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I hear a rumour the academy is replacing their doctor.....again. Where's the long term stability?
15th Jun 2013 10:25
15th Jun 2013 10:44
"I'm admiring you, Ryan. So talented and hardworking one!"
15th Jun 2013 13:10
"get him playing our pre-season matches then loan him out to bolton or some club like that, please don't leave him to play for u21's"
Buckie LFC Supporter
15th Jun 2013 14:58
"Looks possibly the best prospect as he appears to show a bit of hunger in games. Needs to work on his weaknesses (left foot etc) & look at people like Kelly (the only decent youth player in the last 10years) for the right atude. I agree with Midtables approach"
15th Jun 2013 15:03
"Alves and Lahm are world class players.Johnson can't be mentioned as an equal player to them.No one in the world can mention him in that category.never!"
15th Jun 2013 16:48
"He looks like a real prospect, especially with his kind of mentality. On a side note, I just checked out this 'TheBibTheorists' thing, and it looks pretty cool. Most of you probably already know about it though, but in case you don't, check it out. It's a bit like the official LFC site but it looks cooler and has some cool columns."
15th Jun 2013 17:04
"I would say those are the best right backs in the world, even though Lahm is considered a left back he is equal on the right. Ryan has been awesome this season and I hope he will start to popup in games next season."
15th Jun 2013 18:20
"HAHA, McLaughlin looks like Tyion Lannister..."
15th Jun 2013 19:15
"So many players touted as Liverpool stars. How will we ever fit them all in. Flanno and McLaughlin vying out on RB. Wisdom, Kelly, Coates battling for CB, Robinson hopefully will be a good LB. Hoping we can develop youngsters of our own on par with Lahm and Alves."
15th Jun 2013 19:18
"If you read this kid, remember that defense is your priority. Glen somehow forgets it:) does a lot mistakes. Yet he is really good and consistent for us. Hope he will improve and will become even better coz now i pref kelly:)"
15th Jun 2013 20:41
"This player is the reason Flanno should move on, Ryan is going to be great for us! Has energy and talent! "
16th Jun 2013 0:10
"I have got this guy on my list of special talents for first team along with Ardorjan,Ibe,Yesil,wisdom,.. possibles;Texiera, Nacho.."
16th Jun 2013 4:07
"I like Ryan he's very attacking, but flanno is the better defender, no way he should move on. "