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Amazing our age average is 23 even with Carra playing at 35, Gerrard 32, Reina 30. Shows how many younger players played in the team last season. All of them got good experience aswell.
12th Jun 2013 23:50
13th Jun 2013 0:12
"Educated 'supporters' understand what Rodgers is doing. Fickle 'fans' just want a mega rich sugar daddy to fix everything without putting in the hard work - Get real all negativists! We're building something special here again, don't tarnish it your sour, distasteful views and ideas of how we should be operating."
Buckie LFC Supporter
13th Jun 2013 0:25
"forget the cups next season, push on in the league. get top youngsters out on loan so they play regular & use cup games for the squad players who sit on the bench to keep them match fit & add other youth players to improve their development, so they go on loan the next season"
13th Jun 2013 2:10
"Kungfueducatedclub- The question is if BR can implement that idea."
13th Jun 2013 2:19
"Stop it BR. You still haven't learnt how to use the media. You just had an interview yesterday, why do you want to keep talking everyday. Couldn't this wait until our squad is complete with this summer's signings."
Lethal Tango
13th Jun 2013 2:44
13th Jun 2013 3:51
"manojpk... this is probably from the same interview as the articles that were posted yday. I highly doubt BR is doing interviews everyday. squad should be much better next term with few additions,and, PC,DS, even JA and FB having been here from this yr. Also Sterling, Suso etc could really step up for 1st team action "
13th Jun 2013 6:46
"a beutiful statistic that. however the only statistic that really counts is the number of cups in the cabinet. Not expecting a cup a year, but we are LFC and shouldn't be struggling with Burnleys. we have it in us, we just need to prove it."
13th Jun 2013 7:50
"Good to be bringing in players who are good enough for the first team yet play in the cup. My concern however is our DM & the back four where the option is few..."
13th Jun 2013 8:36
"Its good to hv an avg age of 23 but Man Utd are Champions with an avg age of 24!!!"
13th Jun 2013 8:41
"Aston Villa gets hailed for their "young" team, and they´re only seventh on that list. We get mocked for not making top four. Stupid media. YNWA"
13th Jun 2013 8:54
"We haven't won FA cup for Long. Target 'd be FA cup & Top4. For stat purpose it looks we are the youngest but end of the season we want to achieve the targets. Get 3/4 proven performers not just young talent. Experience matters!"
Save us Kenny
13th Jun 2013 9:50
"'Educated supporters' have no idea whether BR will succeed anymore than 'uneducated fans', who think he will fail. You better make at least 4th this year BR, or resign"
13th Jun 2013 9:50
"What sbout the small and inexperienced manager?"
13th Jun 2013 9:54
"stats prove nothing really they can be used to show anything ,hope we can fight on all fronts this season as last season was dire in cups ,ok we got our wage bill down by off loading our biggest earners ,and trimming the squad ,but this next season hopefully we can compete ,with no excuses ,top 4 and a couple of good cup runs yess "
13th Jun 2013 11:16
"young team with experienced players, surely a winning team next season! Plus coming young and experienced players :)"
13th Jun 2013 12:10
"Sometimes I dont understand some so called fans they just cant surpot the coach and wat he wants to do,real fans lets get behind BR and see wat he will do this season."
Save us Kenny
13th Jun 2013 13:25
"We'd support the coach more if he had showed any signs of ability to cope at top level. His team was inconsistant all season, didnt see any signs of a champions league manager. We alwayssupport the team on matcday, but this season BR has to stop talking big and improve drastically "
Craigus Maximus
13th Jun 2013 14:09
"BR needs to keep quiet he is just digging a hole and do his talking on the pitch !"
13th Jun 2013 14:44
"KINGOFCLUBS, good talk"
13th Jun 2013 14:58
"Sounds good Brendan! That table is up side down. Rurn it around within a few years and let's see us on top of the table after 38 games regardless of ages. Back to where we belong when as we mature"
13th Jun 2013 15:12
"King of clubs...totally agree with you. Cant wait until the end of the season you plastic fans will be eating your very negative words. Save us kenny. The team play much better under BR than KK. Inconsistent maybe but due to KK radical spending on very poor players BR had to trim the bill and had a small team. Stats dont lie. We qre moving in the right direction."
13th Jun 2013 15:19
"KingofClubs. We have been three seasons out of the Champions League which is totally unacceptable. Just because some fans want us back where we belong doesn't make them "uneducated." BR has made some good signings but also brought in some poor players as well. is simple. Next season it MUST be top four and a good cup run. After that, BR has had long enough."
13th Jun 2013 17:35
"Why can't LFC just stop these statements from Coach and Players, do our transfer biz on the quiet and get on with the TOP 4 mission in August? So much noise made about Tiago, Iago, Luis Out, Luis in last week & this week only for this anti-climax on the Iago case! BR...please go mute till August!!"
13th Jun 2013 17:50
"I am impressed of Brendans words here. If he means just half of it, he is the rigth man to take us steady back to glory. We will not be top notch and win PL all of a sudden like MC, but we will be better every year."
13th Jun 2013 17:56
"i sure hope we don't depend too much on danial sturridge...good as he is. If he gets injured as he is prone to do, what then? "
13th Jun 2013 18:40
"Because BR buys players who can play in multiple positions there will be others to stand out if DS gets injured. Borini, Suarez, Aspas, perhaps new fella from barsa B team. I do not see the problem here at all:) The longer BR coatches - stronger we get!"
13th Jun 2013 19:46
"Usual warblers giving ultimatums to BR - pathetic support. BR knew he had an average team when he took over & that he didn't have a billionaire's cash to splash either (thankfully), so he's going old skool & building a 'diamond in the rough' team that has guts, flare & hunger. Realistically, this will take time, anything we win on the way will be a bonus."
13th Jun 2013 19:54
"KINGOFCLUBS 13th Jun 2013 0:12 As always, stalwart support from you. We may not win much in the next couple of years, but boy are we building a team!"
13th Jun 2013 20:16
"I think the most important aspect of this article is this quote: "I want to have people who might be disappointed because they're not even on the bench. At the minute we probably don't have that so it's competition we want to get." smart mindset by BR, if you look at the man he learned under, mourinho, that was the case at RM."
13th Jun 2013 20:21
"Honestly, I think the fickle half of red merseyside come from 1) stupid fans; 2) other team's fans; 3) people that just want a place to moan about the state of their beloved team. the demands for 22£ transfer flops are astounding."
13th Jun 2013 20:49
"BLIND FAITH IS EASY.Stick your head in the sand and HOPE BR produces next season.Why is he opening his muppet mouth now.Do it when we are challenging. I say AGAIN can anyone tell me how NO SILVERWARE and OUT OF EUROPE is IMPROVEMENT."
13th Jun 2013 21:11
"Lfc4jc- they is NO answer,we have not improved in terms of silverwear n europe but we have in terms of playing FOOTBALL .does that answer your question NO I THINK NOT.lets see what happens next season cos BR has only had 10 months............."
13th Jun 2013 22:13
"How many INTERNATIONALS did the poor guy inherit.Then he dumps a load of them,in his wisdom.NO MOTIVATION-RESULT -ZILCH.C`mon guys how much LOWER must we go. Please stop accepting this HORRIBLE DECLINE and thinking he is the new SHANKLY."
13th Jun 2013 23:12
"redbart...i agree we have waited far too long but over the past few seasons the club from top to bottom has been stale, lacked creativity, focus and stability. Right now that's what we desperately need to get us back on track - STABILITY! What we currently have is a board with a vision and goal to get us back to the top of the prem and to dominate europe again..."
13th Jun 2013 23:13
"Through meticulous analysis of what makes successful teams, both in the past and in the modern era, FSG targeted a couple of young, fresh, modern thinking managers and Rodgers was appointed! We're all on the outside but through all media channels we can see that the whole club has been re-juvenated - a solid foundation is now in place!..."
13th Jun 2013 23:13
"Those who fail to see or have not cared to notice all of this are NOT 'educating' themselves on all aspects of the club. The negativists or fickle fans are only interested in quick fix glories and #uck the rest! Well that's not how our great club was built up by Shanks and we are currently in a re-building project which will, if left to develop, once again reap the rewards!"
13th Jun 2013 23:28
"'horrible decline?' if we were in a relegation battle maybe, but after xmas our form would have kept us in the top 3! We had to contend with some long term injuries, a new manager with a new stlye of play and another Suarez ban. With a depleted squad with played a number of youngsters and had the Europa league to cope with - not a particularly easy first season for a new manager to deal with!..."
13th Jun 2013 23:29
"A proper assessment can be made after next season when he has more of his own selection of players in the squad and everyone is more akin to his ideas and more comfortable with the style of play - open your eyes and educate y'selves on what is going on!"
10 gd
14th Jun 2013 3:29
"«Quero começar a treinar no dia 10 de julho, com os restantes jogadores do Liverpool» afirmou Begovic, citado pelo jornal The Sun. seria uma boa compra este guarda redes é bom pode vender o Reina no Barça nos momentos crucias ele erra muito "
14th Jun 2013 6:41
"well, i see us as been in a worse position than last year. maybe suarez, reina gone? sturridge prone to injury. no sign of any big buys if we start slow again we are heading for 7th/8th"
14th Jun 2013 7:47
"I am agreeing with you man"
14th Jun 2013 7:54
"KINGOFCLUBS you have a point man. you really know about football. Some people are just running their mouth about BR with knowing what they are saying. I love reading you your post. Please continue educating some of our LFC fans. Lol.."
14th Jun 2013 7:58
""KINGOFCLUBS you have a point man. you really know about football. Some people are just running their mouth about BR without knowing what they are saying. I love reading your post. Please continue educating some of our LFC fans. Lol.." "
14th Jun 2013 7:59
"KINGOFCLUBS you have a point man. you really know about football. Some people are just running their mouth about BR without knowing what they are saying. I love reading your post. Please continue educating some of our LFC fans. Lol.." "