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Great!! Welcome to Liverpool Iago :D YNWA!!
24th Jun 2013 10:38
Red Machine
24th Jun 2013 10:46
"Top player.... ynwa"
24th Jun 2013 11:36
"Is it just me or has Aspas, Ian Ayres long lost son? lol."
24th Jun 2013 12:17
"Welcome iago aspas YNWA"
24th Jun 2013 12:41
"Wonderful signing but we need a top defender asap dnt thnk toure cn b a starter"
24th Jun 2013 13:03
"put your heart into this club and we will give it back to you in 10 years fulfilled."
24th Jun 2013 13:52
"Yebb.. we just signed the Energizer Bunny with the BOLT update and the ultimate technical outputs.. its called ASPAS!! YNWA!! Welcome, glad to have you!!"
24th Jun 2013 14:04
"wow good to see he was fighting over the jersey with ayre.he love liverpool"
A Red In My Bed
24th Jun 2013 14:37
"Good to see the first thing he does through the door, is 'meet' Shankley. "
24th Jun 2013 14:38
"Its all positives that we now have Aspas and Alberto, with the latter being only 20 (?). Both attacking players, so I am hoping not to see much of Suso, Shelvey and Downing, and thats for starters. I wont miss them TBH."
24th Jun 2013 15:14
"Neither Aspas or Alberto are proven in our league yet, so I'd wait before counting any chickens. Shelvey may well leave the club and I fear Suso may not cut it at the highest level because he lacks pace, which turns a good footballer into a great footballer. Downing was worth his place last year if you watched us play."
24th Jun 2013 15:14
"Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time at Liverpool Football Club and hoping that you can fire us back into the top 4 the coming season. Good luck and pleased for you."
24th Jun 2013 15:57
"Another Borini!!"
24th Jun 2013 18:31
"Borini is good. And if we had 3 of them no defense would handle it:D"
24th Jun 2013 20:51
"Welcome. YNWA"
24th Jun 2013 21:40
24th Jun 2013 21:40
"Henrikh Mkhitaryan â"
24th Jun 2013 22:00
"aspas looks like ayre's brother lol"
24th Jun 2013 23:20
"Dear me. On the very day that Suso captained Spain's u20 side to victory the usual moaners are on here showing their supreme ignorance of football and saying he isn't good enough. Wow."
25th Jun 2013 2:08
"where gonna have the smallest team in the league "
25th Jun 2013 2:57
"Wanyama "
25th Jun 2013 5:19
"Just wonder what will his number be. i saw luis alberto wearing 9 in one of the pics. "
25th Jun 2013 8:06
"Bienvenido Iago! Welcome to the Liverpool Family - from Malaysia! YNWA!"