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for sure no YNWA
25th May 2013 10:51
25th May 2013 11:07
"Did u hear that FSG the top club we spend during d summer. Who ar we signing arpas who? "
25th May 2013 11:08
"you & glenno needs to be consistent for that.. the most inconsistents in the team"
Champions Of Europe
25th May 2013 12:31
"You've all had a year together now, so top 4 is a given for a target; what would be really special is if you excel that target & shut up the doubters of this wonderful football team."
25th May 2013 12:36
"#1 or #2 both cups and we will be known as the mighty Reds again ynwa"
25th May 2013 13:46
"I say we aim to win the premier league! If we fail, we will fall a few notches down. When we aim for top four, we will end up 6, 7 or 8 in the we all know so well."
25th May 2013 13:51
"As good as the team is now, the race for fourth has become ridiculously compeive. We could come close as it stands but it won't be achieved without a quality signing or two. The only thing is we won't have enough of a budget without one particular sale, but we've been doing just fine without that man in the team..."
25th May 2013 14:08
"one of our best players both defensive and offensive"
25th May 2013 14:57
" lets hope so,3 good signings needed papa eriksen and remy should do it,"
25th May 2013 15:17
"Agree with kidofkop88. Should improve your defending & the way you likeliness to hold the ball in own area. Once opponents steal the ball will give problem for our defence."
25th May 2013 15:24
"Always amazes me how people can slate Enrique after this season - he's been by far one of our best players. BR said that he and GJ are "arguably two of the best full-backs in the league" and I agree. Probably the only player in our team who uses his body effectively, and his tackling success rate is ridiculously good (85%), so people who say he can't defend obviously don't watch many games!"
25th May 2013 16:35
"Quality player who gives his all every week,we can ask no more. One of the best signings in this position we have had. YNWA"
25th May 2013 16:49
"A good few signings and we'll be challenging. May finishing 4th, may not. But certainly challenging for top four."
25th May 2013 22:29
"TigerLuke 25th May 2013 13:46 That's the spirit man! This Army needs more men like you! YNWA "
25th May 2013 23:33
"Some back up is needed for Enrique. Playing Downing at left back is hardly ideal. Robinson? Mmm, dunno about that."
25th May 2013 23:40
"Top 4 is nice but lets aim for the top and that is number 1... We are Liverpool FC!"
26th May 2013 1:03
"Throw in an FA cup as well please. With the right signings in the summer there's no reason we can't. Jose your in my thoughts for next kit name. I'd be proud to wear your name on an LFC shirt."
26th May 2013 3:35
"Kidofkop, clearly you have swallowed the "Enrique is not good enough" waffle......FACT he had the highest Tackle Success Percentage in the Entire Premier League also only conceded 13 Fouls all season. Consistency is not his problem."
26th May 2013 4:14
"For top 4 we need strength in depth we need to buy at least 5 top players preferably a centreback, a left back, a defensive mid, a wide player and a attacking mid. The teams who finished there this season will strengthen so we need to as well. If we could I'd get Eriksen, Cissokho, Isco, Hernanes and Alderweireld."