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sign fraser forster instead he is beast
14th Jun 2013 11:19
14th Jun 2013 11:24
"If we really want him we'll have to go in at the asking price at least. Arsenal have the upper hand in terms of last seasons finish."
14th Jun 2013 13:21
"have to agree with stroth. if liverpool want an excellent keeper who wouldnt cost the earth. big fraze is yer man, but hopefully for the hoops he stays in paradise. "
14th Jun 2013 14:09
"He's looking to be a No1 Keeper not possibly Pepe's No2.....YNWA"
coutinho star
14th Jun 2013 16:13
"he will be no1 at arsenal and only no2 at liverpool so he will most likly choose them.but would make great back up for pepe thou"
14th Jun 2013 17:15
"stick in a 6 million bid he clearly doesnt want to be there anymore and only has like a year left on his contract, they can shove there 9 million offer "
14th Jun 2013 20:12
"£4million is my valuation. Anything more would be too costly...YNWA!"
14th Jun 2013 22:54
"He wants to leave so sunderland really are under pressure to accept any offer thats placed on the table"
15th Jun 2013 5:17
"please get him..he still young & good keeper :) get more young & fresh player..let it go suarez if he want to go ...YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 5:18
"please get him..he still young & good keeper :) get more young & fresh player..let it go suarez if he want to go ...YNWA"
15th Jun 2013 9:29
"How about Pantilimon from Manchester City,he wants to leave ,he is young and he is good,could be a long term investment for LFC."
15th Jun 2013 14:36
"thats not bad sign the both of them for 14 million sessegnon isnt a bad player either. "