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Good transfer targets. I'm sure Rodgers will get the right balance.......time to wait for the posts saying these arent good enough and we should get messi, Ronaldo, ibrahimovic, and with the spare change from that launch bids for lewandowski and bale.
13th Jun 2013 11:14
13th Jun 2013 11:28
"Too right 'supportfsg' too many fans who have taken Liverpool 'right to the top' in there first season on FIFA with those kinda signings haha. Give Rodgers some credit (coutinho sturridge) "
13th Jun 2013 11:29
"lol,exactly. its not all about expensive players, though its good to have quality and quality these days cant be measured but the price tag. english press can easily tripple a players worth. As for me, i trust BR...YNWA"
13th Jun 2013 11:30
"Sounds good , just Papadopolus and Mkhitaryan and Alderwiereld to get now and role on next season, get rid of a few ourself's Carroll,Skrtel,Spearing, perhaps Suarez and loan Coates out for a season and all done , ready for kick off next season "
13th Jun 2013 12:09
"need to be careful not to make too many changes and bring in too many players. Look what happended to newcastle with all their January signings!I would like to see Assaidi given more of a chance as he didn't play enough.Allen needs to be sold and Eriksen should be bought.Why the delay?"
13th Jun 2013 12:13
"Lewandoski would be an interesting factor in the team. BR go for him before manu acts. "
13th Jun 2013 12:32
"supportfsg nice one mate your right its only a matter of time ynwa"
13th Jun 2013 13:00
"Supportfsg Tottaly agree with you. Too many muppets want the unatainable. I would rather that BR build a Team from youngsters to stay for some years than get mercernaries whose only interest is the jingle of coins. So far we have been making the right decisions in the market. "
13th Jun 2013 13:03
"It seems that LFC don't have the finances to compete for players like Erikson.Dzadoev,Muniain,Isco,Dalmiao,etc so they have bring in half decent youngsters in the 7 to 8 mil range,and although LFC will improve they will not be good enough for top 4 cause other teams will bring in top players for top 4 challenge."
13th Jun 2013 13:48
"Panky, think LFC just dont have the finances to recruit a couple of the top players as well as buying 3-4 squad players. BR was left with an average unbalanced squad and to splash all money on two players this year would be a waste. Squad depth this year, top quality next! ps like you say not sure why we're chasing another 1st team goalie......unless LFC know something we dont?"
coutinho star
13th Jun 2013 14:56
"we do really need back up between the sticks but pepe most be no 1.becuase brad jones isnt good enough 3rd choice my be "
coutinho star
13th Jun 2013 15:00
"good luck doni why was fans not told you had a heart attack? anyway good luck man"
13th Jun 2013 15:48
"we do have the money to buy big, well 15-20 million being spent on a player this year won't shock me. We just rightly won't pay more than what players are worth. bigger money deals take longer to complete and players are more likely to be on the radar of lots of clubs, so their current club and themselves will wait and access all offers."
13th Jun 2013 15:54
"Ppl think we can make an offer, its accepted or not and that's that. This is real money and players actual lives BR is negotiating with. He is doing a great job and Fsg are supporting him wisely but still well. "
RedNeve 2
13th Jun 2013 18:28
"I really hope I'm wrong but, I fear BR is planning for life after Suarez! Aspas, Mkhitaryan along with Coutinho and Sturridge would be a very offensive quartet? Would prefer Suarez to stay tho...."
13th Jun 2013 19:37
"Come on people, lewandowski played in the CL final this year, y would he trade that for a club out of europe. Fans need to realize the limitations of the club and also be more realistic with our tranfers."
14th Jun 2013 0:43
"I think Saurez is good as gone from his comments. Need players who really want to stay and play for us. But it looks promising for next season."
14th Jun 2013 1:09
"I think we shouldnt be thinking of replacing suarez, we should be thinking get stevie g the premier league medal he deserves and if you have a front five of suarez ( benteke, hooper, soldado or even gomez) sturridge, coutinho, gerrard and eriksen thats league contenders sell reina bring in mignolet "