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Enrique vs Swansea for me. That one will be replayed on highlights reel of a Liverpool team in its pomp. Top, top goal.
25th May 2013 12:26
25th May 2013 12:27
"Great pass and a great finish - we need more of that kind of thing."
25th May 2013 13:52
"Hendo vs Arsenal?"
25th May 2013 16:32
"Suarez v Newcastle and Enrique v Swansea are definitely the two most spectacular efforts, suarez being a solo effort and enrique being a gorgeous team goal."
25th May 2013 19:45
"The funny thing is people complain that we hoof it up to Andy Carroll instead of playing the passing game, and the goal that came from a great passing is down in 4th, and the goal which came from a hoof up to the striker is top."
25th May 2013 23:09
"That was a fantastic goal... they should give Jose Enrique an award for pass or assist of the season. I would favor Suarez's free kick goal against Man City... what a shot, what a bend and Hart went full length of the goalmouth but couldn't reach it to make the save."
26th May 2013 3:05
"I feel like the most impressive goal was Suarez vs Newcastle...having said that, my pick of goal of the season was Suarez vs Norwich. The video doesn't show it, but right before his goal he missed a much easier opportunity...all the Norwich fans were still taunting him when he nicked the ball and scored that beauty. It was my favorite goal by far."
26th May 2013 7:05
"Luis Suarez V Tottenham anyone? The first time shot with the outside of his foot is one of the best finishes I've seen..."
26th May 2013 19:24
"SuarezLFC, I totally agree with you. That second goal vs Norwick was great, but the best was that he shuted Norwich fans mouth because of the easy goal he missed seconds before. Epic!! "