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Is Reina leaving? If not then LFC should be going for much younger keeper to be understudy to Reina then in a couple of years that young keeper would become number 1 while Reina would probably go elsewhere.
13th Jun 2013 12:56
Save us Kenny
13th Jun 2013 13:33
"If FSG spend 8m on a keeper, then they must be selling Reina. Another incipient downgrade"
13th Jun 2013 13:36
"Get him, he's proven, and at twenty five years of age he is young, could have ten good years ahead of him"
13th Jun 2013 13:39
"I wouldn't worry about not getting Begovic as it's HIS Loss, wanting to stay at Stoke City and fight for survival or fight for a place in Europe? It's His Choice? YNWA REDS. "
13th Jun 2013 13:45
"Mignolet is a very good keeper and at 10ish million well worth it. If Reina does go to Barcelona drive a hard bargain, ask for 20 million or Tello or Thiago."
13th Jun 2013 14:16
"pepe has a contract and he is not going to leave lfc maybe mingolet will give depth to the squad rodgers told that he wanted 18 people who wanted to play every game and that players will get dissapointed for not being on the bench"
13th Jun 2013 14:19
"brad jones is good but do you really think that he could replace reina if pepe got injured ? mingolet will come to give competition for the goalkeeper spot and he will definitely give the depth that rogders is talking about"
13th Jun 2013 14:26
"lol, begovic won't be staying at stoke, i think that's pretty obvious. Jack butland clearly stated he'd only go to a team with regular first team football, and that was promised to him. BUT begovic isn't good with his feet, which is what we need."
13th Jun 2013 14:41
"I'd take Simon Mignolet anytime over Asmir Begovic. ..... Reina has dipped in form but not saying he isn't world class. Simon has great pair of hands and a real ball stopper. A world class keeper in the making."
13th Jun 2013 15:15
"Why would we want to waste 8-10 million pound on a goalkeeper who wont be happy on the bench if Reina is staying another article that's not worth the space its been given if Reina is going then let us know."
13th Jun 2013 15:32
13th Jun 2013 15:37
"Save us Kenny: it's about creating competition for places... are you this negative in general life? You'd do well to talk to the samaritans. "
13th Jun 2013 16:19
"I think pepe will leave in jan when valdez's contract expiers that will give the repacement half a season to settle in. but if the replacement isnt up to it or pepe changes his mind rodgers can act."
13th Jun 2013 16:22
"can't see reina going to Barcelona until next year unless he wants to warm the bench so i can't see why we'd be signing an established goalie now just to warm our bench "
13th Jun 2013 16:26
"this is still all nothing but speculation. We won't know what is happening until the 1st July at the earliest. These stories are just newspapers selling papers. Wait until it's set and the photo is on the website then believe it. "
13th Jun 2013 16:48
"The speculation is fun to read and you wouldnt be reading this if youdidnt like it"
13th Jun 2013 17:26
"Finally a keeper that will push reina back to his best, I hope this is true, we need competition for places!!"
13th Jun 2013 17:50
"Anyone else here think that if LFC sell Suarez we should get one of their strikers in return? For example if he goes to bayern Gomez should come the opposite way. I know we aren't in the champions league but Liverpool itself is still a massive club to attract big names. By the way Mignolet would a great signing especially if we are to depart with Reina"
13th Jun 2013 18:35
"Most of you dont seem to realise that Pepe is saying he will stay this season but as soon as Valdes leaves next season so will Reina. Better to replace him with a younger keeper now."
13th Jun 2013 19:25
"reina said last week he's going nowhere so if we sign mignolet he must be happy being no2 which is a bit strange."
13th Jun 2013 20:28
"As others have pointed out, Reina may prob leave in Jan or next summer, so bedding Mignolet in now would be sensible. Begovic clearly wants 1st team football now, totally understand that now he knows PR is staying (at the time he's alleged to have said he'd come to LFC, PR was also looking likely to leave because of Valdes' situation). Good acquisition too to keep PR challenged for No1 spot."
13th Jun 2013 21:12
"Barcelona offered 23M â"
13th Jun 2013 21:14
"Barcelona offered 23M euros for Handanovic (Inter)."
13th Jun 2013 22:32
"Are we playing a 2-3-4-2 formation next season, why do we want 3-4 keepers ????"
13th Jun 2013 23:30
"Hey folks, remember that game a couple of years back where we had 2 keepers red carded? Exactly why ALL PL sides have 3 keepers! We just sold our number 3...."
13th Jun 2013 23:35
"Maybe reina is giving us one more season and go from there, who knows? Is Mignolet a natural successor? What we definitely need is a keeper that is good with his feet but also strong in the air - think Stoke!"
13th Jun 2013 23:38
"Jones is to be our 3rd choice, with this guy and PR both good enough for 1st. If PR leaves next year (likely if no CL)we have a ready made bargain replacement. If we make Europe, we DEFINITELY need both. Two key words here. STRONG SQUAD. YNWA"
14th Jun 2013 0:05
"I think brad is better than reina at a number of thinks right now just needs to sort out his distribution and i think his good enough to be number 1 ."
14th Jun 2013 0:14
"What about Jones? Surely he has proved he is a deputy for Reina? Use the £10m towards other targets."
14th Jun 2013 1:36
"there's nothing wrong with Pepe,,,I think he'll stay, but we do need back up for Pepe,,,"
14th Jun 2013 3:01
"Mignolet if price tag around 10m pounds. Reina is no near top four calibre."
14th Jun 2013 8:59
"I think its a good idea to give Reina competition and if he knocks Reina from out of the sticks then thats good for LFC and its fans, personal interest in these players are of no concern to us as the same goes for them to us, its about results and winning things. Bring him in!"
14th Jun 2013 10:03
"Sorry Panky, a young understudy puts no pressure on anyone. Reina went through a bad patch last season and Brad Jones didn't provide any confidence he could cover."
14th Jun 2013 18:05
"PANKY - don't know if you know much about football but 25 is very young for a GK. Some people eh!"