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Awful side
11th Jun 2013 19:18
11th Jun 2013 19:28
"Not one of them looked happy to be there at all."
11th Jun 2013 20:54
"cant believe they all 3. defo something hugely wrong in that setup."
11th Jun 2013 23:08
"well stuart peace is right. if england had oxlade chamberlain, wilshere, jones, welbeck, rodwell, sterling and martin kelly they would have had a chance of winning the whole thing. unfortunately, roy hodgson cares more about some friendly in brazil than the future of the country"
11th Jun 2013 23:17
" talent ha ha, over ratted over priced rubbish, i cant understand why idiot managers pay the money to get them, unrealistic wages and transfer prices all the rubbish( carol, downing,henderson,allen)100 million of rubbish that wouldnt be sold for 30 "
11th Jun 2013 23:51
"Still way behind a whole host of teams across europe. What do they do at the FA? Run by a bunch of fossils who are sooooo out of touch with the modern game - another load of talent going to waste!"
12th Jun 2013 3:31
"awfull coach ..Stuart pearce should be consigned to non league clubs "
12th Jun 2013 3:56
"English FA are run by well connected politicians who know nuts about football.. high time all of them resign . Its pure stupidity when leaders who have never played football but are decision makers in the FA.. If they want to learn , look at Bayern Munich !!"
12th Jun 2013 7:23
"Andre is good. Well done on gaining the captaincy, shame it wasn't under better cirstances. Can't believe that Pearce is blaming the players. I had some sympathy with him, but after his comments yesterday he must go - pathetic man."
Big Osebasa
12th Jun 2013 9:11
"They just don't have the talent .If Henderson and Shelvey are not good enough for this weak England team is it possible to think of them playing in the red shirt if we want to go higher?"
12th Jun 2013 19:51
"Need a modern manager with more ideas how to play. Pearce is a dinosaur coach. Get rid."