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10,000 in a 55,000 seater?! Abit unfair! =(
11th Jun 2013 20:10
11th Jun 2013 23:52
"Get Wanyama to replace Lucas while your at it Brendan!"
12th Jun 2013 14:16
"10,000 tickets for a 51,000 stadium, this club is a joke at times"
12th Jun 2013 14:22
"10,000 tickets for a 51,000 stadium. This club is a joke"
13th Jun 2013 10:55
"They changed the selling time with ticketmaster Ireland from 9:30 to 9:00. Sold out and I've missed out now. Absolute BS"
13th Jun 2013 12:04
"Mon the hoops! And get Hooper for 8m, bargain goalscorer! Also bid for Damiao/Benteke/Michu for around 16m. = two quality strikers for around 25m. Sell Suarez for 45m we will still have change! Also Carroll for 15m. Then we will have striker options which is what we need = GOALSCORERS."
13th Jun 2013 12:13
"Cover is needed for our strikers to cover injurys etc Hooper for around 7m is a bargain. Also with players who do not want to stay at the greatest club in the world = show them the door!!! We do not want players here who don't want to wear the famous red shirt!!! Sign Hooper and Benteke for 25m. Get 65m for Luis and Andy."
13th Jun 2013 13:47
"crofty93 - To be honest there were also 20,000+ available on and I can pretty much say the bulk of them will be LFC fans but there is also a huge Celtic fan base in Ireland, got ticekts this morning thank god. BIO."
13th Jun 2013 13:51
"Cogser - This was a major F/Up by as i done the same thing and went in at 9:29 ready to go then I checked the onsale date and the time stated 09:00(day before 09:30) however I thought the same and went back in 10 minutes later and managed to get family ticket in premium section. have a monopoly on things and still they mess up. Joke Shop!"
Gitsy weafer
13th Jun 2013 14:47
"Got my ticket today delighted cannot wait we will blow the celts out of the stadium when we sing YNWA,,,, I agree with the majority what people are saying we need strikers we should sell suarez carroll and borini cse we have sturridge aspas looks a done deal then we should bid for Benteke with couthino playing off them quality.............YNWA"
13th Jun 2013 15:22
"gotta disagree with ye Gitsy Weafer!! As a life time lover of both amazing clubs and having attended both Anfield and Celtic Park on numerous occassions I can hand on heart tell you that at Anfield the brilliant KOP sing YNWA in Paradise it is belted out scarves aloft by the entire stadium, even in box seats. trully amazing!!!"
Gitsy weafer
13th Jun 2013 15:34
"TheBhoy.....Well then it should be an amazing atmosphere i hope u got a ticket:)"
13th Jun 2013 20:04
"Very easy to name players we want but if ba is going, he'd be a master stroke"
14th Jun 2013 17:20
"JC316 12th Jun 2013 9:39 I have to agree,Miralles, Benyoun, and Torres are some of the recent ones to talk about, Saurez will never have fans as faithful to a player as those from LFC. Don't know if 'a curse' is the way to put it but its bad duju for sure,,,LFC YNWA"
17th Jun 2013 12:52
"Only over a 1000 tickets went on sale to the general public in Ireland, supposed to go on sale at 9:30 went on sale at 9:00 online at 9:05 and not a ticket left, had a very upset young son who thought he may get to see his beloved Liverpool in the flesh. Thats unfair"
3rd Jul 2013 22:29
"Is this game sold out, im desperate for 4 tickets, been trying hard to get them, no joy, anybody any idea"s besides touts that is."