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Very impressive Glen! Wish more footballers were like you
14th Jun 2013 8:31
14th Jun 2013 8:46
"Wishing you well Glen, it ain't easy ! YNWA"
14th Jun 2013 9:59
"At a time when the media seems obsessed with players needing to set the right standards, and towards youngsters in particular, Glen is setting a fantastic example. Best of luck Glen, I hope you inspire a few people along the way. YNWA"
14th Jun 2013 10:30
"Respect! Good luck with it Glen - you are an example to us all!"
14th Jun 2013 10:32
"Wicked Glen congrats...!!! I am well impressed, that's amazing. I am also with open uni whilst working full time and I can vouch for you, it ain't easy combining work and studies.. My sons love you to bits, you are there role model (because first they are LFC fans and secondly they mixed race as well). I can't ait to tell them about your studies"
mikey brown
14th Jun 2013 10:50
"nice one Glen. But tell me if Real Madrid = 9, and AC Milan = 7, whereas Man U =3, then what does Liverpool =?"
14th Jun 2013 11:07
"Glen, podemos ver en la forma de jugar el fútbol que son inteligentes. - and it takes inteligence to play good football. You do it well. YNWA Nunca caminarás solo"
14th Jun 2013 11:17
"optimist, as it should :)"
14th Jun 2013 11:43
"Well done Glen ,makes a change from the clowns who get paid fortunes ,and have a problem writing their own name"
14th Jun 2013 12:13
"Well Done Glen I admire your skills not only on the Football Pitch but in Life as well. I'm living in the Canary Is now so Can I be a Cheeky S-d and ask if I can have your Spanish Language Tapes/CD's PLEASE? Thanks. YNWA REDS."
14th Jun 2013 12:18
14th Jun 2013 13:22
"What an amazing story. I am a Liverpool fan, but I am also in love with Math. Its great to know that one of your favorite players is taking Math. As Glen said Math is crucial for everything Education, Work and Thinking, I am planning to go University and Economic, a subject that depends on Math."
14th Jun 2013 13:23
"Knowledge Rules Supreme! KRS1"
14th Jun 2013 13:27
"wow, that is amazing, as a Mathematician and LFC fan, I am really proud of him, in fact, that is why he is quite technical with the ball. best of luck Glen"
14th Jun 2013 14:25
"You have to be clever to be Glen Johnson! Terrible though-this isn't the atude we expect from footballers! Why aren't you buying flash cars and crashing them all the time or letting fireworks off in a toilet? Q1. 18+5= ?"
Brown by name red by nature
14th Jun 2013 14:30
"Hi Glen. my wife is a maths teacher. you ever need help, she would be happy to. studying for her masters at moment. keep it up. YNWA"
14th Jun 2013 15:30
"well done glen and as you said you wont let it take over your life which is good because your a professional footballer and liverpool football club should have your 100% focus, we need champions league football nxt season!!"
14th Jun 2013 15:31
"excellent Glen.. Now study the art of defending and were all sweet!! :)"
14th Jun 2013 18:36
"Great to hear Glen. Nice to have a positive role model. I'm always looking for ways of showing my classes how important Maths is. I'll show them your interview, you never know it might inspire a few."
14th Jun 2013 20:05
"Top man, top player, top role model, top marks!"
14th Jun 2013 20:39
"Hey Glen - nice one! I did an OU degree in maths and it changed my life - forever (and for the better). But help us win the Premiership before you become a professor somewhere ok? Best wishes, Steve"
14th Jun 2013 21:30
"Well done Glen, and the best of luck with your exams, top attacking defender YNWA Glen 25+2+3+5+37+8+21+19+15+10=the redmen YNWA glen."
14th Jun 2013 21:35
"+14 lol."
14th Jun 2013 22:06
"Glen has always struck me as a player with "something extra", a bit more depth than the average "yeah, I was over the moon". He's got a brain."
14th Jun 2013 22:12
"I'm not setting any major targets, putting myself under loads of pressure. perhaps you should try applying this to your football, dont mind the maths exams unless you can calculate a formula to defend better and score better, only mess fair play"
15th Jun 2013 0:20
"Learning Spanish? Something you are not telling us Glen?"
15th Jun 2013 10:12
"Very impressive! way to go glen!!! ynwa"
15th Jun 2013 12:22
"Sums aren't the things he needs to tackle more of, but I still think he's under-rated as a player. Great going forward. Possibly our best right midfielder! Soon he should work out top footballers don't need to work again!"
15th Jun 2013 22:29
"Mr Johnson, I first recognise the commitment to dedicate your time to studying, well done. Your actions are an inspiration to children in schools and to people who doubts their own ability. In these days of the 15-minute hero you will stand the test of time for leading the way. It is a long path but the rewards will far outweigh the sacrifices. Good luck and enjoy. Mark Atkinson. "