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Well done coach!! Future captain for first team, hope BR gives you your chance in new season Y.N.W.A
Y.N.W.A Jack
12th Jun 2013 10:57
12th Jun 2013 11:04
12th Jun 2013 12:01
"Now that we do not have to endure Carra`s woeful lack of pace,we should not get the huge gap between midfield & back 4.Young Conor is a great young prospect with a terrific will to win just like his mentor Stevie . "
12th Jun 2013 12:30
"Good Luck to Conor and the REst of the Squad. Go on Bring the U20's World Cup Back to England. YNWA REDS."
12th Jun 2013 13:49
"DW9...Ping! I've been calling Conor Coady as future LFC Captain for the past three years now. Future Stevie G."
D.C. Barker
12th Jun 2013 14:07
"So the England squad is robbing the U21's best players, leaving the U21's to steal the U20's best players, which, continues the massive domino effect. They should really take lessons from the likes of Spain, Holland and Germany of how to handle their international squads."
13th Jun 2013 4:22
"Coady has really started to command the mid when he plays now. BTW When will the English stop blaming each other for failures, saying they always underachieve and just realize the majority of English players are overrated and that's the real reason they don't win. That said Pearce is a terrible coach. As is Roy! :D "