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I'm sure he'll be a hit.. Looking forward to seeing both Luis Alberto & Iago Aspas thus another Luis (if he still with us) next season!!
24th Jun 2013 10:54
24th Jun 2013 11:11
"welcome back belles"
24th Jun 2013 11:26
"yeah..looking forward to him"
24th Jun 2013 11:38
"very nice summary of Iago"
24th Jun 2013 11:40
"very nice summary of Iago. Looking forward to seeing him play.Now let's offload some of the deadwood and get a centre mid as well"
24th Jun 2013 11:42
"Once I read about him,"love to have him in your team and hate to face him on the pitch". We want players like him, agile, hungry and aggressive. Hope he will be a success and remain as Red for long. Iago YNWA."
24th Jun 2013 11:49
"I'm loving his determination and fiery personality. Hopefully it doesn't take him long to adapt. I'm really looking forward to this season."
24th Jun 2013 12:28
"Welcome Aspas :) YNWA "
24th Jun 2013 13:05
"he did at Celta Vigo a similar thing to what Tevez did at West Ham a few years back. lets hope Aspas has the same future as Tevez's past."
24th Jun 2013 13:32
"We are gonna love this guy ........ Welcome Iago... YNWA"
24th Jun 2013 13:51
"so.....rather hard choices for starting 11. Good thing though...:) "
24th Jun 2013 14:01
"He will do fine, but just in case I think we will have to be patient. It may take him a few starts to get going but from what I know of this lad I think he will be going to fast to notice he's in England, I think he will make a thundering impact. I believe in him."
24th Jun 2013 15:07
"Welcome to the best club in the world amigo! Work hard and score some goals because that's what we're missing la! We're still 30 goals off the pace. I'd like to see Lukaku in red, I think the colour would really suit him and he's an old fashioned monster number 9. I remember/liked his dad! (yes i'm old)"
24th Jun 2013 16:08
"Sounds like his versatility and ability to attacking from deep was key factor. Not sure how he'll fare (he could flop like several of our ex-Spaniards ala Nunez Morientes and Josemi) or he could be a hit (like Garcia, Xabi Alonso, Reina or Arbeloa). I'll not prejudge and will be intrigued to see how he does."
24th Jun 2013 16:14
"I am as impressed with the articulacy and knowledge of the journalist, Andreas, as I am with what seems to be a good player. He could teach some of the so-called "home" hacks a thing or two"
24th Jun 2013 16:30
"What frightens me is the thought that BR is buying offensive players to replace Suarez"
24th Jun 2013 16:35
"All this Spanish fevers becoming a bit remeniscent of the good days!! Brendan knows what hes doing."
Gerrard o ya beauty
24th Jun 2013 18:33
"Sounds like a good team player. There's been no big world class names yet but the buys all have quality and are very smart buys. I am looking forward to seeing our new men in action. The future is looking fantastic just look at the young lads we have now, Sterling, Suso, Coutinho and Alberto there going to be big name players in a few years. YNWA "
24th Jun 2013 18:36
"hope he comes great and contribute to our success"
24th Jun 2013 19:17
"hope he does what BR tells him:)"
24th Jun 2013 19:22
"He looks a melange between Kuyt and Bellamy. Great "
24th Jun 2013 19:46
"Good signing. ... can't wait wait for the new season already. Great piece of business BR. "
24th Jun 2013 21:02
"See you in Dublin Iago, welcome to the family"
Red David
24th Jun 2013 21:54
"I am sure Aspas will be a hit and together with his fellow reds will thunder goals galore next season, our oponents wont know what hit em. It will be like a red machinegun, shooting footballs in to the back of their nets. YNWA Iago Aspas."
25th Jun 2013 2:50
"I was also thinking how similar he is to Craig Bellamy when watching his highlights. With the right combination of aggression and skill, he will do well in the premier league. "