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Happy Birthday Phiippe We Are All Proud On What You have Done So Far For This Famous Club. Y.N.W.A.
12th Jun 2013 8:31
12th Jun 2013 8:34
"Happy birthday philippe"
12th Jun 2013 8:36
"the angel of football"
12th Jun 2013 8:37
"Happy birthday mate have a good one ..."
12th Jun 2013 9:08
"I have not liked a player as much as this lad since John Barnes who was my idol growing up. I like players who can express themselves but be direct at the same time. Football is about the art of deception and this lad has it all. Happy 21st Birthday Couts!"
12th Jun 2013 9:10
"Wish you many more years as you become 35 still at LIVERPOOL and hang your boots. Our new star and germ of a player. RB got it spot on. YNWA"
12th Jun 2013 9:11
"A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY To YOU- Philipo!!! WE are So proud to Have YOU at OUR GREAT Club!"
12th Jun 2013 9:12
12th Jun 2013 9:15
"Phillipe 21 feliz aniversário! Que você possa passar muitos aniversários felizes com a gente! Você nunca andará sozinho! Happy 21st Birthday Phillipe. May you spend many happy birthdays with us! You'll Never Walk Alone!"
Big Osebasa
12th Jun 2013 9:16
"Happy birth day we want to see you here more and more.incredible talent and a joy to watch."
12th Jun 2013 9:21
"Happy 21st Phillipe, may you continue to be Blessed, enjoy your Special Day."
12th Jun 2013 9:44
"Happy Birthday Philippe YNWA"
12th Jun 2013 9:53
""Happy birthday philippe" have a great day and i look forward to watching you play next season. YNWA"
12th Jun 2013 10:21
"Happy Birthday Philippe, cant wait for next season to see you in action, top player YNWA"
12th Jun 2013 10:53
"Happy birthday Countinho "
12th Jun 2013 11:24
"Happy birthday PHillipe. So glad you came to LFC! And let us all give credit to BR and the team who prised him from Inter for such a bargain fee. Keep up the good work!!"
12th Jun 2013 11:49
"Am proud that u and i shear the same birth day and year. Happy birthday"
12th Jun 2013 12:27
"Feliz Aniversário Philippe, tenha um dia magnífico YNWA"
12th Jun 2013 12:32
"Happy Birthday Philippe. Always try to do your best and keep on improving your football skills. At the same time, maintain your good and pleasant character at all times. YNWA."
12th Jun 2013 13:19
"Happy birthday Phillippe, thank you for joining Liverpool FC, YNWA Jean x"
12th Jun 2013 14:18
"Happy Birthday Philippe! Best wishes! Be scouser forever!"
12th Jun 2013 14:25
""HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUTINHO", I wish you all the best and happiness "
12th Jun 2013 14:46
"happy birthday Philippe Coutinho, you truly deserved kit number 10 you are pure class.. YNWA"
12th Jun 2013 14:52
"Happy Birth day Pillipinho Wishing you the best to come next season."
12th Jun 2013 15:13
"The young man looks a real dapper in the last picture."
12th Jun 2013 15:15
"Happy 21st Philippe hope you have a fantastic time YNWA"
12th Jun 2013 15:22
"H.B.D Qualitinho. We all love you (& Suarez) at LFC"
12th Jun 2013 15:35
"I love this guy. Such a passion for footie. Happy birthday Phillipe!!!"
12th Jun 2013 16:40
"Happy Birthday handsome one.ynwa"
12th Jun 2013 19:47
"Happy birthday mate. Look loads better without the curly hair. ha ha. Every faith in you and a great season ahead. YNWA"
12th Jun 2013 22:13
"21 and magic, imagine what you will be like when you are 22....happy birthday Philippe I hope all that you want in your football career will be achieved at Liverpool. Its fantastic watching such a young talent anywhere but sublime when he's at Liverpool."