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Why are we talking about the Europa League... We should be talking about the Champions League... We should be aiming higher up the barrel not scrapping the bottom of it....
13th Jun 2013 10:09
13th Jun 2013 10:20
"There's a huge difference between asking if not having European football is a negative, and then asking if a lack of Europa League is an issue. They are two very distinct questions. We belong at the top in Europe, as arrogant as it may sound to fans of other clubs. We are Liverpool Football Club - 5 times Champions of Europe."
13th Jun 2013 10:22
"Of course not... Liverpool is a european based FC."
13th Jun 2013 10:32
"No Europe = a big negative . Any other verdict is just whitewash ."
13th Jun 2013 10:46
"so its confirmed no europa for us next season? i still had some hope until i saw this:("
13th Jun 2013 10:57
"no Europa league big plus for us this season can concentrate on domestic cups and push for c/l spot ynwa"
13th Jun 2013 11:15
"kaveshan-Your first comment is the first to mention the europa league! Me? - A negative. Fewer games and concentrating on domestic games? No, you can still use europe for youngsters.Even if you don't go far, you're still in it, getting money and maybe attracting players. "
13th Jun 2013 11:24
"Europe! it is where we should be whether it's Champions League or Europa league. To get into europe one needs to earn it, we haven't. get over it. Everyone knows where we are aiming keep the faith."
13th Jun 2013 11:33
"Its a good thing that we dont have europa league because we can fully focus to premier league and europa league brings lot of extra matches"
13th Jun 2013 11:37
"BR has had a season to settle in and sort the way he wants us to play, now a few more player additions to the side and without the distraction of any europe next season we can attact the top four spots next season "
13th Jun 2013 11:43
"Remember, the 6 above us this season , 4 of them have new managers, man-u ,man-c chelsea, and and the blue part of the city, AVB at spurs well you never know with him and AW is the only constant one, 4 ot the 6 new ways under the new managers so lets get top 4 the play in Europe and win there :)"
13th Jun 2013 11:49
"Playing in Europe is an extra distraction this coming season. BR is aiming for a tight 17-18 player team! Playing too many games might cause extra injuries! Remember what happened to Spurs last season? Just concentrate on the Premier League and fight for a place in the Champions League for the next season! Winning one or two domestic cups along the way will be a bonus! YNWA!"
13th Jun 2013 11:53
"That this question is even asked proves FSG only care about profit. With 60m coming from TV, 40m from Saurez sale and no spending on stadium or decent players, FSG are looking at a bumper season next year. And we get questions like this,Brendan Rodgers and crap football. The sooner FSG go the better."
13th Jun 2013 11:58
"If nor qaulifying for any competition is considered positive,then that means it is positive for LFC to lose. This question is proof of how low FSG have reduced expectation of this great club. There is a storm brewing on the Kop. Many are sick of this sort of crap."
13th Jun 2013 11:59
"Lack of Europa League?? I agree with Kaveshan... LFC should be talking about the Champions League... or lack of it... Is something better than NOTHING?? Is it positive to have NO European football?? Silly question... A big negative for attracting new players, sponsors... "
13th Jun 2013 12:02
"When did Liverpool fc stop caring about European football. We have always wanted to win trophies no matter wot cup it was. With this atude why enter the league cup and the fa cup. They only get you into the Europa league cup anyway. Our club was built on winning trophies. We should want to win And all trophies."
13th Jun 2013 12:04
"Don't really care about Europa... Even this poll should not be asked.... Reds should only care about Champions League."
13th Jun 2013 12:13
"concentate on top 4 then we can attract some big names next summer"
13th Jun 2013 12:18
"No European football is also negative as BR needs more European football experience... BR saying he wants a tight squad of 17-18 players is probably a cost cutting issue due to the lack of European football... "
13th Jun 2013 12:23
"how can not being in europe be a positive ,thats a stupid question ,were as the fsg we are winners comments dissapeared to ,wat sort of at-itude is that to be putting forward ,lfc are supposed to be winners i know true fans are thats why we sometimes moan about things YNWA "
13th Jun 2013 12:28
"Wow... lack of drive? In the league the Kop founded like a funeral. The match against zenit was the only time this season of which I remember the kop making there same old noise. So I'd prefer Europe but hopefully it's a blessing. "
13th Jun 2013 12:31
"Negative in my opinion... especially young players need european experience. But I firmly believe we will be playing in europe next time... hopefully in CL!"
13th Jun 2013 12:35
"LFC should see itself as a European Club and not being there is a disaster for its image abroad ast fans and potential players. Talk of being free to "concentrate" on qualifying for CL is a myth. If we don't have the capacity to play both domestic and European tournaments, then we don't belong there anyway."
13th Jun 2013 13:05
"Funny how all the comments are against being out of Europe (and even indignant that the question was asked) while a full 2/3's like the idea. Seems the silent majority see value in not having to travel to the Caucasus of Russia on a Thursday night and play in Newcastle 48 hours later. I'm in the majority: we all love a European night, but I'd just as soon it was in the champions league."
13th Jun 2013 13:13
"we should be in the champions league, attracting world class players, large revenue etc... BR can bring in quality youngsters and use this season to gel the team and get top place in the league, and a few domestic cups, ready for CL next season."
13th Jun 2013 13:16
"the premier league is what all liverpool fans want so YES it is a positive come on the red men!"
13th Jun 2013 13:22
"This is a very misleading survey question that links you automatically with a Yes answer so these results will mean nothing. Without European football last year Suso and Shelvey's careers would not have moved on but for the Young Boys game"
13th Jun 2013 13:37
"no def worse for not been in it. we need trophy's. the all count! "
13th Jun 2013 13:42
"Of course 'NOT' being in Europe is a negative. Even if you play the reserves gives it gives them experience. Also surely it makes the club money at least 5m in tv rights and home game money. So yes, it is a huge loss. "
13th Jun 2013 13:43
"provided that we reach final stages: some decent revenues, 20-30m, younger player and reserve players given a chance to prove themselves,being successful would attract better players and the most important thing, a good chance to win the trophy and demonstrate we are still the mighty, no, it's a big loss and would be very wrong and unprofessional to look otherswise "
13th Jun 2013 13:53
"if you cannot even make it to europa, don't talk about CL. being in any competition means we must aim to win. winning is a habit not only a mentality. if we keep participating in all competition with the right atude, we will reap the rewards."
13th Jun 2013 13:55
"We are really down there now as a Mid-Table Team......Looks like we are just accepting it..."
Craigus Maximus
13th Jun 2013 13:58
"BR is making us into a mid table team if its true about reina, skirt agger and suarez lfc wont be getting top4 with the likes of chelsea and city spending on world class players and BR is only replacing with youngsters which is good for future but what about Now as no senior players coming in"
13th Jun 2013 14:14
"Before the triumph of 2005 we had been testing our might down the ladder, and it was no mistake going a STEP further after the 2001 UEFA KOP win. I just believe such will give your team a compeive edge. YNWA "
13th Jun 2013 14:29
"we will have time to focus on top 4 and the cups. I think its a blessing in disguise for us. "
13th Jun 2013 14:34
"It's best to focus on the league in this rebuilding process. Cups and Europe will come soon but we need to establish ourselves at the top of the league and then the Cups become an easy diversion..."
13th Jun 2013 14:36
"Also I hate Sunday and Monday matches, you dont have to travel to distant wholes of europe just to watch a europa game, oh I love the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. We are LFC, we dont settle for second best. I 8 Europa."
13th Jun 2013 14:39
"How can no Europe be a positive thing?. We need to be as high up the league table as possible and if that means Champions league or at the alternative, Europa league then I will take it over nothing. Don't be hoodwinked. "
13th Jun 2013 15:08
"people thinking that liverpool not being in the europa, which infact=no european football at all is a positive are talking pure nonsense. if we havent the players at liverpool to play in the europa and compete on all domestic fronts we may as well shut the club down altogether. I hate no i detest people thinking liverpool not in europe is a good thing!!!! "
13th Jun 2013 15:34
""liverpoolover1", I hate saying this but the last I checked we are 7th best in the league. so forget about settling for 2nd best. First, we need to progress from our current standing. if we are in Europa that means we have won a cup or are in 5th or 6th. but the truth is we are not. hope the in the new season we can leapfrog into the top...YNWA"
13th Jun 2013 15:44
"Ian Ayre insists we can still attract "top class" players without European football. Let's do it !"
13th Jun 2013 15:53
"There's no point going on about it being a NEGATIVE thing, because there's nothing we can do about it lets get on with it."
13th Jun 2013 16:18
"Clubs and teams thrive on competition at the highest level. This club belongs at the top. Not being in Europe is a huge negative. its been too long."
13th Jun 2013 16:55
"Yes if we want top 4 (or more) we definately dont need the Europa league getting in the way. Yes fringe players get games but more important we treat every league game as a final."
13th Jun 2013 16:58
"Only champions league is positive. Not good to play on Thursdays, Europa league doesn't attract good players either."
13th Jun 2013 17:05
"jazzmaster- Not sure how a question on the LFC website means something directly about FSG! Do they set all the questions here?-Doubt it. Perhaps there's some sinister plot behind the top players who shook the kop!!!!! Please find out for me!"
13th Jun 2013 17:23
"I am glad the majority of fans can see we need this season without the distraction of europe to further our aims!"
13th Jun 2013 17:30
"Matt1966 13th Jun 2013 12:28-in my opinion we should have beaten zenit, we just got back to 3-3 and the lads were playing thier hearts out, then bump our manager makes a double sub and ruins the rythm "
13th Jun 2013 19:22
"Both. With a small squad of very good players it could help us progress in the league. However, it's pants not having European football."
13th Jun 2013 19:39
"We need to be playing in Europe every year top players want it so get bet the top talent we need it"
13th Jun 2013 19:55
"Europa would be OK if we actually made an impact while competing in it. All to often in cup games we have got knocked out when the players appear not to care. In 89th minute of many games last season when we needed a goal we were still playing pass it back to the goalie instead of attacking their goal. unacceptable for LFC"
13th Jun 2013 20:03
"Right now I want to knock ManU off their 20 perch, so European football for now is a distraction; no one is near knocking us off our 5 trophies in Europe's elite, its safe. Of course we want LFC fighting it out with the best in Europe, but only when we're in a position to match them, until then we'll be shown wanting. I'm happy to believe in the next 2 seasons we will be in the CL."
13th Jun 2013 20:34
"At the moment we are not even in the barrel ! No way can No Europe be a good thing.Where are the fringe players and youngsters going to get big match experience. Our history can only help us to attract players for so long.If we miss europe again next season it could be a donhill slide."
13th Jun 2013 21:27
"classANDsuccess 13th Jun 2013 17:05..because FSG own the club.They own the website and they do the PR. And that PR has been attempting to lower fans expectations to justify buying cheap players whilst enjoying some of the largest revenues in football. If saurez is sold for 40m, they will enjoy an additional 140m next season, They only paid 300m for the entire club. Of course FSG run this website."
13th Jun 2013 21:33
" additional 100m. 60m from TV rights and 40m from Saurez proceeds. And they are telling us they are skint and buying 7m players! some might believe the BS but most dont! FSG OUT!"
13th Jun 2013 22:17
"Its never ever a good thing for a club of our size. Don't forget that Koppites. Europa league is becoming more exciting than the CL and I am sad we won't have any midweek European nights. Also last season every time we didn't play midweek we always looked sluggish in the weekend games."
13th Jun 2013 23:37
"Obviously the fixture list is easier (ask Newcastle), but our younger players will learn more in the Europa League than the League Cup. Also, we will do very well to get top notch players to come to Anfield without European football, my worry is we'll get journeymen looking for a payday."
14th Jun 2013 3:09
"We Have to take a positive from a negative outcome. Its bad we're not Europe. -we wont earn the prizemoney/tv time/exposure, cant rotate the squad to get more gametime per player, and we miss a chance to win a le. The positive is we get to concentrate domestically without excuses and keep a tight squad. YNWA"
14th Jun 2013 3:13
"JDMayn1 I agree with you and figured that, we did look sluggish after no action midweek"
14th Jun 2013 4:09
"Its positive if our league campaign goes as planned otherwise its no use not playing europe and not doing good in league..."
14th Jun 2013 9:56
"Ask Chelsea fans if the Europa League was a positive for them last season. We will have a lot of blank midweeks next season to watch other teams playing on TV!"
Vosta Lee
14th Jun 2013 20:52
"Poll results are shocking me! We want the Champions League but if we can't get that then give me the Europa League. In case anyone forgets, Conor Coady made his senior debut in the Europa League. How priceless is that experience? AND you win small things in a build up to big things. "