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get wanyama as well then we are set
13th Jun 2013 9:11
Save us Kenny
13th Jun 2013 9:20
"And who are we letting go? No way that lot will get us up to 4th. Another mediocre season ahead. Not buying an ugly warrior shirt until some decent players arrive."
13th Jun 2013 9:26
"For sure BR must be thinking of bring a DMF. if not then we are more or less in the same situation we were last season.."
13th Jun 2013 9:35
"Eriksen for 14m or mkhitaryan for 20m? "
13th Jun 2013 9:36
13th Jun 2013 9:44
"In addition, get Papa, Eriksen and Mignolet....then we are set to rock....Need to complete Caroll move and Luis issue, if he leaves replacement should be ready."
13th Jun 2013 9:48
"Mkhitaryan is fantastic hope we get him!"
13th Jun 2013 10:12
"I am so excited about next season i am about to explode!! and I just got the new home kit for my birthday, what a fabulous quality kit!!!!!"
13th Jun 2013 10:13
"this are all wonderful player but what about Eriken"
13th Jun 2013 10:14
"we must buy diame we need a defensif midfield"
13th Jun 2013 10:15
"Too many idiotic, plastic, fake fans and dead heads on this site"
13th Jun 2013 10:18
"This is great news. .... FSG have proven to be funding BR on quality youth. This team will last for years and that same winning mentality LFC had will prevail like the pre-souness era. Thank you FSG. You have proven to be gentlemen, and not cowboys like H&G. YNWA!"
13th Jun 2013 10:24
"diame pleased sell caroll to west am 10m plus diame we need a solid midfield , lucas is good but if he get injured we dont have a good midfield to replace him "
13th Jun 2013 10:31
"When will people realize that we have no chance of Eriksen coming to Liverpool he will only go to a club in the champions league. so that deal will never happen. Even through he would make a great addition to the squad time to start being realistic "
13th Jun 2013 10:35
"Why are people asking about eriksen when we are going in for mkhitaryan? Some of ye are never happy.I for one will b delighted if we bring in these names mentioned above and will support Brendan and the team no matter wat.YNWA "
13th Jun 2013 10:47
"No confirmation of any said players undergo medical. Just rumours... When are we really going to buy for sure?"
13th Jun 2013 10:55
"so we'll have to wait and see if barca want aberto or not:/ what if they want him? what do we do then just let them have him? no fair"
13th Jun 2013 10:57
"bureaucratic issues = Ian Ayre"
13th Jun 2013 10:59
"RE Save us kenny - just stop commenting kid!!! Kenny was out of management for too long and his tactics were wrong (infact there were no tactics,all hes managed to say to lads before d game was - Go up there and enjoy yourselves! That was good before XXI century kid!!!),Kenny`s business in the market caused few poor transfer windows thereafter! Just stop commenting! "
The True Red Fan
13th Jun 2013 11:02
"Really don't understand this obsession with a defensive midfield player... We have Lucas and if he gets injured we have joe Allen who I know will have a much better season this year then last, trust me... And we have Conor coady so hopefully he can get given a chance.. Happy days!!"
13th Jun 2013 11:06
"I trusted in BR since his appointment (with few splashes of anger after loses to Stoke and Villa) but now im about to trust in FSG as well if all those rumoured signings being bought! Agree with most of you guys that we need whether wanyama or diame, but i think it is still well in BR plans just to sanction a deal for this position we probably need to sell not only Carroll... "
13th Jun 2013 11:11
"I believe Joe Allen will be good again when he stops being Zinedine Zidan and just be Joe Allen! He needs to sort it out in his head by him self;)"
Save us Kenny
13th Jun 2013 13:31
"We used to target the likes of Xabi Alonso, Torres and Mascherano. And what happened? We won the champions league. Nowadays we are after mediocre players and will thus get a mediocre finish. It isnt rocket science."
13th Jun 2013 14:13
"Save us Kenny: Mascherano played at West Ham, Torres was 23 and on the edges of the Spanish team and Xabi Alonso was 10 million pounds from Real Sociedad... we're looking at the Ukrainian league's record-breaking top scorer, a player 12 goals in his first year in the top flight in Spain, and Sevilla's best young talent"
13th Jun 2013 14:54
"Eh Save us Kenny where were Torres and Mascherano when we won the champions league, NOT AT LFC, so no we didn't buy them and win champions league, Dalglish bought Carroll 35 mill, Hendo 16mill and Downing 20mill, great business there NOT!!!"
13th Jun 2013 15:21
""jonny4jam" Because most of them is Fifa13 player,LOL. Mkhitaryan is not available in that game, meanwhile eriksen is one of the most promising player in the game, he's got 90+ potential overall ratings, same like gotze, etc. It's just my assumption tho. Im Fifa13 player too, but I'm 100% support mkhitaryan move to LFC, YNWA"
13th Jun 2013 16:14
"Saveuskenny, your an eegit. Firstly only alonso played when we won champ league, and secondly he was relatively unheard of when we signed him. That team was actually quite poor, apart from carra, sami, deti, xabi and stevie. Baros, garcia finnan middlin, the rest average."
13th Jun 2013 18:09
" HRS2594 top comment I was wondering why everyone going on about Eriksen (we no he's good and we no he wont come). I was thinking it was because no one could pronounce or spell the mikahakenen guy (lol) ..... fifa 13 sounds like people got ripped of"
13th Jun 2013 18:10
"Save us can buy your ugly kit next year when we are in the champions league and will no doubt get a quality name for you and other plastic fans. Buck is doing ok and actually quite well considering what he had to start with so show some support"
13th Jun 2013 18:12
"Save us can buy your ugly kit next year when we in the champions league and will no doubt get a quality name for you and other plastic fans. Buck is doing ok and actually quite well considering what he had to start with so show some support"
Innocent man
13th Jun 2013 18:36
"I love what BR is doing and I pray he should make it as planed.these are young players that will worry in EPL after long time together.YNWA. "
Dede 7
13th Jun 2013 18:47
"Henrikh Hamleti Mkhitaryan, Luis Alberto,Iago Aspas, Ilori, SERGI CANOS and maybe 2 more others. that would be the most exciting transfer window.these players seem consistent which would be good news coz currently we only have about five players who are consistent in the squad."
13th Jun 2013 20:45
"Save us Kenny 13th Jun 2013 9:20 Give it a rest're obsessed with the past; LFC are trying to build the past again, just let them have a go & then have a whinge in 3 years time."
13th Jun 2013 20:58
"exciting times ahead!"
13th Jun 2013 21:35
"Hey guys BR need to get Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alberto these guys really great players. BR buys these guys we will be in the top 4 for sure "
13th Jun 2013 21:38
"I agree with you 100%"
13th Jun 2013 22:00
"HRS2594... your spot on I,d say annoys me when people always go with known names in football and because some players aren't well known then their not happy getting them.YNWA"
13th Jun 2013 22:43
"Save us Kenny 13th Jun 2013 9:20, ok so you're the latest manc to be on our website, is that because we are doing business and building while you lot are having faith in another adopted scouser who is looking at 1 or 2 players,,, so long Man Ure,,,,,"
14th Jun 2013 0:18
"These 2 plus Aspas looking good BR what about the young greek lad? Think he would complete the business and we have a good chance of top 4 next season"