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I believe he will be a success at Liverpool. Hopefully Suarez stays and they both can complement each other! Luis Alberto, Phillipe Coutinho, Iago Aspas, Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge, Stevie G, etc.... ext season is going to be really exciting! YNWA!
25th Jun 2013 8:58
25th Jun 2013 9:19
"Off subject...looks like the links to Mkhitaryan were a load of tosh as indicated by the guy himself! Best to stop commenting now on all these transfer rumours until they arrive at Melwood!"
25th Jun 2013 9:38
"I dont know either the decision to buy this guy is correct or not. To be in Top 4 must have at least 30mil per transfer. look at Real Madrid, Barca, Chelsea. How their spent?"
25th Jun 2013 9:54
"im sure RODGERS knows what he is doing..."
25th Jun 2013 9:58
"Duang-t0reZz, For the upteeth time, big money signings do not always bring success. Andy Carroll comes to mind. Compare his £35m to the £8.5m that was paid for Coutinho.. So quit your complaining and let BR do his job!!"
25th Jun 2013 10:09
"It is not mandatory to have big name signings to be succesful. Look at the likes of Demba Ba and the amounts paid for them when they initially came into the premier league.After all Rodgers and co know the expectations of the fans and they are working on achieving that."
25th Jun 2013 10:14
"I believe the sign of coutinho is a good move. however we also need to improve in seniority level i.e. bring in the senior player that has very good name for example Wesley Sneijder, Bojan, etc. however, I'm looking forward to see my team in top 4 for 2013-2014 season. YNWA"
25th Jun 2013 10:29
"look at barcelona and spain, if u want sustainable success u need to have a strong foundation, in this case the youth academy and then everything will just take care of itself..."
25th Jun 2013 10:32
"Duang-t0reZz - Sorry lad, but you're missing the point. We haven't got Chelsea/Real Madrid money. Dortmund is the way to run a club, invest in youth, unite the club and develop potential. How many Dortmund players were 30m or even 20m+ if you're not sure i'll help you out... None. Let the football do the talking not the bank balance"
25th Jun 2013 10:36
"liverpool-NINJA : Barca splashed out the cash to get Neymar."
25th Jun 2013 10:43
"I think he gives us a lot more than finishing. He will cause all sorts of problems for the opposition. Imagine a young Bellars or a fast Kuyt, what a nightmare to play against... He will cause confusion and make space for others, he will break oide and go past fullbacks, pass outside center box, set up stevie.. yea, he has a lot.."
25th Jun 2013 10:45
"If The MAN, RUSHIE say it that,s good enough for me. After all HE is one of our Greatest goal scorers!!"
25th Jun 2013 10:47
"Very very exciting addition.. and with Alberto's right foot in attack and this guy causing all sorts of problems.. it is a leathal pair.."
25th Jun 2013 11:19
"NINJA...Spot on! You've got to build from the bottom up - a bit like a house really! Barca have their foundation in place and now have the privilige to spend big if and when they choose. We used to be in same situation but over the years our standing has gradually crumbled. We need to re-build to earn that privilige again! Some just don't seem to get it!"
25th Jun 2013 11:32
"Duang-torez...most of their players come from their academy and once in a blue moon they can afford to buy one expensive player....unlike chelsea or man city that essentially bought 11 players.."
25th Jun 2013 11:35
"the Barca formula is the best formula, i like that kind of a model. FSG want longevity and a proper structure. liverpool needs to generate money on its own and plough it back by means of buying players, improving the academy etc..."
25th Jun 2013 11:37
"Brendan is building a team, not individual superstars. i hate the mancs, and fergie, but he had a team playing for him rather individual superstars"
25th Jun 2013 11:39
"we have a chance to rebuild, let us do it right, mind not what your neighbours are doing. get in young players and lets do things the right way. BRENDAN is a young manager and as such has the time to implement his philosophy...."
25th Jun 2013 11:59
"Chelsea and City are mad hungry for success and crave a history as rich as ours - NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! Their little empires will eventually cave in under the pressure with no solid foundation in place. "
25th Jun 2013 12:43
"Pepe Reina; "You cannot say NO toBarcelona." Luis Suarez; "It will be difficult to say No to a club like Real Madrid." Daniel Agger; "I can say NO to just about any club in the world as long as Liverpool Football Club want me to stay." DAGGER â"
25th Jun 2013 14:09
"Duang-t0reZz how much do you think Neymar initially cost, these players do not start off with a value of 30/40 mill. Look at LS he is worth almost twice as much now and then look at Torres sold for 50, would you be happy spending 50 Million for the return he has given??"
25th Jun 2013 14:29
"Supremedada- 100% agree with and with Agger Liverpool is our club and best club in the world and if Suarez cannot say no to madrid so of I prefer to be with Dagger and fight for Liverpool shirt"
25th Jun 2013 14:54
"great signing, but if suarez does go then we need to bring in a big name experienced player!"
25th Jun 2013 14:57
"Has anyone noticed the resemblance between Iago and Ian? "
25th Jun 2013 14:59
"I appreciate all that LFC is trying to do in the transfer market but the question is when will LFC sell all our losers or good for nothing players eg Downing, Spear etc.."
25th Jun 2013 15:24
"Agree with liverpool-NINJA you can build a strong team by being smart in the transfer market. You can have one or two 'big names'. Look at what we did with Benitez - two CL finals, winning one, semi-finals of the CL, Top of the league only losing it due to lack of attacking options. Rafa did not have a team of overpaid 'superstars' it all about the team."
25th Jun 2013 15:30
"Ninja, exactly my friend....I was trying to educate Greedy Yanks about following the Barca model which is about putting faith in their youth set up and augmenting this process with one big name signing - which does not mean big money. This is exactly what we are trying to do. We have to faith in BR and our owners.. "
25th Jun 2013 15:34
"We have just bought two very skilful players who will bring excitement to us. We will have skill all over the pitch and much needed space to boot. If we are able to keep Suarez we will definitely be able to compete "
25th Jun 2013 15:48
"gentleman the future looks bright, we might complain about FSG not spending money, but they make business sense to me. they are doing things the right way and this will ensure liverpoolfc will never go broke because we will generate and spend LFC money...."
25th Jun 2013 15:50
"chelsea money is abromovich money, man city money is Abhu dabhi money, man u money is Glazier money and liverpoolfc money will definately be LFC money.."
25th Jun 2013 15:51
"besides we dont want to be dependent on individual players, suarez being a classical example, because if he decides to leave we will struggle..."
25th Jun 2013 16:04
"gemboy i totally agree as an atacking force we will be great im excited myslf"
25th Jun 2013 16:14
"I am eagerly looking forward to seeing Iago Aspas play for us. I have a really good feeling this guy will surpass everyone's expectation and will be a massive hit for us. "
25th Jun 2013 16:36
"I believe that with what we have got so far this transfer window all we need now is maybe one good centre half and a defensive midfielder to be ready for the top four. Keeping hold of Suarez will be great but if he ultimately wants to leave then Brendan should use the money to buy another world class striker as replacement and the top four will still be ours for the taking."
25th Jun 2013 18:00
"Spanish players were always quickly fit into Liverpool style of play, will surely be the same with Iago! with it and prosper :)"
25th Jun 2013 20:52
"you have got some blessings from a red goal machine hope you deliver as expected.YNWA"
25th Jun 2013 20:52
"Stop please with this Barca rubbish. They have always spent big, to keep up with madrid and to keep competing with the very best. All this rubbish with we need to build from the bottom up. Barca have been fortunate like us and Man Utd over the years when we have had a great crop of players coming through. Utd with scholes etc, us with Fowler, etc and Barca with Messi etc. "
25th Jun 2013 20:54
"These cycles all come to an end. Thats when you need the money to stay at the very top. Scouting is very important, but so is buying the ready made product."