we are talking vice captain here. We expect Stevie to be our captain fantastic for another few seasons, don't we?"
17th Jun 2013 7:27
"He's been my pick since Carra announced his retirement! He would be the best choice!!!!"