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Good luck
11th Jun 2013 15:40
11th Jun 2013 15:47
"Good Luck to Conor and the Guys hope you better than the U21's. Can't do Much worse than them? YNWA REDS. "
11th Jun 2013 16:00
"Congratulations Conor, also Lfc scouting dept. When has a club supplied three current captains for their country:Coady, Henderson, Gerrard. Congratulations to all!!"
11th Jun 2013 17:19
"Congrats Coady! Liverpool fans should be proud that a Liverpool player will Captain England again! That's a testament to the number of talented players we have in our academy!"
11th Jun 2013 17:33
"Got a feeling this lad is gonna be a legend, hope he gets more first team action next season."
11th Jun 2013 17:57
"congrats conor. add wisdom to that list. he's captain for england u21's today. imagine, ahead of so many other players."
11th Jun 2013 19:31
"You know what I've just noticed... Captain of senior team: Gerrard, Captain of u21's: Henderson, Stand in Captain of u21's today: Wisdom and now captain of u20's: Coady. It makes you feel proud to be a red, it's just a shame England are rubbish on all levels"
11th Jun 2013 20:39
"Conor hope you do a lot better than the U21's."
11th Jun 2013 21:24
"Is this Carragher talking or Coady? they sound just the same! Scousers!!!"
11th Jun 2013 21:30
"coady speaks like carra :D"