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pointless! no pun intended!
12th Jun 2013 12:05
12th Jun 2013 12:06
"pointless! no pun intended!"
12th Jun 2013 14:06
"Might as well let us see the table if only goals scored by Uruguayans counted. I guess Southampton would have been runners up then. "
12th Jun 2013 14:10
"Blah, blah, who cares! Until there are only 'Englishman' gracing the park for every team...again, who cares!"
12th Jun 2013 14:43
"Cheer the fu(k up guys. You pay the money to use this site. You'd moan if it didn't have a lot of stuff on, yet you moan when it's not to your taste. I quite enjoy seeing these quirky little stats and figures! "
12th Jun 2013 14:44
"West ham finished first because of a certain Liverpool striker."
12th Jun 2013 16:21
"Did West Ham's include Andy Carroll who is actually an LFC player?"
12th Jun 2013 16:24
"i thought so. wham n liverpool did feature the most english men compared to other teams. also the table shows that less goals were conceded which shows that the english players from other teams are pretty much average when they play us;) "
12th Jun 2013 19:50
"What it does prove is how much Man UItd relied on Van Persie, everyone kept saying where would you be without Suarez.....where would Man Utd have been without Van Persie 5th thats where, and we would be 2nd. West Ham would be champs but only thanks to us loaning them Carroll. Proof positive that our goals are being spread throughout the team........"
12th Jun 2013 20:02
"Useless analysis My God we dont half clutch at straws these days Lets just get back in the CL and we can forget all these pathetic stats!!"
12th Jun 2013 23:00
"No surprises that the French national football team are rounding up the bottom of the table.. Cheer up lads, no point in posting all the negative comments"
13th Jun 2013 0:14
"First of all Opta created this table so stop your moaning about us doing pointless things. Sheesh you lot must have perfect lives to moan about this article. Sit here waiting for something to whinge about all day. Sad."
13th Jun 2013 0:26
"Who cares? Let's just accept the reality of mediocrity."
13th Jun 2013 0:43
"Lol at Newcastle, Alan pardew is ruining there football club. You buy talent, not nationality."
13th Jun 2013 3:58
"why soo serious lads, no point in posting negative comments either... and btw i hardly think West ham are top because of AC... what did he score like 5-6 goals all yr... we are 2nd cause of DS and hes only arrived in Jan #dantheman! "
13th Jun 2013 17:00
"To those 'negs' who are seemingly worried about LFC giving us info during the season break(!-as opposed to nothing?), I think the point is that we have good talent from these shores, who can fit into the PL well and that without a striker from Uruguay we're not doing too bad!"