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R.I.P photoshop :D
12th Jun 2013 11:28
12th Jun 2013 11:50
"why is this news? "
12th Jun 2013 11:59
"Photoshop just died this morning. Couldnt this person do a better job? same head all through and neckless. lmfao"
12th Jun 2013 12:01
"Seriously, the images could have been done properly"
12th Jun 2013 12:32
"Its called hummor."
12th Jun 2013 12:36
"no neck?? Happy Birthday Couts!"
12th Jun 2013 12:45
"Love the pictures especially the one on the bus."
12th Jun 2013 13:18
"happy birthday philippe... very funny photos... so he`ll be driving the coach to away games now?? a man of many talents."
12th Jun 2013 13:22
"You photoshop nazis make me laugh. I wouldn't care if they used Microsoft Paint. It doesn't have to be so good that we believe Coutinho is ACTUALLY driving a bus! It's humour. It's funny. Enjoy it."
12th Jun 2013 13:31
"happy birthday Philippe!! funny pic's hahaha the bus driver lol"
12th Jun 2013 14:00
"Lighten up, people. The season's over. It's a slow news day, so just smile for a change. "
12th Jun 2013 14:15
"Happy birthday Philippe! Best wishes! Y.N.W.A."
12th Jun 2013 14:17
"Funny pics :D"
12th Jun 2013 14:19
"I can name more than 5 things Phillipe can do on the field in a game which other players cannot! lol! YNWA Phillipe....Happy 21st Birthday once again!"
12th Jun 2013 14:23
"why.... why even mention #2"
12th Jun 2013 15:04
"Hahahaha! Funny photos"
Papa Syed
12th Jun 2013 16:30
12th Jun 2013 16:53
"Ha ha quality. :o) Happy Birthday Couts"
12th Jun 2013 17:36
"Happy Birthday Pip old chap. I hope I am still here to see you win the lot with LFC. All the best, son."
12th Jun 2013 17:43
"6. Continue providing assists and scoring goals on a game-to-game basis. "
12th Jun 2013 18:48
"Happy Birthday Phillipe And Best Wishes. Y.N.W.A."
12th Jun 2013 20:53
"Some of our fans really do need to lighten up!!! It's called having some fun!!!! Happy Birthday The Key Master!!!"
12th Jun 2013 21:01
"Happy Birthday to our amazing number 10 Philippe Coutinho!!! Whoever made this is a genius. I'll be celebrating my 21st in the states in two weeks so my list may be a bit more interesting..."
12th Jun 2013 22:22
"Wait, did someone say it could be done properly? Dear lord, these fans can find fault with anything right? Part of the humour is the fact it looked ridiculous! Glad we've got happiness at this club. We need good spirits to get a good start when the lads return"
12th Jun 2013 22:25
"Jim75 - I don't know if he's got that nickname already but he's earned it - Here's to the keymaster, who can unlock any defence! Happy birthday Phillipe!"
13th Jun 2013 6:26
"nice pics. a ha ha ha ha. he got married before that though. most countries have an age of 21 for men."
13th Jun 2013 6:30
"I take that back, realized it's 18 for most of the european countries, unlike here in Singapore and most of the asian countries."
13th Jun 2013 11:30
"Score 21 goals and 21 assists, no? Good luck Phillipe and happy 21st, have a great year."